The Life of hucow 182

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Life on the Farm
      By CaitSara and Meaghread with assistance from Conaire and Enteme

A note of CAUTION -  NOT for under 21's to read, nor those with a nervous, or politically correct disposition.
Contains: nc, be, sm, humiliation etc etc etc.

             The Life and Legend of hucow 182

I am the current Owner of a very highly specialized farm.  Our main products,
milk and babies, are "manufactured" by human cattle.  The females that provide
the products do so, for the most part, willingly.  They are extraordinarily
submissive, and extremely masochistic.

Some come on their own volition and others come for the parties we have, for an
extremely select group, and end up staying out of some strange fascination in
what we do.  Once in a very rare while, we actually purchase another Master, or
Mistress', slave.  On rare occasions, one may be procured through
less...voluntary means.

I am the third Owner of this farm.  The first was an extremely strong Domme
who's name I never learned.  I do believe that she is now deceased.  The second
Owner was a man.  He had attended a dinner party for a very select group of
wealthy individuals with a taste for the bizarre.  It was after the dinner was
served that he first became aware of the farm with human (male and female)

Alongside the coffee, tea, and desserts was what can only be described as a live
human milking cow.  She was absolutely magnificent (as he told it).  She had the
owner's brand on her fleshy thigh.  There was a number tattooed on her inner lip
and again on her other thigh.  Her breasts were very full and hard from clamping
(to prevent let down before the main event), and a low voltage current was being
sent through each.  There were also wires attached to her clit, labia, and butt
plug (replete with tail).
At the first pull on her nipple, the milk shot out hard enough to splash the
coffee!  A glass flute rested beneath each breast so that not one precious drop
would be wasted.  What was the most amazing aspect of this display, and the one
act that changed his lifestyle forever, was the feed tube entered the cow's
mouth, and the huge feed bag that poured a concoction down her gullet and into
her stomach without her having trouble breathing!
He said he could actually see her belly expand and drop from it's normal hanging
of about six inches from the floor to when it eventually touched the floor from
the volume of what was being consumed and the sear weight of the fluid.

He ran his hand along her belly and she made a sound that was almost a mow.  No
doubt the tube in her gullet interfered with her speaking.  However, she
certainly didn't seem to care. She looked back at him from her hand-knee stance
and smiled.  He said she had a very blissful and serene stare. He continued to
rub her belly only expanding the range of his motion.  The cow's owner came up
to him and with a Cheshire smile said:  "Why don't you squeeze her belly.  Use
two hands if you need to."
He thanked her for her suggestion and grabbed the flesh about her navel.  He
yanked it down as hard as he could and with a sudden swiftness pushed his way
nearly halfway into her belly.  He then began to press her sides in toward each
other.  This had the effect of forcing her belly even lower.
The cow was exhibiting signs of a good deal of pain but none-the-less the fluid
in the bag finally finished emptying into her.  He pushed up on her huge belly
and watched, as the fluid would flow back up the tube and into the feedbag.
The cow maintained her position the entire time, only occasionally raising
either an arm or a leg to somewhat ease the strain on her hands and knees.  She
was very flushed, leaking profusely from her vagina, and on the edge of orgasm.
Her owner said to watch carefully.  She began to rub the cows belly in a
circular motion.  She rubbed around the circumference, making smaller circles,
till the owner's hand was gently rubbing ground zero, her navel area.
She then dropped her hand to just above the pubic mound and began to rub and
gently press inward and forward.  Suddenly the cow shuttered, and, with a single
undulating motion from head to ass, much as in the motion of a bullwhip,
orgasmed.  But this was no mere orgasm!  A stream of fluid shot out her pussy as
if it were a water tap turned on full and she nipples splashed milk into the
flutes.  The room exploded with applause.

Her owner next exhibited the catheter in her urethra.  This was swiftly attached
to the feed tube via an extension tube.  She opened the valve and a stream of
urine burst through the tube with such speed that the color change to yellow in
the clear tubing was nearly instantaneous.  A second round of applause came from
the guests.
The man promptly offered to buy her for one hundred thousand dollars.  She
declined the offer but stated that the cow was available for those "very
special" dinner parties.  In spite of some intense, on the spot, negotiations
with her, she still would not sell.  He finally offered her six thousand dollars
to spend a weekend on her "farm" (as she called it).  After seeing the estate's
fifteen hundred secluded acres and the one hundred acre manicured lawns
surrounding the manor house, and the stables, he knew he had to own the place.
Shortly after his purchase of the farm, Cow Cunt aka hucow 182, arrived and became his first
acquisition.  She was a mere twenty years old and a former exotic dancer.  She
had married a man in his early fifties who promised her a life of luxury and
ease if she would bear him children.  She consented to the arrangement and all
was well until after they were married.

She was a most glorious creature indeed!  Her shoulder length auburn colored
hair was quite thick and most plentiful.  It shone in the sun as brightly as a
fire during the night.  Her eyes were a pale green and her skin had a pale
luminescence that bespoke that glow of beauty that only comes with youth.

Sans makeup, a band of very pale freckles dotted her face from her right cheek
bone, across the bridge of her pert and slightly upturned nose, and down across
the left cheek bone.  Her face was broad and her lips, with their naturally dark
ruddy complexion, were thick and French-arched.  Her smile was absolutely
dazzling and could melt the ice of the artic.

All this sat perched upon a long, gracefully curved, neck.  This, in turn sat
upon a fairly large framed body.  Cow Cunt was five-feet and ten-inches tall.
She had long arms and her legs went on for miles.  Although one could not call
her petite by any means, she was rather well portion-ed.

Her hips were full and wide, fleshy, but far from overly so.  Her entire body
had a layer of lushness that fell quite short of being chubby, but none-the-less
bespoke of comfort.  She had a slight belly that in the future might turn to a
pot, but in the height of her youth screamed of fertility and child bearing

Her breasts were, to say the least, magnificent.  They were quite full and firm.
There is no doubt that one day they would become overly so and begin to sag and
stretch.  But now, in her youth, they were still able to defy gravity.

Her aureoles and nipples were, in contrast to the paleness of her ample body,
were quite ruddy.  Her nipples were most obtrusive and projected at least
one-half inch, each sitting like a jewel upon the peak of its res-pective crown.
Pale freckles adorned her upper chest where the breast meets to body.  Another
band of the delightful markings ran across her upper back.

Her ass was a perfect inverted heart, with soft lush globes that seemed to melt
into her thighs without a trace of border or sag.  Her pussy was an incredible
work of art.  The lips puffy and well defined even in a non -aroused state.  Her
clit hood barely poked its lovely ruddy head though at the top of those pursed

Were it not for her lushness, she would have been a high fashion model.  The due
to her stature, exotic dancing became her vocation.  It was in this venue that
she met her future husband.  He had come to the club with some of his friends to
enjoy an evening of ribald entertainment.  They were married within two months
of that fateful meeting.  Then things went awry.

He had discovered, quite by accident, and after he had begun to think her
infertile, her birth control pills.  He was absolutely livid and decided to
exact a terrible price for her deception.  She would bear him many children:
One per year.

And she would become a lower than a cow.  He contacted the former owner, who had
remained on for one year to acquaint the new one with the proper operation
schedule and procedures.  She in turn referred the man to the new owner for an

She accompanied her husband to the farm under the pretext of attend-ing a very
private, and a very special, weekend party.  
Cow Cunt had been at the farm for twenty years now.  She no longer resembled the
exotic dancer that first came in.  She is five feet and ten inches tall and over
three hundred pounds.  Her entire body is a mass of stretch marks highlighted by
her olive skin.  Her pendulous breasts hung down to where her navel once was,
and her navel was now a good five inches lower.

Her areolas were at least three inches in diameter.  Her nipples were nearly
one-half inch in diameter and extended more than an inch and one-half.  The
years of vacuum stretching coupled with her four daily milkings assured that
they would never return to their original size.  When she was lactating, they
stood erect like small penises and when she was emptied, they flopped over like
some unused appendage.
Her stomach ballooned out to such and extent that it formed a mighty
geographical landmark when she lay on her back.  Her navel could no longer be
seen without and intensive search in the cavern of its origin.

When she stood, an apron of fat descended to a point about four inches below her
crotch.  When she sat, her bloated impregnated belly extended out almost to her
knees and her enormous breasts, now bloated with milk, rested on top and down
the front and resembled two enormous eggplants.
But the most amazing view of all was the picture provided when she was on her
hands and knees (a quite common one for her).  Two giant ham-like thighs joined
her enormous ass.  Each ass cheek bore a tattoo.  One cheek had "dog fucking
whore" written on it and the other stated "horse fucking whore".
Her rectum was permanently gaped to a four-inch diameter and housed a plug that
served two purposes.  Firstly the plug would prevent any unwanted accidents (she
hadn't continent in many years).  Secondly she could be "feed", or cleaned out,
through the two one-inch hoses running through the center of the inflatable
Her vagina was also permanently stretched out from the constant use of huge
dildos, and other large objects, and the continuing fucking by the horses and
other livestock.  She could accommodate both hands of a large adult male up to
the elbows without even flinching.  During birth, the main problem is preventing
the babies from all trying to exit at once!
Her labia were stretched down nearly five inched from the remains of her pussy.
Her number was tattooed on the inside of one lip and "animals only" inside the

There were two brands on her thigh, his, and now mine.  There were the
obligatory number tattoos inside her lip and on the outer side of her labia.
There was one on the left side of her head as well as the right side.  Across
her fore head the name "Cow Cunt" was printed.  Down her left thigh were the
names, or numbers, of the thirty-eight babies she has spawned to date.

Originally her pregnancies were induced in the old fashion way:  Gang fucks by
the staff and whomever else might wish the pleasure.  She was often taken to
biker bars and chained to a stall or urinal and sold for five dollars a suck and
ten a fuck.
Once the Aids virus became a common fact of life, and with the advent of
artificial insemination, and fertility drugs, the sex with human beings was
discontinued.  For the past fourteen years, her only sex partners have been
animals.  Both the livestock on the farm, the horses and the dogs, as well as
the livestock of a select group, were pleasured by Cow Cunt.
There were obscenities tattooed on the inside of her thighs and on her pubic
mound.  There were tattooed drawings of her fucking and sucking animals
(including female animals) all over her back and arms.
Across one breast was tattooed "grade A cow's milk" and across the other, "cow
whore produce".
She had piercings all over her body.  Each ear had four piercings in the lower
fleshy part and housed four large loops.  In the early days of her "training"
these were used as finger grips to either pull her back against a human cock, or
forward when she was giving a blow job.  The upper potion of each ear contained
five piercings and housed simple studs.
Her nose had a reinforced hole through the septum that contained a large
diameter silver ring.  Although there was a mighty temptation to pierce her
tongue, this was never done because she has had many meals consisting of feces
and urine from both humans and animals.  This was one of the first humiliations
she encountered at the farm.                                          
Her widowed husband (she was declared dead from an accidental drowning at sea)
would often visit in the early years for the distinct pleasure of urinating and
defecating into her mouth.  He would pay for the pleasure of filming some of her
"adventures" in humiliation and depravity.  In recent years he has ceased coming
to visit due to declining health and must now settle for whatever videos are
made at the farm.
There was two piercings in each nipple.  Currently she has a ring at what was
once the nipple just where it joined the areola and now was a good half-inch
away.  The other was once a quarter of the way from the tip and is now nearly
one-half inch from the tip.  These are removed for milkings.  On any given day
there are two eight ounce silver bells that hang down further stretching them
But the one true masterpiece of her body would have to be her vaginal area.
There are currently nine piercings in each of her labia.  Housed there are a
total of eighteen three-quarter inch sterling silver rings from which weights
were often hung.  When she was servicing animals, these piercings also assisted
in keeping her grotesquely elongated lips out of the way and prevented tearing.
After all, why would one want to destroy the work of art that had taken years to
create (although the creative process was still on going)?
Her greatly distended clit and clit hood had three piercings.  Two where
currently barbells and the one just above her clit was, yet again, a silver
ring.  These piercings also would carry weights when her cunt was not in use
servicing her stud lovers.
Her urethra bears the obligatory catheter and is so distended that I have her
currently plugged with 50 gauge Foley.  It is quite possible to extend one's
pinkie all the way into her canal.  One time one of my assistants forgot to
replace the indwelling device and she was put outside for the afternoon.  She
fell asleep only to be awakened by a group of ants that had crawled up her
urethra and decided to have lunch!
I do not know what Cow Cunt's actual name is.  I never asked for truly it was of
no interest to me.  I don't even know if the original owner of the farm was
aware of her name.  It is very doubtful that Cow Cunt even remembers her name
after so many years of farm life.
I do know that when I purchased the estate, Cow Cunt had three large pictures in
her stall.  One was of her nude in her stripping prime.  Another was of her in
her wedding gown (sans groom).  And the last was a large composite of her in the
varying stages of her life here at the farm.
I do not know, or care what thoughts might enter the mind of this cow whore, but
I do know that she sometimes is heard crying in her stall during the evening.
On occasion there seems to still be a very small spark of awareness of her fate
in her eyes, though she does not seem to
manifest this in any concrete manner.
I do know that she fears me, and yet loves me, more than anything else on this
earth.  She recognizes that her entire existence, everything she does, and
everything done to and with her, is at my whim.  She cannot eat, sleep, shit, or
piss without my approval.
These days her existence is far better than her earlier days.  Firstly, she is
so incredibly docile and submissive that punishment is rarely called for (as if
an excuse is needed).  Secondly, there is nothing else in the way of torture or
humiliation that can be done to her for she has weathered that harshest and most
brutal treatment possible without rendering her reproductive, and milk
producing, abilities inoperable.
I use her to perform the mundane tasks around the dairy for it seems the more
complex jobs are no longer within her abilities to remember or
perform.  She accomplished most of her own care regiment including the changing
of her catheter and the insertion of her feeding tube down her throat.  She even
"milks" the dogs, horses and pigs for their sperm.  She learned this early on in
her training along with several other interesting tricks.
She is also quite popular with our pack of great danes that roam freely about
the estate.  We bath her only once a week or week and a half so she is in
constant demand for their rutting and she gets to enjoy their snack when she
sucks their penises.  She learned about the dogs on her first night at the farm.
During the day she had apparently called the owner a son of a bitch.
This was the remark that triggered the initiation of her training in this area.
This training was eventually used on all the cows, although not nearly to the
extent of Cow Cunt.  She was to be part of the weekend's entertainment at a
gathering of the owner's "friends" and fellow enthusiasts.
The owner went to her stall on Friday afternoon, after his guests had arrived,
and told her that she would learn what the phrase "son of a bitch" really meant.
She was taken, trembled and shaking and crying, to the solarium area.   When she
saw the guests, and the five huge animals lurking outside the solarium doors,
she immediately knew what was going to occur.  Needless to say she started, much
to everyone's delight, to scream and plead for mercy.  When she physically began
to struggle, she was hit with a stun gun.  She fell to the floor, wetting
She was placed in the solarium on the manor house.  She was tied over a
bolstered leather ottoman.  Her knees were widely spread and rope secured them
to the legs.  Her arms were tied behind her back
Secured at both the wrists and elbows.  A leather band was placed around her
forehead and rope ties secured that to her elbow ropes.
A ring gag was placed and secured to her.  The ring was three and one-half
inches in diameter.  A device of steel was secured around her neck that had an
apron extending down her back.  A short length of rope led from a pad lock eye
(to lock the collar shut) to an eyelet at the base of the ottoman.  The rope was
secured in such a manner that her mouth was now the approximate height of her
vagina.    Foam was fitted inside to take up some slack and the front place was
closed around her neck.  She could only move her head a mere fraction of an inch
once the device was in place.
At this point the owner brought over a jar of mating scent cream used when the
dogs were mated, but not interested.  This cream utilized the hormonal
secretions of the bitch in heat.  He rubbed the cream all over her anus and
vagina (as well as inside both orifices) and around the exposed sections of her
mouth.  Then the dogs were let in for the weekend!!!
Needless to say, she was the star attraction, and was almost never without at
least two suitors at any given time.  Fortunately the neck brace's apron saved
her back from the dogs' nails for by the end of the weekend, the bright
stainless finish was a very marred and scratched matte.
When the dogs were busy with licking themselves, or sleeping, or eating, she was
given only enough freedom to relieve herself.  She was only fed after they were
and it was essentially the same processed food
watered down enough with beer to flow through the feed hose forced down her
The alpha male of the pack immediately went for her rear and began to sniff and
lick at her.  Another caught the aroma at her mouth and began to lick her there.
There was so little play in the ropes that she didn't stand a chance of fighting
any attention off.
The alpha knew his role in this little passion play having played this role many
times to both willing, and unwilling, partners.  He was unrelent-ing with his
tongue and within several minutes had forced her to add her own feral scent to
the brew.  It would seem that he was trying to shove his tongue up into her
uterus  with his near frenzy.  When his tongue found her ass hole, she bolted in
her confines and once again wet herself a bit.  This excited the beast even
The one at her head was busily trying to shove his tongue down her throat.  He
sought out even bit on flesh available round her mouth.  He was absolutely
slobbering her entire face with his open arbor.  The entire time she was crying
and trembling and realizing that what was about to occur was inevitable.
No one was going to help her.  No one was going to stop this obscene-it.  They
were laughing and applauding the scene before them.  This was even being
photographed.  Her newly "widowed" husband was taking photographs and laughing
hysterically.  Some of the attendees had brought their submissives and slaves
with them.  Not one of them didn't fear this sort treatment happening to them,
right there, and right now.
Gang fucks and multiple gender partners of the human form were generally
acceptable, especially if the upkeep of maintaining full time
"properties" could be offset by an accompanying honorarium for the use of said
property.  But to see such a blatant, and open, exhibition of
pure "animal" lust was positively.....delicious!!!

The alpha dog wasted little time after the initial "kisses".  He raised his
front paws onto the apron on her back and immediately began to furi-ously pump
away at the air.  As his paws slid down to embrace her waist, he sidled up
closer and in a flashing instant, found her receptive cunt.  In the blink of an
eye he had pushed his eight-inch penis into her, his ever-swelling knot banging
away at her cunt lips and clit.

She undoubtedly would have screamed but at nearly the same instant, the dog at
her mouth suddenly jammed his cock up into her mouth and was trying to fit his
knot through the o-ring.  All our poor little Cow Cunt could do was moan her
extreme disapproval and shed tears of shame, pain and rage at what was being
done to her.

It is always a tricky proposition when dogs are mating. With two of them trying
at once, with the same bitch, total chaos can break out.  But these were
reasonably seasoned, and extremely well trained animals so our poor Cow Cunt had
to endure this unholy, well choreographed, double penetration.

The animals created a natural staccato.  Their heads were side by side as they
pounded into their bitch with reckless abandon.  Cow Cunt's body shook with the
pounding as each animal attempted to tie with her and then reach climax.  The
other dogs circled and watched, yapping and drooling and awaiting their turn.
All their bitch could do was moan into the dog cock in her mouth and cry.

The slave who had put the mating scent on Cow Cunt came close to the coupling
trio and rubbed more of the substance on Cow Cunt's breasts and nipples, thighs
and exposed flanks.  The remaining dogs instantly raced to those areas and began
to lick at the maddening scent.

Suddenly the alpha's knot rammed though Cow Cunt's vaginal lips and plowed
completely into her, adding another three inches of dog cock in human cunt.
Poor little Cow Cunt.  Her eyes told the entire tale of her pain at this tying.
They opened wider than one could believe possible.
What sounded like an elongated mouse's squeaking was her scream of utter

What was even worse was the fact that the dog's huge knot continued to grow
inside of her.  The dog was now humping her with blinding speed and with each
stroke the knot pounded the inside of her cunt.  She felt as though the tip of
the animal's cock was worming its way up into her uterus to plant its seed.

The dog at her mouth was becoming frustrated at his inability to knot with this
new bitch.  He began to whine and yelp.  Fortunately the dog knotted with her
suddenly tensed and began to shoot his sperm into her.
He almost completely stopped his pounding and merely held onto her with his
paws.  The sperm felt boiling hot to Cow Cunt as it flooded into her tightly
cramped cunt stretching the already stretched walls even more.

The sperm was so copious that it began to leak out and drip into the bowl
beneath her.  Cow Cunt simply closed her eyes, thankful that this particular
indignity had ended.  The dog at her mouth was pulled off of her and she was
thankful that she could now breathe more easily.  It was when she saw the face
of her "bereaved" husband that she knew this torment was truly only beginning.

The dog behind her then began to try to pull out of her causing a wail, and then
a scream, to emanate from her.  He could go nowhere because he was tied and the
struggling of the animal tortured her already raw and chaffed cunt.  After
pulling both her and the footstool several torturous inched, the dog simply
stepped over her and now stood ass to ass with his tied bitch.

Her husband laughed at this particular predicament and he squatted in front of
her.  "Now, calling you a bitch is no longer an insult.  It's a statement of
fact!"  He laughed heartily as he began to undo the ring gag.  "You do know what
to do now, don't you", he said as he brought the beta dog back toward her.  "If
you so much as make him uncom-fortable, I will have your tits sliced off one
strip at a time and feed them to the dogs.  And heaven help you if you bite him
you whore!"

The dog instinctively knew what was coming and hopped back up on her shoulders
with his paws.  Before she could even recover enough to plead, the animal rammed
his cock into her mouth and down toward the back of her throat.  Her husband
reached under her and grabbed hold of her clit hood.  He pinched it quite
mightily and said:  "Do what you were born to do whore!"

Having no say in the matter coupled with an intensely honed will to survive, our
little Cow Cunt indeed began to give what could be considered one of her famous
world class blow jobs to the animal.
Unfortunately, the animal could not gain purchase of his knot in her mouth and
began to become frustrated yet again.

The servicing slave suddenly grabbed hold of the animal's knot and held it
tightly.  Suddenly, our little doggy whore was rewarded with an abundance of dog
sperm flooding down her throat and into her sto-mach.  The volume and rate of
sperm flowing into her proved to be too much to handle and she began to choke.
Sperm began to dribble from her mouth and into the bowl beneath her face.

She began to cough as the dog's cock withdrew from her mouth, bath-ing her face
in dog cum.  Sperm even began to flow from her congested nose.  She was a mess.
Then she vomited up some of the sperm in a re-flexive manner to clear her
blocked wind passages.  Fortunately, the bowl again caught almost all the

It was at this point in time that the alpha, with one mighty pull, vic-iously
yanked himself free from his bitch.  He then went off to rest and lick himself
clean.  She let out with a scream that brought one of the Mistress' present to
orgasm.  The dog's cum literally poured from her now gaping cunt into the bowl
between her legs.

To her horror, the next dog in line jumped up onto her back and began to work
his way into her cunt.  Another was brought around to her face and the entire
process began yet again.  However, she knew that this new hell was indeed simply
that:  A hell!  An electrical transformer was wheeled over toward her and from
the corner of her eye she could see that many red and white wires ran from it,
terminating in vicious looking alligator clamps.

In spite of her predicament of being unable to really move, Cow Cunt struggled
and tried to free herself unsuccessfully.  He husband was given the honors of
attaching the to clamps destined for her nipples.  She screamed and wailed as
best she could, hindered with her mouth full of dog cock.

The Owner had the pleasure of inserting a small inflatable anal probe tipped
with a metal strip, and then inflating it merely enough to insure that it would
not be forced out.  He then attached a clamp to her now engorged clit, causing
her to jump hard enough to actually move the stool with her upon it.

A low voltage current was started, stimulating her pleasure points.  This is
where she would truly start her journey into the depths of debase-ment and
degradation.  Her own body would be used to betray, and deliver, her soul to her
new Owner.  More of the scent was rubbed on her exposed body parts and the dogs
not busy fucking her began to lick.

The dog at her rear forced his knot up into her now stretched cunt and was
humping her furiously as the one in her mouth did the same.  He was not yet
being held by the servicing slave and humped quite furiously.

Every few moments the current passing into her nipples, clit, and ass was
increased to try and present a stimulus corresponding to the intensity of the
dogs fucking her.  In spite of her situation, she began to flush and react to
this new stimulation.  Her husband knelt beside her.
He was smiling profusely yet his eyes were a reflection of the ice-cold hatred
of her that he held in his badly wounded heart.

"You like this, don't you", he stated rather then asked.  "Welcome to the rest
of your life whore!"  He stood up and walked to the control panel of the
transformer.  He upped the current three more notches
to the accompaniment of a long, loud, and very throaty moan from Cow Cunt.  At
that moment the dog in her cunt came, flooding her again with his sperm.

Her body was now having spasms from both the current and the building lust.  Her
pelvis was still rocking against the now tied animal trying to draw yet more
pleasure from him.  Maybe, she thought, if she could cum, she might be able to
again regain some measure of control over her body, and soul.  She moaned as the
dog stepped over himself and rested, tied ass to ass.

The service slave again grasped the dog's knot and she felt him increase the
intensity of his pounding into her mouth.  In short order he orgasm-ed and flood
her mouth and throat with another load of protein rich doggy cum; so good for a
girl on a high protein low fat diet.  As this was happening the dog in her cunt
yanked himself out and she had her first uncontrolled orgasm of her new life.

Her husband had seen enough for this evening and pursued his enter-tainment in
one of the Owner's playrooms.  To Cow Cunt, the rest of the evening became a
blur of orgasming dogs and electro-stimulation.
After several hours of fucking and sucking, the dogs simply found comfortable
places in the solarium and rested.  But Cow Cunt's even-
ing was far from being over.

She looked the most sorry sight.  Dog cum leaked from her now de-formed pussy
into the bowl beneath.  Her thighs and legs were coated with the scum.  Her face
leaked cum from her nose and mouth.  Her entire face resembled frosted sweet
bread.  Her hair was soaked and matted with the stuff.  Both bowls had been
emptied several times.

Her body was scratched and rubbed raw from paws and dog tongues.
Her nipples and her clit leaked droplets of blood from the teeth of the
alligator clamps.  She stunk from the entire ordeal and had her head not been
secured to remain upright, it would've fallen down against the footstool.

Her mind was a mess to rival her body.  It had long since shut down to what was
being done with her body.  Her eyes were shut and her mouth hung open.  There
was little, or nothing, left in her this evening.  The only thought going was
the picture of her husband's face smiling as he said:  "Welcome to the rest of
your life!"  Well cummed more likely.
And the iciness of his eyes:  The totally unabashed hatred, and heated desire,
to see all that she was, and represented, destroyed forever.

Two slaves were charged with the removal of the bondage devices, and the clamps.
Even as the blood rushed back to her nipples and clit, and the blinding flash of
pain that exploded with kilo-force inside her brain, she barely flinched.  They
removed the anal probe and cut her bonds.
When they removed her collar and apron, her head and entire body went completely

What an excellent sight.  What an outstanding image to behold:  A beautiful
young woman, lying over a stool in a pool of dog sperm.  She
Immediately fell into a beleaguered sleep.  The Owner felt that the most
Could be gotten from her only after a few hours of sleep.  But first she must be
fed, watered, collared, and deviced.  This would be overseen by
the Owner and her "bereaved" husband, and accomplished by two of the slaves in

The two slaves worked with a professional aplomb that was yet to be exceeded by
any others currently in residence.  They flopped Cow Cunt, or what remained of
her, onto her back on the tiled floor of the solar-ium.  A stainless steel
collar was placed around her neck and snapped shut.  It was three inches in
height and one-eight inch thick save where it locked shut.  That was one-half
inch thick.

Matching bracelets where placed on her wrists and ankles.  There were no
keyholes for no keys would ever be needed.  These were never being removed.
There was barely enough room between skin and bracelet to wash beneath them.
All of the edges were rounded smooth to prevent them from cutting into the skin,
as if that really was a matter of con-cern.

Next, a number ten Foley catheter was lubricated and pasted up into her urethra.
No longer would the simple act of peeing be under her control.  In fact, this
was just the beginning of a series of ever-larger diameter Foleys that would
eventually destroy all urinary continence.

She had peed several times during her ordeal yet a small stream of urine flowed
from her when the catheter pasted the sphincter and entered her bladder.  A
saline solution was injected into the piping that led to a small balloon at the
tip of the catheter.  It could not be removed now.

Now came the butt plug.  This rather common model was six inches long.  The
retention ring above the base was a modest two inches in diameter.  This too
would be increased in size until her sphincter would no longer be functional.
Total control of all bodily waste functions, and complete incontinences, were
one of the short-term goals.

This butt plug was the inflatable kind with a one-way valve control similar to
the Foley.  It too was lubed with a topical anesthetic and forced into our
all-but-unconscious Cow Cunt.  Though she didn't stir when it was inserted, she
did moan a bit after the fourth pumping of the inflator was administered.  The
inflator was then removed, leaving the plug firmly in it's place.

At the base of the plug was a turning collar valve to which a one-inch diameter
hose could be attached.  There was a one-way valve further in that would doubly
secure whatever might be injected into Cow Cunt.  In this manner she could be
fed, or cleaned out, or forced to retain.  There was only one more procedure to
perform and total physical control would be achieved.

Fortunately for the two slaves, Cow Cunt was done in.  Trying to get a
three-eights inch feeding tube down into the stomach of a lively piece of
property was not an easy accomplishment.  It often took two or more attempts to
feed the tubing up the nasal passages, down the back of the throat, and into the
stomach.  Even with a very cooperative slave this could be a most trying

However, to quote another source, "The difficult we do right anyway.  The
impossible takes a little longer."  On the third attempt the tubing did enter
her stomach and the catheter end, attached through the back of her throat, was
also inflated to prevent it being pulled out or vomited up.  Now all of her
bodily functions could be totally controlled and she was totally dependent upon
whoever owned her for her very life.

The two slaves lifted her up, carried her through the French doors of the
solarium, and around the grounds into the enclosed kennel area next to the
stables, which had been converted into a human cowshed.  The dogs, resting
calmly in their cages, suddenly perked up and began to bark when they smelled
their favorite bitch.

She was placed onto a rolling ob/gyn exam table in a semi reclining position.
Her legs were strapped into the stirrups and spread apart offering a clear view,
or target, of her cum coated cunt.  Her arms were secured to a railing beneath
her head in a palms-up position.  One of the slaves began to once again
strategically rub the mating scent on her body while the other disappeared into
an adjoining room.  It was now feeding time.

The second slave appeared with two one-gallon bags full of the dog sperm
captured by the bowls.  He hung them both from hooks in the ceiling over her
head.  Though she felt the stirring around her, Cow Cunt kept her eyes
blissfully closed and remained oblivious to the actions around her.  She was
just over the edge of being asleep.

Each bag contained nearly three-quarters of a gallon of sperm and was enclosed
at the top.  One-inch diameter hosing ran from one of the bags and three-eights
from the other.  The one-inch hose was attached into Cow Cunt's butt plug.  The
three-eights inch hose ran into her nasal feeding tube.

The transformer cart was brought up next.  A butterfly clamp was placed on each
of Cow Cunt's turgid nipples and tightened just enough to retain a firm
purchase.  A wire was then wound around the ring in the clamp.  Another small
butterfly clamp was applied onto her clit hood.  Once again, it was given enough
tension to assure that in would not fall away easily.  A single wire was
attached to the ring.  A final wire was run to her butt plug connection.  A
light gauge chain was now passed through the rings of all three clamps and the
slack drawn out.  Any movement would cause the clamps to tighten around the
respective nubbin.

Now came the fun part!  Each slave took side and armed with a hand,
a very large hand at that, full of circular tape-bottomed electrodes, and began
to place them in an oval that started with one on either side of her sternum,
terminating at her pubic mound.  The entire outline of Cum Cow's belly was done.

The slaves then took two cloth strips and began to feed the pointed, heavy gauge
wire through the strip.  Next came small rubber sleeves to retain the electrodes
to the strip.  These strips, as well as the two strips that now ran down the
center of Cow Cunt's belly, could be placed quite a number of times with the
proper distance between each consistently maintained.

From this date forward, Cow Cunt would be fed every six hours.  Each of these
meals would be of a different mixture.  This feeding of dog sperm would be her
only high protein meal.  The others would be one mostly consisting of fat, one
of carbohydrates, and the final one of high carbohydrates combined with the
daily doses of anti-cholesterol, anti-
hypertension, vitamins, and whatever else might be called for from time to time.

The electrical strips served two important functions:  Firstly to provide the
proper muscle stimuli to aid the digestive processes, and to provide sexual
stimuli to make every feeding a powerfully blissful experience.

After all, the most powerful tool in body modification is the body itself!
Body builders consider themselves to be sculptors.  Their sexual reward comes in
the form of endorphins.  Submissive whores, who call them-selves feeders, shape
their bodies in a fashion that pleases them.  Their sexual reward is fucking
themselves full of food till they push them-selves into a carbohydrate orgasm.
Then they lay there, rubbing their most ample bellies, massaging, and awaiting
their next meal.

Then you have the everyday folks who need to drop and few, or add a few.  Their
reward, for the most part, is merely getting laid.  How droll.
Then you come to us insane few, us precious few, who need to have the control.
We make the fashion model fat and the plumper skinny.  And that is merely the

After this is begun, we then turn to our arsenals of weaponry.  There is
piercing, branding, tattooing, chemical injections of various sorts, weights to
stretch, vacuum suction for the same result, hormones, hypnotics, psychedelics,
scarring and we haven't even touched upon toys or bondage!

It was the wish of the whore's husband that she be destroyed in every way
possible.  For the amount of money paid by her husband, and the possibility of a
far greater amount of money in return, who was the Owner to complain about what
was to be done.

At this point the owner was called.  He and the husband strode into the room.
Cow Cunt, still barely conscious, turned her head toward them as they walked up
to the head of the table.  They both looked down at her with very broad grins on
their faces.  The Owner said; "Let's wake her up.  It's feeding time."

While one slave released the clamps on the feedbags, the other carefully turned
on the current and raised the juice just to the point of being uncomfortable.
Once this was determined by the grimace on her face, the electricity was lowered
slightly till one could see the muscles gently spasm.

"Oh my god", was all she could manage to say as the sperm began to enter her
belly and rectum.  The flow was also slightly slowed to a steady trickle.
Speaking was quite difficult with the tubing running down her throat.
None-the-less she still managed to say, "What are you doing to me?"  Her eyes
were wide open now and she certainly was far from being asleep.

"We are starting the process of destroying all that you are and this is just the
beginning", said the Owner with a laugh.  "And not only that, my dearest wife",
added her husband, "you are going to not only enjoy your own destruction, you
are also going to look forward to it, you're going to need it, and you're going
to die one-thousand deaths without it, someday."

"We'll be back shortly to see how our little whore is fairing", the Owner stated
and they both went back to their festivities.  The flow continued relentlessly
onward as the slaves went to the dog cages and began to release the animals.
They immediately ran over to their scented favorite bitch and began to lick her
entire exposed body.

"Oh please god, no more", she wailed.  ""Somebody please help me!"  The slaves
merely smiled at her and the taller one looked over his shoulder saying, "Bye
bye sweet cakes.  We'll be back later".  And they left Cow Cunt to the
unrelenting tongues of her newly found lovers.  "Try and get some rest honey, if
you can.  You'll be needing it."

The flow of dog sperm into her pert body was having its desired affects.  Her
belly was beginning to expand and pump up.  The electrical charges coursing
through her body, coupled with the dogs licking the scent, and the dried sperm,
off of her body were beginning to turn her on.

She lay on the table bitterly weeping, and bemoaning her fate.  The words of her
husband began, once again, to ring in her ears.  "Welcome to the rest of your

Now that the topical anesthetic had worn off the surfaces of her rectum and
plug, she began to feel the distension of her sphincter.  The elect-rical
current amplified the sensation for it caused her asshole to con-tract and relax
at a steady rate of once every second or two.
The current also caused her nipples and clit to engorge with blood and tingle as
though they were being gently bitten and nuzzled.  And the current coursing
through her inflating abdominal cavity feel as though
she was being gently massaged with one thousand vibrators.  And the dogs
tongues, oh god the tongues, were licking every unexposed nook and cranny
driving her rapidly toward the point of not caring what was happening.

About ten minutes had passed since the slaves departed.  Her belly had risen
dramatically and she was feeling more than stuffed.  She could no longer see the
head on the dog trying to shoot his tongue up into the depths of her cunt.  She
appeared to be several months pregnant and the bags had only emptied half their

Cow Cunt was moaning and asking for absolution from all of her sins starting
from her first lie at the age of four.  A river of tears flowed almost unending
from her eyes.  Every time she opened her mouth, a dog would try to stick his
tongue down her throat.

One of the slaves reappeared in her line of vision.  He adjusted the electrical
current slightly upward causing her body to reflex.  The flex-ing in turn caused
the chain attaching the clamps to tighten.  This in turn caused the clamps to
contract their jaws a bit.  She yelped as a jolt of pain caused by this action
shot through her nipples a clit.

"Enjoy darling.  It doesn't get better than this.  And you really have no choice
anyway" he said smiling evilly.  He than slightly increased the flow of sperm
through the tubing and, pushing her "lovers" aside, rub some scent once again on
some of her more sensitive areas.

He gave special attention to her face, armpits, ribs, and the soles of her feet.
He knew this would cause she to move her body in an effort to avoid the tickling
sensation.  He also knew that this movement would cause further tightening of
the clamps.  "No rest for the wicked sweetie", the slave said as he smiled and
again walked out of her view.

All that she had been feeling intensified and she was rapidly app-roaching a
much-unwanted orgasm.  She was fighting for her sanity.  She had known women who
lived for intensely painful orgasms.  She had known women who lived for the
debasement brought about by their
relentless defilement. And she knew that this was to be her fate if she gave in
to the pleasure willing.

Now a new terrible torment began to rear its ugly head.  With her intestines and
stomach filling up, she was beginning to experience nausea.  Unfortunately for
Cow Cunt, her stomach could not expel the inflated ball that held the hellish
feeding tube in place.  When the pres-sure became to great, her stomach and
intestines tried to force the sperm back through the feed tubes in her ass.

This seesawing motion caused severe cramps in her belly as the peris-taltic
actions of her lower tract fought back.  Poor Cow Cunt's body was fighting a
losing battle.  Added to this was the action of all those tongues licking her
most sensitive body parts.  And her own avoiding convul-sions kept punishing her
poor nearly flattened nipples and clit.

It was now a full twenty minutes since her ordeal commenced and she was a mass
of horribly conflicting sensations.  The pain, as well as the pleasure, had been
escalated dramatically.  The flow from the bags had since ceased.  There was
only about a quart of sperm left between the two bags, and the level of each bag
ebbed and flowed with the cramping.

Now a new problem reared its very ugly head.  As her body digested and absorbed
the sperm being fed to it, her kidneys had worked fiercely to send urine to her
bladder.  And once in the bladder, the urine had nowhere to go because of the
blocked Foley catheter inside her urethra.
She began a new chant, hoping that someone would be near enough to answer her
pitiful plea.

"Help me!  Please!  I have to pee!  Please, someone!  Help!  I'll do anything!
Help me PLEASE!"  Of course, any unbeknownst to her,
the two slaves were ever present and in the next room out of sight.
Both suddenly appeared in her line of sight.

"Oh, poor baby.  Have to go potty?"  They giggled at her condition, knowing from
their own personal past experiences with intrusive consumption and blockage
tubes.  "We'll have to ask Master if you can go potty dearie. But, in the
meantime," said one.  "In between time", said the other.  "Ain't we got fun",
they sang together.

"But before we go and search for him, we have a special surprise for you."  One
of them went and retrieved two small paddles and wired them into two of the
transformers empty slots.  The paddles were than lubricated and placed at the
approximate opposite ends of her bladder.
The current was switched on and she screamed a scream unlike any that had come
from her that evening (as if she were given the opportunity to scream with all
the dog cock and tongue in her mouth).  The other swiftly left to fetch the
Owner and the husband.

In the mean time, the remaining slave, staring intently into her eyes the entire
time the shock was being administered, smiled and said, "What!
No thank you?  I'll have to remember that for the next time, and there
WILL be a next time sweet meat."  She screamed once again, realizing that, to
her horror, she had absolutely no control over her life anymore.

After luring the dogs back to their cages with the treat of fresh meat, the
slave put lubrication on his hands and began to massage the under-side of her
abdomen under her kidneys.  It was a firm, yet gentle, motion.  Then he moved
his hands to her ample breasts and again firmly, but gently, letting the exposed
flesh slide through his hands.

This had a somewhat calming affect on Cow Cunt and in spite of over-
taxed  physical and mental condition, she began to relax.  "That's my baby.
That's my girl.  Give into it slut.  This is all you have left in this life."
She had become somewhat inure to the stimulation provided by the electricity and
her needs to evacuate her urine and over-burdened bowels.

The slave had returned after ten minutes with the Owner and her husband.  They
stood out of her greatly impaired line of sight for her belly was now fairly
ample.  They smiled at her condition.  The Owner said, in a whisper, to her
husband, "At least the dogs cleaned her up although they didn't do much for her
smell."  Her husband laughed
And replied, "Well, you know what they say.  Lay down with dogs....."

"I think we'll have her orgasm now" he said to the slaves.  They then proceeded
to stand next to her and she immediately began to plea for relief.  "Please, let
my go.  Let me come back to you.  I'll give you a dozen children if you want.
I'll do anything you want.  Please make this end.  Make this stop!"

"There is no reason to have this stop whore.  You will give ME more than a dozen
children and you WILL do anything I want!"  The Owner was laughing as he spoke
these chilling words to her.  "I OWN you now whore.  I have chosen, at least for
now, to make a present of you to my dogs.  They know exactly what a bitch like
you needs and they know how to treat a bitch as well.  Maybe, someday, should
you please me
beyond belief, I will give you to a crack dealer so that you may whore for him."

"But until that time has come.  You will do anything, and everything, I command.
If you don't, I will have to really show you what pain is.  For now, if you want
to pee, you will have to orgasm.  But make sure you look into the camera," he
said pointing to a corner of the ceiling, "and be sure to smile and thank me for
you orgasm!"

Her husband went and adjusted the electricity slightly upward again.  This
caused her to begin to convulse with muscle spasms.  Her clamps began to tighten
even more!  Now the slaves were at each end of her with a single dog in hand.
They rubbed scent along her mouth and along her vagina.  "Keep your mouth open
whore and do not hurt him."

The dogs went to work with their tongues once again.  The Master and the husband
then each took one of the feedbags in hand and waited for the inevitable to
happen.  It took no more than several minutes.  Her mouth opened wide of it's
own accord and her body buck upward from her belly toward the ceiling.

"Look at the camera whore!", the Owner shouted.  Suddenly a noise unlike any her
husband had ever heard came from her mouth, or, to be more precise, her soul:
"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Oh GAAAAAAAA-WWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDD!!!"  "Squeeze the bag empty
now", the Owner said to her husband.  And at her peak, all that remained in the
bags, including whatever air was present, was sent rocketing into Cow Cunt.

She continued to quake, shutter, and make unintelligible sounds as the slaves
closed the valves shut and disconnected the hoses.  "You forgot to smile at the
Camera and thank us whore!  You will have to pay for that."  Cow Cunt heard what
the Owner said, but was still shuttering through the after shocks of the most
intense orgasm of her young life.  Her pelvis was still rotating to a giant
invisible cock as her husband once again, and finally, upped the electrical
current to try and wring the most out of her orgasm.  Finally, a totally spent
and lifeless, Cow Cunt
Returned to reality and once again began to plea for relief.

"Please", she said, tears once again rolling down her face, "I am sooo sorry.
Please just let me pee.  I'll follow every command that you ask if you let me
pee.  I am dying.  Please!"

"Are you still nauseous?" asked the Owner.  "No", was her reply.  "No what you
filthy dog fucking whore!"  "No sir...please..." I am your
Owner and your Master you dog fucking whore!"  "No Master."  She now began to
realize that her very existence depended upon her willingness to degrade and
debase herself to a man she didn't even know.

After the current was returned to a far more bearable level, the Owner had one
of the slaves attach an extension onto the Foley after the dogs were again
returned to their respective cages.  The other slave very slowly deflated the
feeding tubes retention balloon, but left the tube in place.  The Owner then had
the slave approach Cow Cunt, Foley extension in hand.

"Now you listen whore.  The only way your pissing will be allowed is if it is
into your own mouth.  Do you understand?"  She nodded with a very sincere look
on her face, brow fretted with the need to pee.  "You are a very stupid whore,
aren't you?  It is of little wonder that you wind up spending the rest of your
existence on this Earth here."

She suddenly remembered and said emphatically, "Yes Master.  I understand."  "If
you spill one drop of this, we will start this entire process again.  And maybe,
if your bladder doesn't explode in the interim, I'll give you another
opportunity.  Do you understand?"

The reply was a simple, barely animated at this point, "Yes Master."
The tube was placed in her mouth and the valve near her cunt was opened.  Her
urine rocketed through the tube, turning it's clear plastic immediately yellow.

The stream entered her mouth so rapidly that she coughed with her mouth closed
and some leaked from her nose.  She quickly recovered and with her tongue
blocking the tube, managed to drain herself without further incident.  The Owner
smiled at her husband and said, "Well, she will need to be punished but that can
wait till later.  After all, this was her first offense."

He turned to the slaves and said, "When this whore is finished, remove her
bindings and place her in the empty kennel by the big dog.  Then seal off the
Foley, re-inflate the feeder tube, and attach the butt tube to the feeder tube.
I also want her hands to be gloved in a padded fist mitt and her knees to have
protective pads put on them.  She will be on her hands and knees when not in
use."  "

"Should she attempt to disconnect anything, call me and we will begin this all
again.  Otherwise, let her rest and feed her again in five hours.
We will void any remaining sperm at that time.  Let the Foley drain into a
feedbag while she sleeps.  After all, she will be thirsty later and we are not
unfeeling, are we?"  The Owner laughed, as he and the husband existed, leaving
poor Cow Cunt to her unenviable state.

The two slaves complied with the Owner's requests and then wheeled her, still on
the table, over to an empty kennel cage.  The cage was a barred construction
that was elevated off the floor about six inched.
Beneath the barred floor was a plastic tray to trap any droppings and uric
waste.  It was seven feet long, five feet wide and four and one-half feet tall.

These cages were used to separate the males from one-another when there was a
female bitch in heat present.  If they were not kept apart, they would fight
until the formal mating began.  These were well trained beasts knew that their
needs would eventually be fulfilled but why take chances with such fine, and
valuable, animals.  Cow Cunt was removed from the table and placed in the cage.
Her hands and feet were secured to the cage corners and she instantly fell

Part 2

Cow Cunt's sleep was most fitful and troubled.  Her bowels and her belly fought
a continual battle with the dog sperm they contained.  Every-so-often an
enormously painful cramp would awaken her and she would feel her stomach muscles
spasm with the pressure of the volume.

The same would occur when a very strong peristaltic wave would en-velope her
bowel.  And she would lie quietly weeping with her lower intestine in spasm
trying to force all the fluid out.  But these waves would pass and she would
fall off to sleep once again.

Eventually, all of the spasms ceased as an uneasy equilibrium was reached.  The
urine catch bag began to fill as her body digested the unholy meal and her
stomach began to return to its former shape.

When she did waken to the spasms, she could still taste, and smell, the sperm.
She knew that her breath as well must have contained the scent.

During the intervening hours, the dogs were removed from the kennel area and
were permitted to roam the grounds freely.  It was nearly noon when one of the
"bulls" came in the kennel to awaken Cow Cunt and prepare her for her next meal.
It had been six hours since she was fed the dog sperm.

When her eyes opened she didn't immediately remember where she was, or what had
occurred during the night.  She suddenly recalled the entire ordeal and screamed
with the knowledge that this was not merely a bad dream.

She tried to move her arms and legs, but the bonds held fast.  Her screams
quickly settled down to an open weeping with the realization that nothing in her
life was under her control any more.  She shook with tears and despair.

"Time to get up ho'.  I must clean you out and tend to your feeding and I don't
have all day."  She looked at him for the first time.  He was a huge black man,
at least six and one-half feet tall.  His entire body was hairless and well

Her screams and subsequent tears caused his penis to become erect and it stood
away from his body at a forty-five degree angle pointing toward the ceiling.  It
was a huge cock, at least ten inches long and nearly five inches in
circumference.  "Look", he said, "you woke up my Johnson with yo' bitch
yappin'."  He grasped his cock and waved it at her.

"Maybe, if you're a good little ho, you and Johnson will dance. It sure as shit
beats fuckin' dogs.  And you won't stink like a bitch in heat!"

"Now you behave yo'self and I'll put in a good word with the Master. Mebbe he
won't beat you too bad fo' yo' fuck-ups last night."  He laughed as he unlocked
the cage door and began to release her hands and feet.

Cow Cunt felt that now might be her chance!  She would be alone with him and if
she was quick.....  She saw him close the valve of her Foley and detach it from
the catch bag.  "Okay ho', out you go", he snarled as he stood waiting for her
to roll over, get to her hands and knees, and crawl out of the cage, "You have a
busy day lined up and I have cows to fuck.  Time be awastin'".

As she rolled to her side, she felt whatever remained of the dog cum roll with
her.  Although her belly had shrunk quite a bit, there was still a telltale new
bulge where no existed before.  She then started to get to her hands and knees
when she felt the butt plug shift.  She grimaced as she felt the pain.  Her
asshole throbbed as though her sphincter had a life of its own.

Once on her hands and knees, she noticed that her belly drooped a bit. She also
noted the mitts on her hands and the kneepads on her legs.  "Come on out ho' an
git your white bitch, dog fuckin', ass on this here table."  When she noticed
the ob/gyn table from last night, all she made a sound that was a low moan and
tears began again.  "Oh god no!  Please, not again!"

The bull laughed a patted his huge hand on the table and said, "Up bitch!  Come
on girl.  Up here."  She put her hands on the table top and began to pull
herself up.  She instantly felt a cramp hit her upper bowel and stomach.  "Don't
fret whore.  Ole' Landslide will clean you out and then feed you.  Now get up

She finally got onto the table and let him bind her yet again to the ins-trument
of her debasement.  "Now listen ho'.  No more talkin' lest the Master axes you
sumpin", Landslide said, "udderwise you will regret it serious."  He closed the
valve at the end of the butt plug and the one at the end of her feeding tube.
He then removed the tubing in between the two and tossed it in the garbage.

"Oooooooooooooeeeeeeeee you stink ho'.  You smell jes' like a dawg", he laughed.
"No wonda da dam dawgs won't leave the kennel dis mornin'."  He then went back
to the cage and retrieved the urine catch bag.  Cow Cunt laid on the table
weeping yet again.  She might have had a chance but she was too weak, too tired,
and too sore to do anything other than what she was told.  "Wanna drink ho'?"
She closed her eyes and nodded her head.

"Ah gots a special drink fo' you ho'".  He then attached an intravenous stand to
the side of the table near her head and hung the urine filled catch bag from it.
She instantly knew what would follow.  He ran the tubing from the bag into the
feed tube and opened the valves.  Her urine slowly trickled down the tube.

"Yo' tubin' mus be blocked by some of yo' shit ho'".  He then grabbed the grab
in his mighty hands and gave it a strong squeeze.  After several moments the
urine suddenly rocketed into her belly and she began to fill.  One could see her
belly actually begin to rise as the last six hours worth of pee rapidly filled
her.  There was nearly two quarts accum-ulated in the bag from the last
evening's activities.

"You gonna look great when dey knock you up bitch.  You gonna get a nice fat
belly.  Mebbe it be full of my babies ho", he said laughingly.  He then closed
the valves and removed the empty bag but left the stand attached to the table.
"Mebbe that belly be full of pups from de dawgs".

He then wheeled her out of the kennel and into what appeared to be a medical
preparatory room of some sort.  The floors and the walls where tiled in white.
Everything that wasn't white was stainless steel and glass.  He left her laying
on the table and disappeared behind her out of her field of view.

She heard him fussing behind her.  Then she heard water flow.  She was very
tired and simply wanted whatever was to be done with her over with.  Maybe then
she could get some sleep before the next obscenity was to be performed on her
body.  She closed her eyes and moaned softly.  At this point there were no more
tears left in her body and with her luck, when there were tears again, they
would probably smell like her pee.

"Open yo' mouth ho'".  She opening her eyes to see him standing at her side, his
massive cock pointed directly at her face.  She hesitated just long enough for
him to grab her nipple and give it a solid pinch, twisting it severely as he
applied pressure.

She opened her mouth to cry out and he swiftly thrust a huge ring gag into her,
forcing the solid rubber under her tongue and wedging the top of the ring behind
her teeth.  Now her mouth was wedged open and there was no way she could
dislodge the ring.

He then gently ran his huge, heavily calloused hand over her belly and smiled
directly into her eyes.  "Here be de deal ho'.  I gonna clean you out real good.
It kin be easy o' it kin be hard.  It be up to you."  He then displayed the one
gallon, closed top, enema syringe with its one-inch diameter hose.

Her eyes widened when she understood what was to happen to her.  She could only
pray that it would be swift.  Fortunately, she could see that the bag was not
completely full.  He hung the bag from the stand and coupled the hose to her
butt plug.  Landslide then went a retrieved a butterfly vibrator from out of her
line of sight.  He placed the vibrator on her pussy, taking great care that the
business end of it rested directly on her clit.

He then opened the valve of the syringe and watched as the warm, and very soapy,
water flowed down the tube and into her.  He then thrust his erect penis through
the tight fitting ring gag and said, "Suck ho' or suffa!"  She began to cough
and choke but still managed to massage the bottom of his cock with her tongue,
showing him that she was trying to cooperate.  "Das my momma bitch ho'".

He reached over and turned on the vibrator causing her to suddenly quake.  As
she felt the water begin the enter her, she thought that it felt pretty nice, at
first.  Her belly began to rise yet again as the water flooded her bowels.
Suddenly she felt a red hot sting in her rectum as the soap began to have its
desired affect.  She would have screamed but for the cock in her mouth and all
that could be heard was her very stifled wailing and moaning.  It was then that
she noticed the camera at the corner of the ceiling.  She was yet again being
recorded for posterity.

It took less than three minutes for the bag to empty.  Landslide merely left it
hanging on the stand as her belly puffed up.  He began to massage her belly with
one hand, and play with her nipples with the other.  Bet-ween the massaging of
her belly, the rubbing and tugging of her nipples, and the intense vibrations of
the butterfly, and, in spite of the intense pain of her enema, she began to get
turned on.

Landslide kept this treatment up for another five minutes and then removed his
cock from her mouth, almost pulling the ring, and her front teeth, out with him.
He closed the butt plug valve and detached the hose from the bag.

He then bent below her line of sight, running the hose end into a drain in the
center of floor just below her feet.  He opened the valve once again and applied
pressure with his hands onto her navel.  The water rocketed out of her and down
the drain.  She could hear the splashing And smell the fecal odor as she

As the vibrator continued to play it lightening fast staccato on her clit, She
watched her belly return almost to its normal shape.  "One down and three mo' to
go ho'".  She groaned with the though of having to undergo this procedure three
more times.  Her belly, rectum and asshole were ablaze from the soap and the
stinging brought tears to her eyes.

Landslide then retrieved two more bags and hung them both on the stand.  "Yo
ho'", he said.  "You want to do me right an' I'll make these go real quick and
easy".  She nodded her head in ascent and he removed the ring gag from her
mouth.  "You bite and yo' dawg fuckin' life will be a worse hell then it already
is."  She nodded that she understood.

He once again placed his huge cock in her mouth and started the next enema.  And
as promised, this one went fairly quickly.  She was rapidly approaching a sexual
zenith as the third one finish and was emptying into the drain.  At this point
Landslide shut off the vibrator.  He looked at her and laughed as she continued
to bounce her ass off the table as if rising to meet his imaginary thrusting
into her.

"De Massa don' want you cummin' before yo' meal ho'", he said as he once again
slipped from her view to ready the fourth and final bag of this cleansing.  "An'
I don' wan' you cummin' befor' I does".  He was now filling the one-gallon bag
to this brim, mixing in three tablespoons of salt for good measure.

He knew that she might not yet have the ability to take the entire gallon of
fluid but he also knew that the Master wanted stretched enough to do so in short
order.  He once again hung the bag and attached the hose.  He then placed his
rock hard cock in her face, which she then obediently took into her mouth.

He started his massaging of her nipples and belly as he gently rocked his hips
back and forth.  Then he opened the valve of the bag and watched the warm salty
water gently flow down the clear tubing and into her belly.  "I gonna tell you a
secret dawg fucker.  If ya breathes slowly and deeply, yo' will do betta at dis.
An' iffin' ya' cramps...breathe short puffy breathes till it be gone.  You betta
learn quick bitch cause de Massa got plans fo' ya' ho'".

She listened as best she could with the torment of warm water flowing into her.
And now she had to pee again.  Her kidneys were rapidly filtering out all the
water absorbed through her intestines.  As the flow continued and her belly once
again rose, Landslide turned on the butterfly.  Cow Cunt would've jumped clear
off the tabletop had she not been bound.

Landslide was rapidly reaching his climax as he deflated the retention balloon
of her feeding tube.  "You betta drink dis stuff down an' down ya dare miss a
drop ho'".  He suddenly tensed his ass cheeks and roared a mighty groan as his
huge cock began to empty into her mouth.  He shoved the monster down her already
partially block throat and pumped his scum directly into her belly.

Cow Cunt began to cough and choke and turn blue as her air supply suddenly
became block with Landslide's mighty thrust.  His sperm began to trickle out of
her one unobstructed nasal passage.  He laughed at the sight of this gorgeous
white whore leaking his sperm from her nose.  "I usually sees my cum drip from
de pussy.  Dis be de firs' time I sees it drip from a white bitch's nose."

He withdrew his still engorged cock from her mouth allowing her to breathe.  Cow
Cunt closed her eyes briefly, never before realizing how wonderful it could be
to simply draw air into one's lungs.  Her short panting breathes were just what
was called for.  The enema bag had drained to a point, but still contained about
one quart of water.

As she began to take the rapid short breathes, her lower belly muscles relaxed,
allowing the water already flooding her to move even further up her intestine.
This enabled the flow of water to continue.  Every-so-slowly, but insistently,
the bag continued to empty.

Cow Cunt was close, ever so close.  Her passion had steadily risen since the
vibrating butterfly continued its attack on her clit.  As Landslide continued to
massage her belly and play with her nipples, she began to mutter softly to
herself.  "Come on baby, come on baby, fuck me, do it Do it do it.  Make me cum
goddamit.  Just a little further baby.  Just a little more."

Her mantra did not go unheeded.  Landslide watched her as she started to peak.
He smiled and rubbed the head of his shrinking cock across her lips, lubricated
with the remains of his first cum of the day.  She instinctively sucked the
massive head into her mouth and started to suck on it as if her life depended on

He loved watching these white trash whores give in to the feeling of being
fucked not just by a hard cock, but by the totally stuffed feeling of a gallon
of water, or whatever, in their whoring bellies.  Just as she was about to
climax and explode he shut off the vibrator and firmly pressed his hand on the
area just above her pubic mound.

She screamed as her urine engorged bladder sent a blinding missile of pain
exploding into her brain.  She then began to wail and cry and bemoan the fact
that not even her orgasms were her own any longer. Landslide simply stood there
and laughed as she wormed and struggled against all the forces now at work in
her overtaxed body.  "Yo ho'.  You beginin' to learn who be the boss."

He detached the hose from the syringe after closing the valve and once again, as
poor Cow Cunt lay on the table softy and bitterly weeping, letting the water
drain from her once again.  Once the pressure had been relieved, the urgency of
her peeing lessened greatly.

Her body was covered in shiny film of perspiration from her latest or-deal.
Landslide loved this time the most.  This was when the whores were so beaten
down by their total lack of control, and their exhaustion, no request made of
them laid beyond the bounds sanity.  All one had to do was to promise a mere
moment of peace.

As Cow Cunt rested, and drained, Landslide existed the room.  He has more than
adequately fulfilled the Master's orders.  Now it was time for the next shift of
devils to be let loose to torment her.  It was feeding time.  She was sooo
tired, sooo tired.  In no time at all, she was asleep.  And as she slept, the
videotapes were already being retrieved and prepared for editing, and then

The Owner and the husband had finished their lunch and were enjoying the warm
Saturday afternoon's weather when word had come that the new acquisition had
been prepared for her first feeding of the new day. They proceeded to the prep
room where Cow Cunt was sleeping.

When they cast their gaze upon her exhausted fïrm, they both smiled like
children looking at their newest toy.  "She really is beginning to smell
ferocious", the husband said to the Owner.  "We have only just begun on this
project", replied the Owner, not relaying his thought of how much money he would
make off of her suffering, humiliation, and debasement.

"I think it's time to introduce her to a cow for my herd".  The Owner motioned
to the ever-present servant.  He approached and the Owner asked that "Butter
Ball" be brought in.  The servant rushed off to fetch her.  "We are going to
begin several treatments today.  The first, of course, will be the weight gain
and hormone feeding.  She will receive this feeding once a day for the next
several weeks."

"This meal will consist of seventy-two ounces of stout beer, thirty-six ounces
of heavy cream, and thirty-six ounces of our special cow's milk. The cow's milk
comes from the udders of the ones that have recently given birth.  This is our
most valuable milk product.  It is extremely rich in fat as well as having a
very high hormonal content."

"The six quarts will be served chilled.  Half will be administered orally and
the other half will go in anally.  They will be given simultaneously.  It will
be placed on a reasonably slow flow so that the entire mixture will take nearly
hour to deliver.  We should see results rather swiftly for the digestion time is
far more rapid, and complete, than a simple oral administration."

The husband then inquired when the estrogen and prolactin be injected.  "One
step at a time my friend.  We must start this feeding now if we hope to have her
available for the evening's festivities".  At that mo-ment, Butter Ball came
lumbering into the prep room.  "And here comes our latest little bovine super

She moved slowly and with a quite distinct waddle.  Her huge belly preceded her
into the room followed by her huge and greatly distended nipples.  The line of
her pendulous breasts followed next.  Were this scene filmed and played in slow
motion, the viewer would have to wonder if indeed the belly and breasts ever
ended, and if the rest of the body would ever appear.

Butter Ball started her life at the farm at the tender age of sixteen.  She was
a runaway found wandering through the village some ten miles away.  Needing a
safe place to sleep, a shower, and a good meal, she gladly accepted the
invitation to spend several days at the farm. The woman who had accosted her on
the street was the first owner of the farm (and an openly predatory lesbian).
Butter Ball's original name was Jennifer.

After having spent a week in residence as a guest and sexual partner of the
woman, Jennifer knew the direction her road in life would take.  She would do
anything to please her new benefactor, especially after being introduced to the
'herd' of cows.  The woman could spot talent, and knew that this chubby little
teenager had the potential for being one of her most prized cows.  At five feet
and four inches tall, and one hundred and twenty-five pounds of sixteen-year old
baby fat, the Mistress of the manor foresaw the future of this gorgeous little

After five years of captivity, this little cow had not only gained over one
hundred pounds, but had produced eight children.  She was the first cow to reap
the benefits of the latest fertility drugs and techniques.  She was currently
pregnant and four little fetuses have been detected.

The most startling thing about Butter Ball was her new markings.  Butter Ball
was in the process of having her entire body tattooed with black patches to
simulate the markings of a cow.  Now Butter Ball, who had long ago cast aside
her Jennifer persona, had also cast aside any remote chance of ever returning to
the world she had come from.

This didn't concern her because she would, and often did, anything she could to
bask in the presence of her Mistress, her lover, her Owner, her all.  At this
point in time, merely the thought of modifying her body to please her Mistress
would cause her now quite stretched vagina to moisten and flow a river down her

She knew the farm was sold to a new owner and that her Mistress was leaving her
at the farm for a one-year period.  Her Mistress hoped that she would adjust to
the new Owner while she assisted the new owner in becoming acquainted with the
farm's procedures.

If not, Butter Ball would be permitted to join her only if she proved herself
capable of assisting, and even anticipating, her Mistress' wishes and desires.
She would assist now with the making, and training of Cow Cunt.  If she did
well, all would be right.  If not, well, she was only her Mistress' whore

She strode up to Cow Cunt and smiled an impish smile that, with the cold twinkle
in her eye, let Cow Cunt know that she was in for a serving most foul.  Upon
spotting Butter Ball's quite huge and grotesquely tat-tooed body, Cow Cunt let
out with what could only be called a howl of complete disbelief and horror at
the inflexibility her situation.

"Don't worry whore.  I am quite sure you will be marked, and then some.  We all
get marked, and from what I understand, yours will be quite different and
special".  She ran her hand along the flank of Cow Cunt, as though appraising a
piece of canvas that was to be painted on.

"I chose these markings because I knew it would please my Mistress", she said,
bring her tattooed face within a few inches of Cow Cunt.  "I wanted to
completely become my Mistress' desired work of art."  Cow Cunt, still whining
softly looked at the huge black spot that covered one-quarter of Butter Ball's
face from her fore head hair line down the side of her nose to her cheek bone
and back toward her ear.

There was another huge blot of black covering her right breast and another over
the left side of her huge belly.  "I know that the Master has something special
planned for you.  Then you will be just as beautiful as me", she added with a

Cow Cunt howled again and laid her head back on the table with her eyes closed,
another step closer to complete resignation.  Just the very thought of a tattoo
permanently marking her smooth pale skin was repellent enough to keep her from
having a rose tattooed on her ankle.

But this.....a pronounced deforming of her entire physical being, was too much.
Once it was done, she was finished.  She could never again Travel the sun
lighted roads of normal every day life in society.  She would be consigned to
the dark corners of a life no longer under her control, shunned by all those who
she so desperately sought to be among as an extravagant ornament on a
successful, and rich, man's arm.

However, poor Cow Cunt had more immediate problems to worry about.  She is to be
left in the charge of this grotesquely marked "cow" And at her complete mercy.
"Master says you must be punished as well as tended to.  And I must perform my
duty well so that my Mistress will want me with her again."

"That is enough talking for now Butter Ball", said the Owner.  "Come over here
for a moment.  I want this gentleman to have a better look at you."  Butter Ball
turned toward them and waddled over to stand facing the two.  "Assume your
position cow."

Butter Ball immediately placed her hands beneath her pendulous breasts and
raised them toward the Owner.  Her eyes were cast downward as she held them away
from her body, in effect offering them to the two men for a taste of what she
had to offer.

The Owner bent his head down toward her left breast and with a smile wrapped his
lips around a nipple.  He began to suck the pronounced little length of flesh,
drawing out her sweet, though somewhat watery, milk.  As he did this, Butter
Ball closed her eyes and relished the sensation.

The Owner then placed his hand upon her immense belly and began to stroke it.
He lifted his head up and turned toward the husband saying, "Have a taste.  She
is a month from being due and the milk is a bit thin, but truly sweet."  The
husband bent his head and joined the Owner, suckling on the other breast.

With both men suckling, and rubbing her belly and rump, Butter Ball was
becoming, to say the least, excited.  She knew that her moisture was gathering
inside her gapping maw of a cunt and would soon begin to flow down and out of

She began to flush and even tremble with this continued assault on her breasts.
Holding up the huge milk makers was becoming a task, her concentration beginning
to wan.  She knew she was a whore, anybodies whore, and the thought excited her
even more.

She had been milked earlier and they quickly drained what had been produced in
the last hour.  "Let me show you something", the Owner said to the husband as he
handed the man a latex glove.  "Put this on and gently rub your fist along this
cow's cunt".

The husband swiped his knuckles along her huge elongated gash and observed the
flow of lubrication that had accumulated on her lips.  He ran his fingers along
the slit again and it flowered open.  As he did so, his hand suddenly entered
Butter Ball's now gaping maw.  He was so surprised at the occurrence that he
swiftly withdrew his hand and stared at the Owner.

The Owner laughed heartily and said, "It tried to eat you, didn't it?  Butter
Ball is so stretched at this point that when she is fully excited, and in heat,
you can put your fist completely into her and not even tax the muscles."  As a
demonstration, the Owner swiftly pushed his gloved hand into her and proceeded
to push upward till he had nearly his entire forearm engulfed in her flesh.

Butter Ball uttered a deep throaty moaned and raised her head, eyes closed,
skyward.  She was bathing in the glow of being stuffed with the arm of the
Owner.  The Owner rapidly with drew his arm bring a flow of vaginal fluid with
him.  He walked behind her and with nearly as much speed, and only slightly more
resistance, thrust his lubricated hand up into her rectum.

"Oh my god", immediately came from Butter Ball's lips.  She smiled broadly and
said, "That is sooo good".  The husband was more than impressed.  "Now put your
hand back into her cunt", said the Owner. The husband silently compiled and
slipped his hand back into her somewhat more confined maw.  "Now let's shake
hands", said the owner laughingly as Butter Ball came very close to orgasm.

Both withdrew their respective arms and shed the gloves.  "I want you to do this
to that filthy whore", said the husband.  "I want her cunt destroyed for human
use.  I want it to become the size of a sleeping bag.  I want her ass hole to be
destroyed as well."  The vehemence and hatred simply flowed from him like a
tidal wave rising to crash onto the shore.

Poor Cow Cunt not only witnessed this bizarre demonstration, but also heard her
fate being sealed.  Her eyes were reddened from all the tears thus far and she
lay on the table bemoaning her inevitable fate.  She shook from head to toe from
the shock of what she had witnessed and began to pray for it all to end.

"I've already begun the distention on her ass hole and urethra.  We will start
on her cunt soon enough."  Turning toward Butter Ball, who was still trembling
from her minor brush with an orgasm, the Owner said:  "I want this whore
punished for her failures yesterday.  I also want her to be fed.  I leave both
up to your imagination.  But be fore warned cow, if you fail to please me with
her punishment, I will tend to yours, personally." "Yes Master", said Butter
Ball.  "May I please use two assistants?  I cannot physical do what might be
called for and I do want to punish her in a proper way."  "Good point my little
cow whore.  I will provide you with some help.  By the way, I do believe that
this whore needs to have her bladder drained.  Show this gentleman how we drain
our whores and cows.  But do not touch her flesh in that area Butter Ball."

Butter Ball knew exactly what her Master expected of her.  She walked to Cow
Cunt's spread legs and smiled at her.  "Hold on for this one sweetness", she
said as she kneeled and grasped the end of the Foley. Her Master did not want
any part of Cow Cunt's vagina touched, as Butter Ball is sometimes want to do
during a draining.

She placed the end of the Foley in her mouth and turned the flow on.  The yellow
flow instantly turned the clear tubing yellow.  However, Butter Ball stopped the
end in her mouth with her tongue thus preventing relief for the poor suffering
Cow Cunt.

Butter Ball then blew air into the tubing forcing the urine back up into Cow
Cunt.  Thus caused her to utter a throaty low moan.  Butter Ball again let the
flow rocket toward her mouth only to again force it back into Cow Cunt's
bladder.  She did this yet again, only this time she blew some air back in with
the urine causing Cow Cunt to endure a bubbling sensation inside of her tortured

The bubbling caused a fit of uncontrolled spasms of Cow Cunt's tortured
sphincter around the base of the butt plug.  She also felt the unnerving
sensation of the bubbling inside her navel.  In spite of this unspeakable
treatment, Cow Cunt felt herself beginning to turn on.

After doing this three or four more times, Butter Ball, to she great pleasure
found that Cow Cunt was beginning to flush around her throat and breasts.  Now,
if she could simply time everything properly, she could blow this lovely whore's

Cow Cunt was rocking her pelvis toward an imaginary cock.  She just wanted a
little stimulation.  Merely one little rub on her clit, maybe two, would do the
trick.  She could not believe that the freakish Butter Ball could do this to her
so quickly, and without even touching her.  She wanted to simply die.  She could
not stand another betrayal by her own baser instincts.

Butter Ball now saw that she had raised a swelling just beneath Cow Cunt's
belly.  The air, plus the additional urine her body had manu-factured, had
caused this occurrence.  Cow Cunt was awash with the pain emanating from her
bladder but the sensual torture of the bubbling had done something so very
unexpected to her.

As she rocked her pelvis, driving the butt plug up toward her spine and back
toward her cunt, Cow Cunt's labia began to flower.  A line of moisture began to
develop along the edges still sealed, but slowly opening.  I personally thought,
upon viewing the tapes, that the sight reminded me of dew on the petals of a
flower in the early chilled morning air.

Butter Ball felt the time was right and now she took in a huge mouthful of urine
and spat it back up the tubing.  The fluid rocketing into Cow Cunt completely
arched her back and bottom off the table.  It elicited a cry from somewhere deep
in her soul as a small part of who she was disappeared, forever.

At this moment she was a slab of meat, a non-thinking biomass, with the one
basic, instinctive, impulse to orgasm!  Butter Ball suddenly began to drink the
urine down, as rapidly as she could.  Within three huge gulps she had managed to
collapse Cow Cunt's bladder.

That was all that the whore needed as her entire body tensed with such force
that Butter Ball thought she would break into two pieces.  Cow Cunt's orgasm was
so terribly strong and overwhelming that she managed to crack a molar!  She
groaned rather than cried out and the groan was from the most guttural center of
her soul.  Butter Ball closed the valve and sat on her haunches and, with
lowered eyes, gave her brightest Cheshire smile.

Trembling still with the strength of her orgasm, Cow Cunt began to weep softly
and almost inaudibly.  They had her now.  They could cause her to orgasm at
their pleasure and with no regard to her circumstance. The Owner and her husband
walked up along side of her and, with radiant smiles and ice-cold glares,
laughed into her face, and at her tears.  "You are such and whore", said the
Owner.  "Any foul and perverse act will get you off.  Isn't that true whore?"
The Owner turned and left the room with the husband.  "Butter Ball is such an
incredible masochist that she actually looks forward to being punished.  The
only saving grace is that she does want to be with her Mistress after the year
is up and she will want to please.  I fear I am too lenient with that one.
None-the-less, she will do justice to this situa-tion"

Shortly after the two men exited the room, two of the farm's assistants entered
the room.  Both worked full time at the farm and their services were paid for
with money and use of the facilities.  One, the black one, was a former member
of a street gang.  He was hired for his viciousness, his great strength, and his
ability to learn and follow commands.

The second man, a local resident who now resided at the farm, was quite
knowledgeable in medical procedures of various sorts.  He originally trained,
and worked, as a nurse practioner for a doctor of internal medicine.  He
currently assisted the doctor that oversaw the health of the herd, and the
administration of extreme punishment, or torture, of the cows in residence, and
the slaves in attendance.

They were both aware of Butter Ball's unusual status on the farm and they
greeted her casually, almost as a colleague.  "We are beginning the hi-cal
weight gain formula now.  And I want to add a few new twists for this whore.  My
Master wants her punished and I have a few ideas.  Anyone want to play?",  asked
Butter Ball.

They smiled and began to make ready the preparations.  The black man, who's name
was Carl, brought in the formula.  The stout, hormone-laden human cows milk, and
heavy cream was freshly prepared and placed into a portable refrigerator of
unique design.  The refrigerator was top loading and the door was clamped
tightly shut to maintain the pressurization of the beer.  There were two spigot
outlets at the bottom of the unit that adapted to the one-inch diameter of the

The entire unit was seated atop a four-foot tall rolling cart.  The
refrigeration compressor also fed into the top to insure that the liquid
contained within would flow in spite of lack of height.  This unit was placed
alongside of Cow Cunt and the electrical cord was plugged into the wall.

The hoses were quickly connected to the unit and in turn to our little Cow Cunt.
The pressure was allowed to build up just enough to allow for a slow and steady
flow.  The whore was clean inside so that no obstacles would be encountered.
The estimated time till pressure equalization (the pressure to fill would be
equal to the pressure to expel) Would occur in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

After all, six quarts would be quite a first meal and nobody expected her to
take such a volume the first time out.  What would happen is that the pressure
equalization would keep a constant inflowing force to event-ually occur,
especially as the stout worked its magic and forced her muscles to relax.

Next, the electrodes were attached to her nipples and clit using the
butterflies.  The butt plug wire was fastened in place.  The belly grid was
taped back onto her abdomen using care to place the right strips where
indicated.  The transformer cart was brought over and the wiring was attached to
the proper outlets.  All of this occurred in less then five minutes.

And now for the moment of truth:  Little Butter Ball powered the unit up and set
the level by observing the reaction Cow Cunt had to the current.  The butterfly
vibrator was set in place although that was not turned on.  Butter Ball then
walked up to Cow Cunt's head and brought her face close enough to whisper in her

"You are going to learn to love this whore.  We all learn to love this.  We
learn to live for this sweetie."  With that said, Butter Ball opened the clamps
to the hoses and watch the dark brown creamy mixture begin to rocket into Cow

Cow Cunt's entire body seemed to almost levitate as the cold thirty-three degree
entered her.  She moaned as she felt the tingle of the carbonated beer flow into
her belly and bowels simultaneously.  Her belly and bowels were already
beginning to spasm from the current running though, and the ice-cold mixture
beginning to flood.

"Please band her breasts Carl", said Butter Ball.  "I want her teats to learn
about saline.  No sense prolonging what will occur anyway."  Carl immediately
pulled two two-inch wide, black, rubber bands from out of a drawer and proceeded
to place them around the base of each breast after temporarily removing the
nipple clamps.

The bands were only had a diameter of three inches.  Once they were opened
enough to fit down the breast, with Rod (the other assistant) holding the breast
up by its nipple, they were snapped tightly around the base.  This brought more
than an abbreviated yelp from our whore.

Rod then went to a glass doored cabinet and retrieved several vials of an
eight-percent saline solution and a five hundred cubic centimeter hypo-dermic
syringe topped with a sizable eighteen gauge, three and one-half inch epidural
spike.  She would certainly feel this one.  Rod proceeded to fill the hypodermic
with an entire vial of the saline.  He then turned toward Cow Cunt and let her
eyes cast upon the ominous looking device.

"Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.......", Suddenly came from the throat of Cow Cunt.  "She
must be starting to feel the beer!", exclaimed Butter Ball with a broad smile.
"Feel all that bubbly going into you baby?  Wait till your belly warms it up and
the gases start expanding.  You'll love that.  You'll be sooo full and bloated
and you'll look sooo preggers."

"In the meantime, to keep you awake and on top of things, we have something very
special for you."  Butter Ball gave Rod a nod to begin injecting the saline
solution into Cow Cunt.  Rod approached Cow Cunt's prone body and brought the
needle to her breast.

Cow Cunt barely noticed.  Her head was being to swim as the alcohol began to
enter her blood stream.  She began to have the taste of the beer in her mouth
along with the creaminess of the milk and cream.  Suddenly she felt a sting in
her right teat as the needle punctured the skin and began its journey into her
breast meat.

Her mind continued to cloud even as she felt several move stings at various
locations as Rod injected small amounts of saline into her now swollen and red
colored breasts.  The constriction of the blood flow to the mounds caused her
great pain at first, but now the alcohol was beginning to dull that aching.

Rod had emptied the contents of the first vial and now loaded the second in
preparation for his attack on her left mound.  As he began that assault, Cow
Cunt began to moan in pain.  The salt was beginning to cause enough pain to
break through her alcoholic stupor.  Rod swiftly executed the same pattern of
injections into Cow Cunt's left breast and in short order, the syringe was again

The saline irritant was beginning to cause her right breast to swell and the
pain was increasing almost geometrically.  Cow Cunt managed to utter a somewhat
stifled scream as the breast began to swell and turn a light shade of purple.
"I thought that would wake you up a bit sweetie.  After all, we wouldn't want
you to miss the effects of all the hard work Mr. Rod is putting into your
punishment", offered Butter Ball.

Rod refilled the syringe and now approached Cow Cunt's nipples.  He loved this
part the most.  The pain would be excruciating and contin-uous as the salt burnt
the raw flesh beneath the skin.  The best part was that the swelling could last
for two or three days and the pain would continue, in ever lessening degrees,
for the duration of the swelling.

Rod now plunged the needle through the center of Cow Cunt's right nipple and
injected several small amounts as he with drew that painful spike.  He added a
small amount directly into the nipple itself for good measure.  He then
performed the same procedure to her left nipple.

Cow Cunt was now fully aware of the ever-growing fires starting to generate from
her breasts.  She began to struggle against her bonds. Had her hands been free
she would have attempted to tear the two mounds from her chest.

She cried and screamed as best she could hoping that these monsters would have
mercy upon her and give her some antidote to this hellish fire growing deep
within her amply flesh.  Of course, there was no antidote and, of course, she
would have to bear the pain to its conclusion.

Through her still swimming vision, she could actually see her teats swell before
her very eyes.  And now her belly was rapidly catching up, swelling not simply
from the mixture being flowed into her, but from the expanding carbonation of
the stout.

Rod went and refilled the syringe a third time.  This dosage was ear marked for
her other end.  Fortunately for him, her labia began to flower as the alcohol
took affect.  He asked Butter Ball to gently pull at the flushed fleshy lips to
further stimulate them into blossoming.

Rod then began to inject her labia, inner and outer, with the saline solution.
Cow Cunt felt as though a colony of fire ants were now attacking her cunt.  In
no time at all, her lips were swollen to such and extent that one now had
trouble viewing her slit.

"You can smell the beer from her cunt", he said with a laugh.  She really smells
the same at both ends now."  Saving the best for last, Rod then pierced Cow
Cunts clit with the needle and injected a healthy dosage of saline into it.

Cow Cunt had never felt such pain before in her life.  Even the alpha dog, when
he pulled his swollen knot from her pussy, didn't cause such pain.  And she
thought he tore her delicate flesh causing such pain.  She now felt as though
someone had pored hot grease onto, and into, the most sensitive, and delicate,
flesh on her body.

She screamed and screamed as her body continued to burn and swell from the
service given her by this hellish trio of monsters.  What she could see of
herself no longer was recognizable.  Her breasts, and nipples, had already
swollen to such an extent that she feared they would burst open like
over-ripened fruit.

Her "meal" continued to flow into her causing the skin on her greatly enlarged
belly to shine with tautness.  The flow was rapidly beginning to approach
equilibrium and waves to cramps began to wash over her as though her belly, and
bowels, were being punched in the most tender of places. The pain in her breasts
and pussy made it impossible to control her breathing to relieve the cramping.
She had no idea what her pussy must look like, but she prayed that they would
excise the offending flesh from her body.  Her mind was nothing but a massive
ball of exploding white flashes of pain.

The only saving grace was that the electrical current still flowed through her,
helping her muscles accommodate the massive feeding.  But even this minor
accommodation was not to last.  As the equilibrium pressure point was reached,
the electrode strips were pulled from her belly.  Now only the wiring leading to
her butt plug was attached.  But his was to change.  Butter Ball had other plans
in mind.

"What's the problem whore?  Are you not feeling well?"  Butter Ball spoke with a
mock sincerity as she frowned and made a saddened face at Cow Cunt.  "Don't
worry sweet heart.  We haven't even started having fun yet."  She laughed as she
approached Cow Cunt with a sewing needle used to bind and mend leather.  "You
are gonna love this whore."

With that, Butter Ball reached out toward Cow Cunts grotesquely swollen pussy
and grasping the now exposed clit, plunged the needle though it's side.  Cow
Cunt howled in pain and bucked upward against her bonds, as the salt seared
little nubbin, now clearly one-half inch in length, was speared completely

Now Butter Ball did the same to both of Cow Cunts nipples.  This again set off a
barrage of screams and tears.  Her nipples no longer even resembled nipples.
They looked more like small purple colored plums; over-ripened and ready to
burst.  Butter Ball then attached wires to the ends of the three needles and
started the flow of electricity through them.

Cow Cunt's body no longer looked human.  Her breasts had swollen tremendously,
along with her belly and her pussy.  She looked like some cartoonist's idea of
what a pregnant woman in her tenth month should look like.  She had cried so
profusely from all of the unrelenting pain that her tears had puddle on the

Butter Ball had disappeared into the adjoining room and quickly returned holding
three leather straps.  She handed a strap to each of the assistants and kept the
third for herself.  The straps were one-quarter inch thick and one and one-half
inches wide.  "Okay sweetums, punish-ment time!"

The current was turned up until Cow Cunt's body began to spasm un-controllably.
Butter Ball stood between Cow Cunt's outstretched legs and the assistants stood
on either side of the prone Cow Cunt.  Butter Ball smiled, giggled a bit, and
then said to Cow Cunt:  "May a wish whore."  Butter Ball drew her arm back and
swung the strap overhead and downward.

The strap fell squarely on poor Cow Cunts swollen labia and clit.  Cow Cunt's
mouth opened wide but no sound developed.  She was no longer able to scream.
Her throat had become hoarse and raw from her treat-ment up to this point.  The
pain overwhelmed her and flooded her entire being.  Every nerve in her body,
every inch of flesh, every part of her soul, was on fire and the fire continued
to burn hotter and hotter.

Butter Ball's stoke signaled the onslaught of strokes to the whore's still bound
and horribly swollen breasts and her now ever expanding belly. Cow Cunt screamed
and screamed as blow after blow fell.  As soon as her felt the horrible slap to
one part of her body, another, and yet another blow, would fall to other parts.

Her breasts, now a reddish purple, began to mark with strips from the belt's
edge as Rod wailed away at her.  Her belly, taught and shiny with distention
from being feed through both ends, began to criss-cross with bright red marks.
When her pussy had charred to an almost desen-sitized aching, Butter Ball then
began to strike the soft and tender flesh of her inner thighs.

Cow Cunt became hoarse after several minutes of the strapping and yet it
continued.  Her face was swollen from her tears and her fore head became a mask
of pain-etched furrows.  Mucus ran from her nose and her was now sweating
profusely.  Within a very short time, our whore had managed to age ten years,
and the day was still very young.

The beating continued and the trio began to tire.  Cow Cunt no longer made any
noise.  She stared wide-eyed and with mouth agape and merely flinched as the
belts struck.  Butter Ball thought it best that they rest for a while before
continuing with the punishment.  She turned the current back down to a level
that would relax the stomach and bowel muscles and provide some pleasurable
stimulus to the whore's nipples, clit, and anus.  Cow Cunt shut her eyes and let
the alcohol take her away from this hell, for now.

When Butter Ball noticed that she was even more than asleep and in a totally
unconscious state, she decided that a change of position was in order.  Carl and
Rod were dripping sweat and flushed.  Certainly a bit of a break was in order.
When she announced to the two men that she wanted to change the position, Carl
came up to her a grasped a handful of the short cropped blond hair on Butter
Balls head.

"A change of position is fine you fat bitch whore", said Rod.  "How about you on
your hands and knees and our cocks in your mouth."  He smiled most wickedly.
Butter Ball smiled broadly ad laughed as she got down on all fours and said,
"All ya need to do is ask sweet heart."

Both men knew that they would barely feel anything in this cow's stretched, and
nearly, for human use, ruined cunt and ass hole.  But   the cock sucking
abilities of the cowherd was the stuff of legends.  While Carl partook first,
Rod was content to pull on her nipples and play with her quite ample ass and fat

While the "break" was in session, the fluid continued to slowly, and
unrelentingly, flow into Cow Cunt.  Her belly was huge.  The last three enemas
had cleared her out fairly thoroughly and permitted the liquid to enter her
intestines so deeply that had she been conscious, she would have tasted the beer
and creams.

As it was, her stomach was truly feeling the strain of not simply the mixture
flowing in from her nose tubing, but also from the stuff flowing up from her ass
hole.  The only open valve to any relief was her bladder, which was rapidly
filling again with urine.

She lay there and filled till an uneasy equilibrium was achieved between her
stomach and her intestines.  There was barely a quart and one-half of the
mixture left in the cooler.  Her belly had her appear to be eight months
pregnant and her breathing was most shallow as her belly ate up all the room in
her abdomen and began to infringe on her dia-phragm. Butter Ball sucked off each
of the assistants twice and in the interim managed to taste their ass holes as
well.  But she figured that happy help would happily help her please all
involved.  And anyway, she had become so enamored with the taste of sperm that
it would be hard to tell who was doing whom a favor.

As luck would have it, Rod suddenly became creative.  "Watch this folks", he
said as he retrieved additional tubing and a large one-gallon collapsed, clear
plastic feedbag.  He attached the tubing to the end of Cow Cunt's Foley and ran
it to the feedbag.  He then put the feedbag on the floor and opened the flow
valve.  Urine shot through the tubing and began to slowly expand the feedbag.

"Now that I have your attention, watch this!"  He then placed the bag up into
the cooler and left the top ever so slightly ajar.  "When the bag begins to
fill, and the liquid begins to chill, we can have so real fun waking her up", he
said with a wicked smile.

"Can we change her position now", asked Butter Ball.  "Wacha gots in mind baby",
said Carl.  "I want to suspend her so that everything hangs down.  Let's really
give her a stretching.  Just image what that belly and those teats will look
like with a little help from gravity", Butter Ball laughed.

The two men laughed as well and begin to arrange this for their pregnant cow
whore.  For all they knew, either one of them could be the father.  What's nice
about the knocked up whores at the farm is that nobody really cares about
civilities such as that.  Carl undid Cow Cunt's bonds as Rod brought over two
harnesses he remembered were in the cow shed next door.

The first harness, made of saddle leather and pieced together by brass buckles,
was made to fit between the breasts and over the shoulders.  The breasts fit
through the two very tight circles that comprised the front.  The other harness
consisted of two leather loops, one for each leg, and a strap connecting the two
loops that would run across the small of the back.

These harnesses were used to properly place whores such as Cow Cunt beneath the
belly of a bull, or a horse, when the amusement of the day would be animal
fucking.  They would serve quite well for Butter Ball's purposes.  Once in
place, Cow Cunt could, and was attached to two hooks in the ceiling using rope
to suspend her at nearly the same level as the table had her.

Once suspended, the table was taken out from under her and set off to the side.
Just as Butter Ball expected, Cow Cunt's belly and teats now plunged downward
several additional inches.  This was just the position needed to drain the final
quart and one-half of mixture from the cooler.

When Rod heard the gurgling of the hose emptying, he swiftly shut the valve on
the butt plug after pinching and sliding his fingers down the length to push the
last few drops in.  She had finally taken the entire mixture.  Though most of
the fluid went into her ass hole, her belly was quite full.  He then took down
the cooler and watched as addition urine quickly drained from the unconscious

Cow Cunt's head drooped and Rod, being a bit worried about her air passage being
cut off, decided to open her mouth and run the rope between her teeth and up to
one of the many hooks in the ceiling.  He could not understand the attraction of
such high maintenance pro-perties.  He much preferred the tie 'em up and put 'em
in the closet during the day and then take 'em out at night and fuck with them.

What Rod and Carl, and some of the others, didn't understand is that a cow such
as Butter Ball would produce, especially with today's advan-ced fertility
techniques, and drugs, thirty babies or more.  Each white baby could sell for as
much as thirty thousand dollars.  Each pint of fresh mothers best milk could
sell for up to twenty-five dollars (still warm in the container.  Then there
were significant rental fees, the videos, and now DVDs, specialty impregnations
(for the infertile who wanted "instant family" without all the mess and hassle).

One can see that the significant amount of time put into the devel-opment, and
now breeding, of the human cow pays off most hand-somely.  Cow Cunt, unbeknownst
to her, and those around her, would one day set the record for the most multiple
births with three sets on quintuplets and four sets of quadruplets as well as
triplets and twin births.

The trio let Cow Cunt rest for about an hour suspended the way she was.  Then
Butter Ball checked the feedbag in the cooler and saw that there was nearly two
pints of urine in the bag.  Her belly had grown a bit more, even as the fluid
drained through her body.  This was due to all of the carbonated gas that was
released as the stout warmed in her bowels and belly.

Sweat was running off of her body as the digestive systems swung into their
highest gear.  This was also the reason that she was producing urine so much
more rapidly then with a usual high volume water enema.  The fact that there was
no other outlet from her body then sweating and peeing.

Suddenly, the unthinkable nearly happened.  They heard her groan through her
unconsciousness and suddenly there was a release of pent up gas from the beer.
One could hear her pass the gas through the side of the butt plug.  There was a
very minor lease of fluid accompanying the flatulence but that was quickly taken
care of with a single piece of paper toweling.

Though the seal on her ass hole was still holding, it was now suspect. To
prevent a major accident, and the same treatment being given to Butter Ball, she
quickly reattached and inflation bulb and gave the plug three more squeezes of
air.  Only a small moan was elicited from Cow Cunt.  "After today, she will
certainly be ready for the next size up.  Her Foley can stay in a while longer",
commented Rod.

Carl checked to make sure that the needles in Cow Cunt's nipples and clit were
rewired and connected properly.  "Ah guess we should be givin' de ho' a wake up
call."  He laughed as he raised the near frozen feedbag with urine over his head
to be hung from the ceiling.  "Just make sure that she gets no more than a pint
and one-half.  We don't want to burst her bladder", said Rod.

The trio gathered around Cow Cunt, straps in hand, and prepared for the upcoming
screams.  Butter Ball upped the electrical current running into Cow Cunt till
she heard a low throaty moan.  She thought how lovely it would be to have the
whore orgasm in the midst of her pain and she knew that at its current level,
the electricity could do just that.

Rod opened the valve to the Foley after bleeding the air out of the bag and
tubing.  The ice-cold urine rocketed into the supine whore at amazing speed.  As
soon as the frigid urine hit her bladder, Cow Cunt's eyes opened wide and she
let out with the most lovely scream imagin-able.  After approximately six
hundred cubic centimeters of urine ran into Cow Cunt's already abused bladder,
the valve was closed.

Cow Cunt felt as though an explosion in her bladder occurred.  The pain from the
freezing pee was overwhelming and needle sharp.  She yelled and begged as best
she could with the rope between her teeth. The tears began again and fell to the
floor in a puddle.  One thing about excess hydration in the body is that tears
never cease to fall.

There was a noticeable bulge from her bladder forming just below her belly's
ending and her pubic mound's beginning.  If one looked closely, the spasms of
her bladder and the surrounding tissues could be observed.  It was at this point
that Butter Ball began to strap Cow Cunt on her ass. Carl and Rod followed suit
as their straps fell across the whore's back.

Cow Cunt screamed again and again as the strapping continued.  As her back began
to redden, and then turn crimson, the trio stopped briefly as Rod took the
feedbag down and let the warmed urine drain back.  Once it mixed with the still
chilled urine, he re-hung the bag and let it flow into the whore's bladder

They repeated this cycle until Cow Cunt's entire back, ass, and legs were
criss-crossed with stripes.  Then Butter Ball noticed that the whore was indeed
feeling the overwhelming effects of the electricity and her cunt was indeed
becoming juicy again.

Cow Cunt was in hell at the moment.  The pain in her bladder was unspeakably
torturous and the renewed beating had caused her bowels to begin cramping again.
Spittle fell on the floor to puddle along with her tears.  Her cries of pain and
mercy where of no avail as the strapping continued.  All she seemed to be doing
is exciting the trio into more of frenzy.

When they found no place on her once pristine back unmarked, Butter Ball began
to up stroke with her strap.  She hit the area where Cow Cunt's over filled
bladder was in spasm and the poor tortured whore managed to make her body bounce
up from its position at least three inches.  The second blow fell on her still
horribly swollen and burning labia and clit.  The men set their marks on her
bloated belly and saline filled breasts.  The poor whore screamed herself hoarse
yet again.

Will there be no end to the pain thought Cow Cunt.  Her entire body was now
ablaze with the never-ending pain being inflicted upon her.  She suddenly began
to succumb to the buzzing, tickling, and teasing feeling in her nipples and her

She had gone to that secret place that people go to when the stimulation of pain
becomes over whelming.  She no longer felt the pain of the straps as she had
earlier.  The striking belts now felt almost like kisses to her body as she
concentrated on the heat developing in her body.

Though still in an alcoholic stupor, which was beginning to lessen, Cow Cunt
suddenly had a moment of clarity.  She escape exit had been found and she ran
for it with reckless abandon.  She began to become aroused as never before.  Her
body was over stimulated and the only escape route was to orgasm.

Butter Ball knew that the whore was very close to peaking.  The moist-ure from
her vagina was starting to run down her thighs and drip onto the floor.  As I
stated before, over hydration can be fun (if one remains aware of electrolyte

Cow Cunt was covered again in sweat.  It seemed to her that her entire body was
a sponge and these evil monsters were wringing every drop of moisture out of
her.  But the moisture never ended and it seems that the more they wrung from
her, the more there was to replace that loss.

She was so very close now.  The buzzing feeling in her clit and nipples was very
strong.  She had been able to finally focus in on the waves of pleasure as the
strapping of her belly and teats continued without abatement.  Her body was
trembling and vibrating like a tuning fork struck against another metal surface.

"Just a little more, just a little closer, please...make me cum...please!!!"
This was her new mental mantra.  She was at the edge now and struggling to fall
into the blissful abyss of orgasm.  Butter Ball sensed this and, with one mighty
upward stroke, hit the whore squarely on her swollen bladder, labia, and clit.
Rod upped the current running into Cow Cunt, which instantly caused her
sphincter to begin spasming around the butt plug.

That was all Cow Cunt needed as she rocketed over the edge into an orgasm of
monumental proportions.  Her body shook and rocked as the sweat flew off of her
and onto the floor, and the administering trio.  She made a noise, not quite a
scream because of her hoarseness, which seemed to come from somewhere deep
inside of her soul.

She rocked and rolled in the suspension that held her body and wave after mighty
wave of orgasm swept over her.  The trio stood there and laughed as they
watched, and indeed envied, the powerful series of orgasms that jolted and
racked her body.  Finally, exhausted from the ordeal served her, Cow Cunt
slipped back into blissful unconsciousness.

Part 3

As Cow Cunt's wracked body continued to twitch and spasm from the series of
orgasms torn from her helpless body, the trio began to dis-engage the
suspension.  Carl rolled the table back beneath the quivering form of the
unconscious whore.  Rod reopened the valve to her Foley allowing the urine to
drain from her.  Butter Ball removed the wiring from the needles still residing
in the whore's nipples and clit, and then removed the needles.

They then undid the harnesses and placed the sleeping form of Cow Cunt onto the
table, face up this time.  Rod and Carl reattached the electrode harness to her
belly, rebound her arms and legs, and reattached the clit and nipple wirings
with taped back electrodes.  The wiring for her butt plug remained in place.
They would now let her rest and digest whatever remained of her massive, high
caloric, meal.

The rubber bands constricting Cow Cunt's severely swollen breasts were removed,
allowing the blood to rush into the spectacularly colored orbs.  This did bring
a moan from the whore, who felt the pain of the blood rush through the clouds of

Butter Ball thanked Carl and Rod for their able assistance by dropping to her
knees and with her mouth and hands, manipulating them to two more orgasms each,
after which they exited the prep room to continue with their other duties.  She
then picked up the intercom phone and notified the Owner that she had
accomplished his desires and was awaiting his further instructions.  The Owner
told her to remain fast by Cow Cunt and wait for his arrival.

Butter Ball stood between Cow Cunt's feet and observed the results of her
efforts.  There was not a single area of Cow Cunt's body that did not bare the
fruits of Carl, Rod, and her labor.  The bruising was now beginning to become
multi-colored.  There were hues of purple, red, green, blue, and yellow.  In
some areas, the flesh had already begun to swell from the bruising.

Her teats, which had regained some coloration with the removal of the
constricting bands, were extremely swollen with a few rivulets of blood
appearing.  The whore's nipples were now grotesquely huge from both the saline
injected and the beatings.  The mounds would sit high upon her chest for the
next day or two, and the pain from the saline would lessen over the period as
her body absorbed the noxious invader.

Her belly, also a mass of discoloration from the beatings, was still swoll-en
from the feeding, and would remain so for some time.  It did seem to settle
somewhat from its zenith of distention to almost puddle around her waist.
Although her body was digesting and absorbing the meal, her belly would never
resume it's original shape.

The high caloric meal, combined with the lack of movement, assured that the meal
would now become a permanent part of her anatomy.  It was too early to tell
where the fat would settle, but Butter Ball could swear she saw a somewhat
expanded waist.  "This one will plump up nicely", she thought to herself as she
swore she could actually see fat being added.  "I hope she becomes all belly and
teats", she muttered softly to herself.

Her inspection continued downward toward Cow Cunt's horribly disfigured pussy.
Her labial lips were puffed up and swollen to what appeared to be a bursting
point.  Her clit looked like a baby's thumb as it seemed to quiver and throb
from the abuse and the pain of the saline. It leaked blood where the needle was
placed.  And the coloration was absolutely glorious.

The inside of Cow Cunt's thighs, as well as the tops, sides, and unexposed
backs, were badly striped.  The discoloration seemed to follow the pattern
exhibited of the entire surface of the whore's body. "Better her than me", she
giggled as she then took in the entire scene spread before her.

"Yes my little cow whore", the Owner said as he walked in trailed by Cow Cunt's
husband.  "And I really need no reason to replace her with you my dear whore.
But you have truly done well and so I will reward you, for now.  Take position
one cow!"

"My god!"  The husband simply stood and observed the prone body of his wife.
"My god!"  He wore a smile from ear to ear as he surveyed the damage to his
wife's once pristine unblemished body.  "Is she still alive? I can't believe I'm
seeing this!"  The Owner laughed and told him that she was quite alive, and
would remain so for many years to come.  "This is merely an introduction to her
new way of life.  I am sure that before this weekend is over you will see a
marked change in her personality and physique."  "My god", was all he could say.

"Come now my friend.  I'm sure that you've already begun to get into the swing
of things around here.  In fact, we even have the tapes to prove that true",
smile the Owner.  There was a certain tacit threat. "You've got tapes?  With

"Don't worry my friend.  They are not meant for general distribution. And after
all, this is kidnapping, and in for a penny, in for a pound says I!"  The Owner
smiled as he spoke.  Making sure that the husband had as much, if not more, to
lose as the Owner did was crucial to the success of this project.  There would
be no coming back with wild accusations or stories of ill doings from the
husband years after the fact.

"I suppose you are right", the husband conceded.  "What is next on the agenda?"
"You are taking to this like a fish to water.  Who would have guessed that you
had this streak of malevolence.  We will let the whore rest and finish digesting
her meal.  She will need her strength for this evening."

"I didn't until last week.  It's amazing what a whore can bring out in one's
psyche."  The Owner, and then the husband, turned toward the prostrate Butter
Ball.  She was on her knees, eyes downcast, mouth agape, and hands cradling her
huge teats, offering them forth to whom ever might want to play with, or taste,
them.  Her knees were spread wide to reveal her flowering pussy.  Moisture
already began to gather in the folds of her labia and drip onto the floor.

Humiliation was oh so exciting to many of these whores.  I do not know why they
should become so very excited by being abused in this manner.  There is
obviously something quite amiss in their emotional makeup that demands they be
belittled, and shown to be worthless as human beings.

Fortunately there are such people in this life, such as the Owner, and myself,
that are quite willing to help these poor unfortunate souls realize their true
worthlessness and place in life.  A doormat does need dirty shoes to become
utile.  ; )
"The Doctor has arrived cow whore.  I have asked him to inspect the damage to
this dog whore.  You will assist him and do all he asks, as usual.  For this
evenings entertainment, you will also assist."  Having said this, the Owner
opened the buttons of his tight fitting leather pants and pulled out his
unusually thick seven-inch cock.  "Suck", was all he said and Butter Ball
immediately went to work.

The Doctor was a life long devotee to the lifestyle.  He was an eminent
internist in the city and often spent his weekends up at the farm.  The Doctor
was another inheritance from the Mistress, who he had met at one of those
special dinner parties in the city.  After sampling the wares that the Mistress
had to offer in the way of human cattle, he offered to provide free medical
advice and assistance in exchange for the privilege of spending unrestricted
weekends in the country.

The Doctor walked in as Butter Ball was finishing up with the husband. "Hullo
Butter Ball.  Busy at work I see", he laughed as she tried to ac-knowledge him.
"Don't speak with your mouth full whore.  You might choke, or worse yet, spill
some of that precious seed."

His gaze then went to the sleeping Cow Cunt.  "She won't be much good for this
evening", he stated, almost disappointed with the thought of not being able to
watch her perform some dog fucking.  "Her cunt lips are too swollen to safely
accommodate the dogs' knots without possibly tearing.  "Although blow jobs for
my little beastly friends would not be out of the question.  And there is always
her ass for fucking."

"I really have something else in mind Doc.  This cow whore will be assisting her
Mistress tonight.  I have no idea what is planned but knowing her Mistress, I am
sure it will be a fun filled evening of entertainment."

The Doctor was quite aware of exactly how cruel the Mistress could be.  He had
to more than once sew up the remnants of her viciousness.  The Mistress was
living proof that only a woman knows how to truly inflict pain, suffering, and
debasement on another woman.

The Doctor suddenly made a signal to Butter Ball by pointing his index finger
down toward his sandal-clad feet.  Butter Ball instantly hopped up and rushed to
his feet assuming the position.  The Doctor simply said suck, and she reached
out to un-zipper his pants, remove his cock from its confinement, and wrap her
lips around the head, slowly sucking the length of it into her mouth.

He groaned as her quite knowledgeable tongue began its swirling motion, washing
around the girth.  When the initial rush of sensation abated enough, the Doctor
told the Owner what he would do to insure getting the most out of the alcohol
stupored Cow Cunt.

"I will tend to her nipples and clit.  We certainly don't want any in-fection
there.  The cow whore will make sure that this bitch receives a good internal
cleaning with plain warm water spiced with some table salt and coffee.  No sense
in having the whore too hung over to feel the full effects of whatever is

"I will also", he added as he paused to sensate to Butter Ball's flagel-lating
tongue, "oh yeah whore, suck it!  I will also remove her current feeding tube
and replace it with a three-eights inch Bardex that will be feed down her
throat.  She won't have much to say while it is in place but it will speed up
the feeding process."

"If we can get a dentist in to work on her, I would remove one of the whore's
back molars.  The Bardex feeding end can nestle in the space left by the tooth.
Or we can simply punch a hole through the flesh of her cheek and feed the tube
out through that.  It won't be pretty but who really cares anyway."

They all laughed at the creativity of the Doctor and the Owner certainly would
consider the last suggestion seriously.  If the tube was put through the hole,
she could be fed at anytime without having to spend too much time on setting up.

The Doctor was getting close to his orgasm and having enough work cut out for
him between tending to the dog whore and the regular stock of cows, and slaves,
he decided to forgo a long, drawn out blowjob.  He reached down toward Butter
Balls massive orbs and grabbed hold of one in each of his hands.  Or at least as
much of each that he could hold.

He began to pressure his thick fingers into the flesh, digging and draw-ing his
fingers toward the center.  As he squeezed, Butter Ball began to moan, and then
whine, and then scream through her closed mouth.  To the credit of Butter Ball,
who personally knew the reward for failure at an assigned task, she kept her
concentration and never opened her mouth to scream.

She squirmed and pleaded with her now watering eyes for some relief, but none
was forth coming.  Both she, and the Doctor were veterans of the farm and each
knew that this was no pantheon of exhibitionistic sadism.  The Doc merely wanted
a little music to ease the way.

At the point of nearly having his finger tips meet at the center of Butter Balls
teats, he came, shoving his cock to the back of her throat.  He was rewarded
with the spasms of her throat muscles milking his sperm from him.  He doubled
over the top of Butter Ball and continued to hold onto her, though with much
less strength as his orgasm abated.

Finally, after several moments, he straightened up, his cock gently falling from
her mouth, and released the tortured orbs of flesh.  Each teat had the imprints
of his fingers around the thickest part of their circumference.  "That will
bruise up nicely", he thought as she moved slightly forward to kiss the head of
his cock.  He liked to sign his work.

"I think we'll enlarge the size of the Foley catheter when we wake the whore up.
I am sure that we can get her up to at least a twenty gauge Foley by the week's
end.  It should be snug for whatever awaits her at any time.  I think that the
new ones that have come in, the ones that have the gold sleeves on the outside,
should be initiated on her."

The good Doctor had gold leaf bonded to the latex surgical grade tubing so that
an electrical charge could be passed through her urethra.  Never at a loss of
creativity made the Doctor not only a good guest, but also one whose presence
was ever being sought out for these types of act-ivities.

As the Doctor went to work on Cow Cunt, the Owner and the husband left the room
to continue their day's activities.  He had Butter Ball tend to the wounds in
the dog whore's nipples and clit as he delicately, and gently removed the feed
tubing from her nostrils.  He then went over to his locked cabinet to retrieve a
Bardex, with extra tubing, and a bottle of topical anesthetic. After clamping
Cow Cunt's mouth open, he coated the back of her throat, and the Bardex, with
the anesthetic.  This Bardex had a five hundred c.c. balloon at the business
end.  There was no way this would ever come up the whore's gullet in an unwanted
fashion.  He carefully fed the tubing down the supine whore's throat and into
her stomach on the first attempt.  He knew it was properly placed when he
smelled the beer's aroma emanate from inside her still bloated belly and out his
end of the tube.

"Yes", he thought, "I must punch a one-half inch hole in her cheek soon."  He
was at a loss of how to secure his end of the tubing. Butter Ball, sipping her
own urine from out of her Foley, suddenly had an idea.  "Sir, if you put a ring
gag into her mouth, you could run the tube through the center of the gag and
secure the tubing with a rubber band.  Just loop it around the tubing and tie it
to the metal ring of the gag."

The Doctor laughed and said; "It would seem that you are good for something
other than blow jobs cow whore.  Why don't you do that after you finish your
drink?  In fact, I give you permission to collapse your bladder."

This was music to the cow whore's ears.  She loved the feeling of having her
urine drained so rapidly that her bladder collapsed in on itself.  The feeling
was extraordinary and it never failed to produce a powerful orgasm.  She was not
sure whether the tickling, sucking feeling behind her navel caused the orgasm,
or if it was the sucking feeling of the rest of her inner organs being pulled
toward the collapsing bladder, or merely the depravity of the entire situation
that caused her to orgasm so intensely and so quickly.

Within seconds, the fat pregnant little cow was wiggling around on the floor
moaning and trembling with her first orgasm of the day.  Orgasm was her reward
for pleasing, or at times, her punishment for disobeying whoever was using her
at the time.

After she finished wallowing on the floor, Butter Ball secured the tubing and
attached a turn valve to the end of the Bardex.  The Doctor inquired whether the
butt plug was still effective.  Butter Ball informed him that there was a very
minor accident.  The Doctor decided that the whore could wait for a larger
replacement.  In the event the cunt stretching was on this evening's menu, he
didn't want too large a butt plug to prevent the initial stretching from being
as effective as it could be.

The Doctor looked down at Butter Ball, who still couldn't take her eyes off of
Cow Cunt's beaten and bloated body, and noticed that she was beginning to let
down.  "Milking time whore.  Be back here in two hours, and be fed first."
Butter Ball got up and with one last look at Cow Cunt; she waddled off to the
milking room to be relieved of her ever-present bounty of fresh human teat

The Doctor then went to Cow Cunt's pussy and inspected the Foley.  He tugged on
the tubing till he heard a low moan from the dog whore.  "Still good", he
muttered to himself.  He took a moment to look at her body and though to himself
that he would certainly love to use the strap on this one.

"You are certainly going to plump up nicely as well", he said softly.  "I wonder
what you did to wind up here looking like this."  He saw that there was no prior
scarring on her.  As he lightly stroked the discolored skin of her breasts, and
the rest of her body, he did not feel the tiny, minute, scarring caused by
needles, or the whip.

This one was a virgin to the life and they were taking great pains to see that
she was spared none.  No tattoos, no brands, no piercing, no apparent misuse, or
abuse, of any kind.  He laughed to himself as he remembered and old proverb:  A
blank wall is the devil's playground. But none of this was his business anyway,
and he enjoyed his time spent at the farm to start asking stupid questions at
this point.

"My god you do stink whore", he muttered quietly.  She still smelled of the
dogs, and her own sweat, and of the sperm and the stout.  It would be some time
before they would bathe her, he thought.  Too bad she wasn't his whore.

Butter Ball went to milking stalls to relieve herself of the never-ending supply
of milk she seemed to develop.  She currently was one of the farms finest
producers.  Her milk was most rich in fat content and would sometimes butter as
it hit the glass of her collection jar.  Just after giving birth, she could
produce as much as sixty-four ounces a day!  She could keep this level of
production up for a much as several months after dropping her whelps.  Her
production would eventually taper off to about two quarts a day, but by that
time she would be "in season" again and ready to repeat the cycle.

As she lumbered up to an open spot near a window, she looked for a moment to see
which other cows were being milked.  She was lucky to have a name.  Many of the
others merely had numbers and she could see the numbers tattooed on their fat
haunches.  Next to her was number four forty nine.

Four forty nine was approximately forty-two years old.  She was ap-parently the
former wife of her present Owner.  He had met someone much prettier, and much
younger.  Having been a participant in the lifestyle for many years, along with
four forty nine, it wasn't much of a reach to enslave the whore, but to also
turn a buck with the whore's still operational reproductive systems.

He had heard of a special farm and the Mistress who ran the secretive operation.
He brought the whore to the farm with the original intent of training her to be
a first rate whore.  He would then sell her outside the states where non-drug
addicted white whores were of great value.

After the Mistress showed him the operation, he offered to board her at the farm
and he would retain a percentage of whatever she earned with the fruit of her
body.  She had been at the farm for ten years now, and the life of being a cow
had taken its toll.

She was no longer the slender, young, beautiful wife of a successful
businessman, destined to live a life of luxury and repose.  She looked at least
fifteen years older than her actual age.  Her body looked as though someone had
molded a woman out of dough.  The dough had risen from the yeast and the risen
dough slid down the front of her body.

She was well over three hundred and fifty pounds and at five feet and six inches
tall, this made her nearly as wide as she was tall.  Her once blond hair was
silvery and greatly thinned (constant never-ending lactation does that to ones
hair).  Her teeth have been gone for many years for all the calcium in her body
went into the milk she produced.

Her teats looked more like huge flattened eggplants and hung over the top of her
immensely grotesque belly to stop at a point just below her navel.  Her belly
flowed down past her waist, with its apron of fat ending just above her knees.
Her entire body was an absolutely horrid topography of rut-like stretch marks.
Butter Ball liked to watch her sweat after a feeding because the beads of sweat
would gather in the ruts, and tiny rivers would form, as gravity would pull them
down the small ravines to pool on her bedding.

But the features that struck Butter Ball as being the most pronounced were four
forty nine's nether orifices.  Her vaginal cavity was so enlarged and stretched
from its original shape that one could fit both hands and feet inside!  When
Butter Ball had first come to the farm, she was punished for some long forgotten
sin by having her entire head forced up into the cow.  She could only breathe
through a tube placed in her mouth.

Then the cow was masturbated to orgasm and poor Butter Ball's entire head and
shoulder area was drenched in the putrid vaginal discharge that occurred.
Another time, when some indiscretion occurred, her head was forced up four forty
nine's asshole, also greatly distended from many years of abuse.  The fat cow
was given eight ounces of castor oil and an entire two-quart can of fiber.  Poor
Butter Ball had to wear her fecal head ornamentation for an entire day.

The huge cow's urethra was so distended that a regular Bardex had to be used to
seal the cow whore shut.  Continence was a word that had left any discussion of
the huge fat cow whore years before.  She was also given to high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, circulation problems, heart problems, liver and kidney
problems, diabetes, and numerous other situations that accompany dramatic body

Butter Ball knew that the cow's time on the farm was running short. Her last two
attempts at impregnation had failed and her milk pro-duction had fallen off
dramatically.  Rental fees had dropped off and those that did come were from the
practitioners of the extreme.  Often the medical care required afterward negated
the fees earned.

It was rumored among the inhabitants of the cow shed that when a cow's
productive days were over, they were taken to a motel a great distance from the
farm.  There they were left with twenty dollars for food, the phone number of
the local welfare agency, and absolutely nothing else.  All catheters were
removed as well as the clothing worn during the trip, and they were left to fend
for themselves.

One could image the utter despair of one a cow awaking up, in a pool of her own
waste, in a place totally unfamiliar to her, to have to fend for herself after
so many years of care...such as it may be.  Four forty nine had heard these
stories and prayed to god that she might conceive one last time.

Butter Ball actually admired the damage done to four forty nine.  She loved to
cast her eyes upon the heavily scarred and tattooed body of the cow.  She loved
to watch the sweat river down the stretch marks.  She loved to see her struggle
to do any kind of physical activity.

But most of all she loved to envision herself in ten, or even twenty, years
being as totally used up as the huge, blubbery, scarred, tattooed, burnt out,
cow was.  She kept remembering the old adage that the candle that burns from
both ends burns twice as bright, but only half as long.

Butter Ball watched the watery translucent milk trickle out of the cow's teats.
She watched the feedbag, a two-gallon container, empty rapidly in the cow's
belly and asshole, forcing the sides of that massive expanse to flow out beneath
her as it filled.  The cow was so huge that she could barely rest on her knees
when her belly was empty.

Butter Ball came up behind her and began to rub the cow's massive ass. The butt
plug in four forty nine's asshole was nearly seven inches across in girth.  The
inflation balloon at the business end was better than two liters in volume and
barely held at that.

The one-half inch inside diameter feed hose was placed in a hole cut into her
throat just where the massive head was attached to the body.  She was so huge at
this point that there was no really distinctive neck.  But-ter Ball began to
massage the sides of the cow's ballooning stomach as it began to stretch across
the padded platform she knelt on.  Though the young cow whore could not reach
low enough, for her arms length was nowhere near long enough, she let her hands
ply over the bounteous flesh near the cow's kidneys (or what was left of them).

The cow slowly moved her head to look behind and see who was touching her so
gently and saw it was the young one.  Butter Ball smiled at her and the cow
returned a toothless, wrinkled, smile in return.  It was a long time since
anyone really bothered with her other than the daily mandatory care.  Only
Butter Ball would occasionally do so.

As the meal quickly drained into the cow, Butter Ball had decided to do her a
favor.  She got down off the cow's expansive back and started to slide under her
rear end.  The odor of the cow's crotch area was, to say the least,
overwhelmingly pungent.  The aides in the shed didn't bother to clean her well,
or often, these days.  And the poor cow had no facility to even attempt to clean

The aroma of urine, feces, and vaginal discharges was overwhelming. But to
Butter Ball, this was better than to walk among the late spring flowers and
bathe in their perfume.  She immediately had that heady feeling hit her and was
rapidly becoming turned on.

The cow felt Butter Ball beneath her and looked to see what was happening.
Butter Ball wormed her way forward, pushing aside the massive belly with her
head, and trying to spread those massive, leathery, inner thighs with her hands.
The cow complied with her movements and suddenly spread her thighs, completely
engulfing the young cow whore's head in flesh.

Now Butter Ball was in total darkness.  She couldn't see, hear, or even breathe
as the huge cow's flesh enveloped her.  The huge cow raised herself up off of
her forearms and onto her hands, realizing what the little one wanted to do.
While she still couldn't see or hear anything, at least a small channel for air
became available for Butter Ball.

The channel formed when the huge cow's grossly distended labia gaped slightly
with her raising onto her hands.  "This is gonna be real good", thought the cow
whore as she nuzzled in the dark, dank, odorous cavern of four forty nine.  She
felt the Bardex at her fore head and knew that if she followed it "north", she
would find the massive thumb of a clit to suck on.

Butter Ball began to sweat as the huge cow digested her meal and rivulets began
to run down her face, into her eyes, and down her neck onto the musky pad of the
milking platform.  She suddenly felt the huge cow rear up and all air was again
shut off.  She suddenly felt hands on her as her legs were spread wide.  Someone
had seen her and caught her performing a cardinal sin:  Pleasuring another cow
without permission.

This would be bad.  Her head began to spin from the lack of air as she then felt
a huge plug being inserted into her asshole.  The plug was rapidly pumped up as
her knees were being secured to a three-foot spreader bar.  The huge cow now
moved slightly, raising her massive legs one at a time to trap the arms of the
young cow whore.  Now there was no escaping for sure.

Adequate punishment for Butter Ball, in her present condition was quite
difficult.  She loved pain, torture and humiliation as if this was as important
as food, water and air.  However, with her being in a "family" way, with three
small embryos growing in her fat belly, what could be done physically was
greatly limited. There were, however, sev-eral reasonably safe practices that
would provide the proper motivation for the cow whore to keep her mind on what
her place in life truly was.

The milking room was quite similar to that of a "professional" dairy farm's.
The operation was based on a compressed air vacuum system that provided a
pulsing suction at ten stations.  The stations consisted of a cubicle cordoned
off by four-foot high partitions.  A raised platform the size of a double bed
dominated the cubicle space.  The platform was topped with a one-inch thick,
closed cell, foam pad for the cow to kneel on.

On the partition at the head of the cubicle were two suction pipes, one for each
teat.  A glass collection bottle sat between the two pipes.  The bottle had
three rubber hoses at the top and one at the bottom.  Two provided intake for
the milk and the third provided outlet for the vacuum suction.  The hose at the
bottom, upon finishing the milking, would suction the milk into a great holding
tank.  There was a spigot at the bottom of the glass jar to allow a particular
cow's milk to be removed and not sucked into the general holding tank.

This milk was removed from specific cows that had very recently given birth to
insure that the young would receive nothing but fresh, warm, pure, mommy's milk
prior to departure to their new situations.  After all, we are not totally
unfeeling and we believe in having the mother bond with her spawn in a proper,
and healthy (let's pass on those anti-bodies) way.  This would occur for
approximately two to three weeks after birthing.  After this time, the young
would be disposed of in a fitting manner and go on to their respective "new"

Once the surgical rubber, silver banded, cups were suctioned onto the front of
the teat, the milk would begin to flow into the jar.  A supervisor would walk
around the stalls observing which cow was milking and which was done.  Upon
completion of the milking cycle, the supervisor would cut the vacuum to the
cups, which would immediately drop off the teat, and either cycle the milk into
the main holding tank, or remove the milk to feed the young.

Once the smaller collection jar was emptied, warm water would be flushed through
the system to clean off any residue from the prior milking cycle.  This helped
to prevent various diseases such as mastitis from spreading throughout the
entire herd.  Each nipple is then wiped off with an antiseptic, coated with
nipple cream, and the job is done.

To assure that this procedure occurred in the most optimal fashion, opposite
electrical charges were run through the silver bands in the suction cups.  This
stimulated milk flow and provided sexual release. The cows also had their nether
regions stimulated by electrical charge, anal feedings, as well as oral intakes,
and, sometimes, manual manipu-lation.

The more pleasant and stimulating the experience became, the more milk
production increased and the more each cow looked forward to being milked.  We
do want our cows to be happy, and productive, at least three to four times a
day.   In that their lives would be rather boring else wise, we are really
providing a pubic, make that public, service.  :)

The supervisor decided that the only proper way to discipline Butter Ball was by
excessive sexual stimulation during her milking.  If the little whore went
through a dozen or more orgasms during her milking, she would no have the
strength to even think about playing with the other cows.  A portable vacuum
pump was brought over to the stall where four forty nine and Butter Ball
remained occupants.  The pump was plugged into the outlet on the opposing wall.

Four forty nine was busy rubbing that enormous open wound of a cunt across
Butter Ball's face as her milking cups were removed.  Her milk, no longer of any
real value, was drained out of the glass jar and dumped down the drain at the
head of the stall.  The poor whore was really only producing a milky colored
water at this point in time.  The rinsing cycle was activated and, upon its
completion, the cups were attached to Butter Ball's milk engorged teats.

At the same time, an assistant was attaching the vacuum pump to a small air hose
that, in turn, was connected to a small silver tube of one-half inch diameter.
The vacuum pump was activated and the tube's open end was placed directly over
Butter Ball's swollen clit.  The vacuum sucked her clit up into the tube with
enough force to cause the young cow whore to scream into the ever widening, ever
secreting, cunt of the old cow.

Next came a glass tube of some three inches in diameter.  This two foot long
tube had a silver band around the interior at the bottom.  This was then
attached to the pump using a reduction fitting that the clit tube hose ran
through, at the top.  A small wire ran from the silver clit tube.  This was
placed alongside the silver band coating the inside of the larger tube and the
entire glass tube was then placed over the distended labia of the little cow
whore.  The valve to the pump was activated and instantly the little whore's
labia were sucked a good three inches up the glass tube.

The vacuum suction was increased until the little whore again screamed out in
pain.  It was quite an amusing sight to see; this little fat whore having her
nether lips sucked up along the insides of the glass tubing.  Only two more
operations to be done and the process would be com-plete.  Firstly, the
electrical lead from the butt plug was attached top the ever-present transformer
(each stall having one fitted to the partition and the foot of the stall).
Lastly, the feedbag was brought in for the whore.

This was only a one-gallon feeding of mixed animal sperm because of her prone
position.  Nobody wanted any more weight than necessary resting on the young
developing in her belly.  Two hoses were run from the bag; one to her butt plug
access valve, and the second to the Bardex hose that was just forced down her
throat and inflated.

Butter Ball had already begun letting down and lactating.  Once the current was
turned on and feedbag valves opened, she flowed a strong and steady river of
milk into the collection jar.  In spite of her bonds, the spreader bar and four
forty nine's legs, Butter Ball was beside herself in the throws of sexual
over-stimulation.  Her tongue was act-ively seeking out the old cow's clit.  She
was already sweating profusely as her body began to shutter and shake from the
intense waves of pain and pleasure being thrust upon her supine body.

Meanwhile, the old cow whore loved every minute of the attention being shown her
by Butter Ball. She began to secrete a flow of vaginal discharge that enveloped
Butter Ball's face.  It began to puddle under Butter Balls head and to soak her
cropped hair.  When the moans of the cow whore began to heat with flooding
passion, the supervisor turned up the electrical current and the vacuum force to
elicit more screams from her.

Now Butter Ball had hold of the huge old cow whore's clit with her lips.  She
tugged at the appendage compressing her lips as hard as she could. She squeezed
it and sucked on it and swirled her tongue around its base.  She then began a
sucking in and out motion, rubbing the very tip with her tongue.  Suddenly four
forty nine humped her back upward and put her sweaty fore head to the ground.
The wave was building!

Butter Ball felt the huge old cow shift and with that, felt the inside of that
vast canyon of a cunt start to contract in what was promising to be a great,
mighty, spasm.  She felt the velvety inner tissue rub up against her secretion
soaked chin, as the huge old whore was getting ready to cum, as she hasn't in
quite some time.

Then the dam broke, flooding the valley and all of its inhabitants! Four forty
nine came with one giant tidal wave of an orgasm that rapidly filled Butter
Ball's mouth and flooded onto the pad.  It was as though some great inner toilet
has just flushed and the secretions flooded down and out of the drain.  Butter
Ball gagged and choked on the volume of fluid that flowed from the old whore's
cunt.  She began to cough and had trouble swallowing the putrid fluid.  Some ran
out of her nose and her ears were filled with it.

The supervisor noted the huge old whore's orgasm and at that very moment upped
the voltage and the vacuum pressure yet one more time causing the young cow
whore to cum as well.  He then touched the anus of the old whore with his cattle
prod and hit the switch, jolting her off of Butter Ball and causing her to slam
her head into the partition's wall.  She slow arose (four forty nine could do
nothing quickly any more), stepped over the young cow and onto the floor.  Her
head was cut from hitting the wall and a trickle of blood ran from it.

"Go to your stall and some one will eventually tend to your cut", the man told
her.  And so, off she padded, still dripping her noxious fluid from the open maw
of a cunt leaving Butter Ball laying in a pool of the foul vaginal fluid.  He
then went and got the next cow to finish, another squirting heavy weight, and
had her replace four forty nine.  The after-noon was young and Butter Ball had
many, many, more orgasms to go.

By the time early evening had come around, poor little Butter Ball was one sorry
looking sight.  She was not only frosted from head to toe in the secretions of
several cows, some fortunately not nearly as noxious as four forty nine.  She
was also at her end after some eight consecutive earth-quaking orgasms, not
counting the multitude of after shocks.

The poor little whore had to walk in a bow legged fashion because the great
distention of her cunt lips and clit caused them to rub repeatedly, and now
quite painfully against her inner thighs.  The vacuum treat-ment had caused the
lips to bloat and fill with blood and fluid and totally blocked the opening to
her vagina.  Her clit had greatly bloated as well and now stood a proud guard
over the cow whore's reproductive orifice.

She walked into the prep room just in time to begin preparing Cow Cunt for the
evenings activities.  Cow Cunt had been asleep the entire time that Butter Ball
was under going her ordeal in the milking room. It was Butter Ball's job to not
simply awaken, but to revive, the prone figure stretched out on the table.
Butter Ball checked the urine collection bag on the floor at the feet of Cow
Cunt and recorded the volume.  The dog whore had passed a quart and one-half of
fluid through her kidneys.  She then opened the valve to the butt plug and
observed that only a small trickle of fluid remained in her rectum.  "Yummy",
she thought, "the bitch absorbed almost four and one-half quarts of the mixture
(or roughly eight and one half pounds).

The dog whore's stomach had nearly returned to its original shape, although one
could observe, with less than a skilled eye, that the present shape seemed to be
slightly more padded than the old shape.  It was still impossible to see whether
her breasts had grown any because of the still present swelling caused by the
saline solution.  The swelling, and the accompanying pain, would slowly
disappear over the next two or three days, providing the whore "lasts through
the evening", thought Butter Ball with a giggle.

As Butter Ball was getting the appropriate mixings ready for Cow Cunt's
"awakening", the former Mistress of the manor entered the prep room.  Butter
Ball instantly dropped to her knees; legs spread shoulder width, and hands
cupping her huge teats in an offering position.

"Fresh meat", she commented, not even acknowledging Butter Ball's presence.
Through ice-cold, light blue eyes, the kind of eyes that can pin a submissive to
the spot as though they were butterflies being mounted, she appraised Cow Cunt.
The Mistress ran her hand up over Cow Cunt's still prone form starting from her
pubic mound and slowly traveling the distance up over her navel to her supple
left breast.

"This one will do quite nicely", she said.  She gazed for several more moments
and then turned toward Butter Ball, whose eyes were cast downward, mouth
slightly opened.  The Mistress looked down at Butter Ball and smiled.  "She
smells like dog and you smell like cunt.  The two of you are bookends.  Look at
me whore", she said as she placed the toe of her black leather boot beneath
Butter Ball's chin and raised her head till the cow whore's eyes met her gaze.

Butter Ball looked upon her former owner, and still Mistress, for the first time
that day.  Mistress was dressed in her trademark black leather apparel.  The
pants and vest were tight fitting and displayed her somewhat stocky physique.

Mistress was fifty years old but looked a good ten or more years younger.  Her
close-cropped hair was a (dyed) jet black, which dramatically set off her pale
complexion and her light blue eyes.

Her lips were quite full and lush and set in their traditional smirk of a smile.
Her face was chiseled and quite severe dominated by her most pronounced
cheekbones and her square jaw.  Her make-up was simple, but very dramatic.  Her
blood red lips were moist and very enticing.  The dark blue eye shadow and black
mascara set off her penetrating eyes.

Mistress's frame was large boned and suggested someone who could easily turn
chubby if a strict regime of dieting were not observed.  Her vest barely
concealed the two fleshy treasures beneath.  Her nipples were quite pronounced
and were attempting to poke their way through the leather to daylight.

Her exposed arms denoted one who was quite at home in a gym, with well-defined
biceps.  Her forearms were nearly as large as her biceps and, were it not for
the layer of body fat common to most women, she would have passed for a baseball

The black leather accentuated her quite curvy body and her muscular thighs
seemed to want to burst through her leather pants.  Mistress, when feeling her
oats, could easily crush the rib cage of most slaves, and cows, with their
power.  All of this was set upon an imposing six-foot tall frame.

"I want this whore's ass to be well cleaned out.  I want her to be hydrated and
completely alert."  Her Mistress then frowned and said:   "I had a good report
on your actions earlier from the Owner.  But then you had to fuck up by playing
with that old cow whore.  What am I to do with you?"  Butter Ball felt her
Mistress's displeasure.  "You had better shape up and do what you are told, and
no more, if you want to be my property after this year is up.  Otherwise, you
might go the route of four forty nine, whose time is very limited now."

Butter Ball hung her head in shame.  Her entire being, with rare lapses, was
dedicated to pleasing her Mistress and her Mistress was now quite angry with
her.  The very though of winding up in a strange, unknown, place, physically
used up, burnt out, incontinent, and unable to tend to her needs, although
somewhat enticing, was also quite frightening.  "Now get to work whore",
Mistress said as she turned on her heels and left the room, trailing her Chanel
number 19 in her wake.

Butter Ball, with a new added determination, got to work.  She pre-pared the
first enema, a three-quart solution of frigid water, and immediately set it high
on the intra-venous stand.  She connected the hose to the butt plug and opened
the valves, one on the bag hose and the other for the new butt plug.

The solution began to race into the still prone Cow Cunt.  As soon as the frigid
water hit her bowels, Cow Cunt's eyes opened wide and a stran-gled cry arose
from her throat.  "Good morning sweetness", laughed Butter Ball as she looked
directly into Cow Cunt's eyes.  Wherever Cow Cunt was in her dreams, this wake
up call brought directly back to the hell into which she had stumbled.

As the bag drained into her, Cow Cunt's belly began to rise with a rap-idity not
seen before.  She immediately began to cramp as the water chilled her insides
and started the muscles spasming.  Within only sev-eral swift minutes, the bag
was emptied into the dog whore resulting in a nice, tight, shiny, expanded

All the Cow Cunt could do at this moment was moan and pray for unconsciousness,
or death.  Although mild compared to her earlier treatments, the suddenness and
unyielding execution of this flushing brought back the main point of this entire
exercise:  Her life, and her body, was no longer her own.

Without the benefit of the electrical charges to "ease" the cramps and spasms of
her muscles, Cow Cunt was in utter agony as Butter Ball let her lay in spasms on
the table.  Her pelvis was bouncing up and down, as much as she could move it,
on the table and she struggled to control her breathing in an attempt to ease
her pain.

Butter Ball let her lay in this fashion for ten minutes before she disconnected
the hose from the bag and opened the valve to drain the poor whore.  As the
water flowed out of her, Butter Ball pressed down on Cow Cunt's belly, causing
the water to shoot out and down into the drain.  Very little refuse was in the
water indicating that the digestion of the high calorie mixture was quite

Butter Ball began to massage the dog whore's intestines to ease the water
trapped in her upper bowel into exiting.  After several minutes, Butter Ball
closed the butt plug's valve and prepared the next bag.  This one was to be of
warm water laced with slat to balance Cow Cunt's elec-trolytes.  She again let
the valves go and the dog whore filled rapidly.

This time Butter Ball massaged the dog whore's bowels to facilitate the water's
entry high into the small intestine.  The three quarts entered the dog whore at
a far quicker rate then the last bag.  Butter Ball let the mixture settle inside
of Cow Cunt for several minutes and she massaged the dog whore's belly the
entire time.

"If you take short, shallow breaths, it'll be much easier to hold", she offered,
showing a bit of mercy to the suffering whore.  Cow Cunt followed the suggestion
as best she could and she began to overcome the terrible cramping and spasms.
"Don't worry sweet meat, one day soon the cramping and the spasms will no longer
be a problem.  "In fact, the problem will soon be to create spasms to help you
shit stuff out", she added with a giggle.

The third flushing, one gallon this time, went in easily, stayed in with greater
facility, and exited clear of any refuse.  The three flushings had tired Cow
Cunt out a bit, but she was alert enough to hear what Butter Ball said next.

"My former Owner and Mistress will be dealing with you this evening.  She has no
tolerance for disobedience and she knows terrible ways to punish.  You'd best do
whatever she tells you to cause you do not want to piss her off at all."  This
was said with a complete seriousness that was more frightening than anything
said to her up to this point.

The three flushings had hydrated Cow Cunt to the point that she now had to pee
very badly.  She mumbled to Butter Ball, the new feeding tube making speech most
difficult, and tried to motion with her head toward her Foley.  "What's that
sweet heart?  You have to pee?  Let me help you."  With that, Butter Ball got
the extension tubing and attached one end to the Foley while putting the other
into Cow Cunt's mouth.

"Here, let me deflate the bulb and shift the gag so all that bad piss can go
into your stomach.  Waste not, want not is our motto", she added with a smile.
Cow Cunt placed her tongue at the hole of the tubing blocking the entry of the
urine and when Butter Ball released the valve of the Foley, nothing flowed out.

"Let's not play games sweetness, we can do this the hard way as well.  And you
will become quite use to being a toilet anyway so you might as well start with
your own waste."  Butter Ball noted the resignation in Cow Cunt's eyes as she
slowly began to let the urine flow into her mouth.  "And don't you dare spill a
drop!  If I tell them that you will really go hard on you babe.
Anyway, I like the taste of your piss, so just do it."

Cow Cunt remembered the draining that Butter Ball served up the last time and so
she sipped herself till she emptied and managed to swallow every drop.  In spite
of the difficulty swallowing with the feed tube going down her throat, by the
time she had totally drained, she was far more at ease with the catheter.
Butter Ball re-inflated the bulb and re-arranged the gag.

Two male slaves that she had never seen before walked into the prep room.  They
told Butter Ball that all was ready and the dog whore was wanted in the
solarium.  New male slaves indicated that there would be at least one "new"
mistress present.  Butter Ball looked at the dog whore and told her that a leash
would now be attached to her collar.  Her hands would be temporarily released
and then tethered to the collar as well.

They released Cow Cunt and, after attaching the leash and her hands to the
collar, walked her to the house.  This was the first time Cow Cunt had been on
her feet in what seemed like weeks (but in reality, which was rapidly fleeting,
twenty four hours).  She was a bit unsteady and had to be assisted by the two
males, one at each arm.  Her head still ached from the alcoholic mixture fed her
and she seemed to detect a certain lethargy in her body's response to her desire
to move.  She felt as though she had a padded suit on and that she was walking
through gelatin.

Half way across the expanse of lawn, she notice that the pack of dogs was loose
and heading toward her at a flat out ran.  "Oh my god", she tried to mutter as
they caught up to the group and began to sniff and lick at her ass.  She jumped
with a start as the first cold wet nose went for her crotch from behind and the
long sopping tongue shot out to whip her still distended pussy lips.

Tears began to run down her face at the thought of a repeat of last night's dog
rape.  Butter Ball laughed at her reaction and continued to lead her by the
leash toward the open French doors of the solarium. "What'sa matter sweetness?
You lovers are here to make you feel good. Look how excited they are and how
much they missed you."

With tear filled eyes, Cow Cunt looked down at the five beasts and saw that each
one's penis had come out of its sheath.  They were beginning to jump up on her
naked body, trying to knock her down.  "My, my sweetness.  Look how much they
love you!"

It spite of herself, Cow Cunt began to moisten from the constant at-tacking of
the animals' tongues.  The house loomed closer as the pro-cession walked onward.
The dogs, also smelling the aroma of female cunt on Butter Ball, began to lick
at her as well.  When they did start to jump up on her, the Owner called to them
from inside the solarium.  He certainly couldn't have them damaging the yet
unborn merchandize by knocking down the very pregnant young cow whore.

Knowing the hand that feeds them, the pack ran to their Master and acknowledging
his great love of them by licking his hands.  He fed them, cared for them, and
saw that they were well fucked on a daily basis.  And, after all is said and
done, what else is there in a dog's life?

The procession entered the solarium and Cow Cunt found herself in the midst of
the group in attendance last night augmented by several new, and female faces.
She absent mindedly tried to cover her nudity with her hands, but only succeeded
in jerking her own neck about.  She blushed a beet red as all eyes were on her.
"She smells like a dog in heat", said one of the Mistresses.  Her gaze pierced
through Cow Cunt and held her fast.  "She is so filthy, how do you stand the

The Owner, now standing along side the husband, laughed at the sight of Cow Cunt
and said; "It's a dog thing you know."  The Owner then stood apart from the
groups and announced that the former Owner of the farm was to conduct this
evening's entertainment.  Butter Ball then led the dog whore by her leash up to
the Mistress.  Butter Ball immed-iately dropped to her knees and handed the
leash to her Mistress.

Her Mistress smiled down at the little cow whore and took hold the leash.  She
then, with the same smile looked Cow Cunt directly in the eyes, pinning her soul
to the floor with her gaze.  Cow Cunt trembled with fear as she noticed the
Mistress pointing toward the floor with her index finger.

The Owner said to all; "She has not begun her dog training yet.  We will be
blessed with having our dear friend exhibit her techniques of animal training.
Dog training, animal training:  The very words cut into Cow Cunt's soul.
Suddenly there was a yanking of the leash downward that coincided with the
pointing finger.  Still Cow Cunt was unsure of what was expected of her.  With a
swiftness that startled even the Owner, the Mistress struck out with the flat of
her hand and caught Cow Cunt squ-arely on the right side of her face.  The slap
was quite loud and snapped the dog whore's head about.

Cow Cunt's eyes watered not just from the strength of the blow, but also from
the fact that nobody has slapped her since she was in high school.  She looked
at Mistress pleadingly and tried, through the ring gag and the feed tube in her
throat, ask what was wanted.  That only drew a slap from the other hand on the
other side of her face.

Again the Mistress pointed toward the floor and yanked on the leash. Cow Cunt
suddenly realized that the Mistress wanted her on her knees, and down she went.
Quickly observing the posture of the other slaves in attendance, Cow Cunt tried
to copy their knelling stance.  She spread her knees about shoulder's distance
apart and with eyes toward the floor, kneeled, thrusting her still swollen
breast outward.

The Mistress smiled down at her charge.  "There may be some hope for this one.
Perhaps she will get off easy this evening with only a slight maiming."  "A
slight maiming" rang in her ears as she realized that she was the evening's
entertainment.  These monsters were going to torture her and disfigure her for
no other reason then their desire to do so.

Now her Mistress gave the leash a slight tug and pointed downward yet again,
this time toward her slightly upturned boot toe.  Cow Cunt wasted no time in
putting her fore head directly onto the toe of her black, silver tipped, high
heel boot.  The Mistress then moved her boot toe downward until it rested
directly beneath the dog whore's mouth.

She then pointed her index figure, nail up, directly at Cow Cunt and curved it
inward on itself.  She repeated the gesture two more times and Cow Cunt, with a
sudden flash of intuition, extended her tongue and licked at the silver toecap.

"This one really might have some potential", she said to the Owner.  "I might,
with your permission, take a special interest in her training."  Her eyes were
glazed with the power she had just exhibited over this gorgeous piece of meat
now administering to her boot tip.  This, of course, was not lost on Butter Ball
who promised herself to be far more creative in her punishments of the dog

The Mistress then motioned to one of her former charges, the alpha, to approach.
The huge animal quickly walked up to her and sat attent-ively gazing at her.
She then lifted her boot cap upward indicating that Cow Cunt's ministrations
were sufficient.  Mistress then pointed her index finger, nail up, at Cow Cunt,
and then at the dog's still engorged cock and curled her finger in on itself

"Oh my god NO!!!  Not again", thought Cow Cunt as her tears began anew.  She
suddenly fell off her knees and tumbled to her side, totally beset by her crying
and shaking.  This monster of a woman wanted her to suck on the animal's cock.
They were going to have the dogs rape her again.

The poor dog whore shook with tears as she tried to speak the words, "Please no,
not again.  Please, no more."  Nothing came out of her mouth that was
intelligible, but the look of rage upon the Mistress' face was enough to freeze
hell over several times.  Even Butter Ball, who now considered Cow Cunt to be a
rival, and who had spent five years as the property of the Mistress, had never
seen her as outraged and angry as she was at this moment.

The Owner, to further enrage the Mistress, commented, "Perhaps you are losing
your touch my dear."  Several of the others in the room snick-ered at the dog
whore's faux pas, which angered the Mistress beyond the limits of reason, as
they observed the now quaking figure curled on her side in a fetal position.

The Mistress reached down and grabbed the collar around Cow Cunt's neck,
wrapping her fingers around the silver band, and hauled the dog whore to her
feet.  She brought her face very close to that of Cow Cunt and stared into her
eyes.  "For the next few hours you will do nothing but scream.  Then and ONLY
then, will your punishment begin!"

The Mistress then threw her back to the ground and, with hand signals, Called
for two of the male slaves to come and assist her.  "Bind her breasts!  And
bring her next feeding!"  She then turned to Butter Ball. The little cow whore
was much too afraid of her Mistress' wrath to face her, so she simply looked at
the ground.  "You were to have given her the basic rule of life here.
Obviously, you have failed to do so.  You are becoming more worthless the longer
you stay here.  Maybe it is time to sell you off to the Mexicans."

Butter Ball suddenly needed to pee rather badly.  She quaked with the thought of
being sold and she knew her Mistress all to well to believe the threat to be an
idle one.  The Mexicans used whores sold to them until they were no longer
desirable by men.  Then they used them to make animal fucking films until the
market was saturated with the films.  After that, the whore made one final film;
a snuff film.

Butter Ball also knew better than to try and tell her Mistress that she indeed
had spoken to Cow Cunt, and that she indeed told Cow Cunt that she must do all
that was asked of her or suffer the consequences.  All that was left for her to
do now was to suffer the punishment her Mistress will administer and pray for
its end.

The two males had bound Cow Cunt's breasts tightly and in their already swollen
condition, the pain flared up into a raging fire again. They also had managed to
place a spreader bar between her knees and secured it to her in spite of her
attempting to fight them off by kicking out at them.

She was already near being hysterical when another Mistress stepped forward with
a length of Dacron rope.  Sometimes I am amazed at how similarly we think about
certain things.  I once was told that only a wo-man knows how to properly punish
another woman and I believe this to be true.

A footstool was brought over and Cow Cunt was made to stand on it (as best she
could with her knees spread so far apart).  The rope was then tied to that of
her two bound teats and fed through a small, but strong, block and tackle
secured to the ceiling.

It suddenly occurred to Cow Cunt that she was going to be hung by her teats and
she began to try a physically fight this most stern decree.  As she began to try
a fidget her way out of the situation (which was all the movement allowed after
being bound), the Mistress grabbed hold of both still swollen, and very tender,
nipples and dug her finger nails into them.

Cow Cunt opened her mouth wide enough to nearly dislocate her jaw but not a
single sound could be heard.  The pain exploded with a blinding white burst of
light as every nerve in her body caught fire.  The shattering pain burst its way
down her front and finally settled in her cunt area.  Had her bladder not been
cathetered, and her asshole sealed with the butt plug, she would have peed and
shit at the same time.  She began to quake and had trouble standing still on the
now teetering foot-stool.

As the two male slaves held her erect, Mistress looked directly into her eyes
and said, "Try that again and I will cut these off."  She let go the two now
very bruised nubbins of flesh.  The imprint of her fingernails was now very
apparent in the form of a crescent crossing the base of each nipple.

Her "meal" was now brought in to the solarium and raised to the ceiling to
provide the quickest flow.  This meal consisted of three and one-half quarts of
animal sperm laced with one half of a quart of Jamaican pep-per sauce.

The pepper sauce served two purposes:  Firstly, it would cause great pain in her
belly, and secondly, after repeated use it tended to cause a thickening of the
stomach lining.  With the stretching that this part of her anatomy would
receive, the thicker the lining, the more the stretch.

The next items brought were wheeled over on a cart and laid hidden be-neath a
white clothe.  The hose from the feedbag was attached to the tubing in her
mouth.  Mistress stood back and smiled as a cat does when the mouse has been
batted about enough and is ready to be eaten.  "This will be the last time you
ever fail to obey a command.  Do you under-stand whore?"  The poor dog whore
simply stood there with a tear-stained face and looked pleadingly at her

The Mistress checked to make sure that the rope running to Cow Cunt's breasts
was tightly secured before she removed the clothe from the top of the cart to
reveal the last two horrors:  There were four straps made of top saddle leather
of one-quarter inch thick, and one and one-half inch wide.  Also revealed, to
Cow Cunt's horror, was more of the cursed saline solution with two huge
hypodermics with needles.

This horrified her more than anything else at the moment.  She did not think
that her poor bruised and swollen body could withstand another treatment of that
sort.  Her already purple breasts shivered with the fear that now permeated her
mind.  Asking for the assistance of two of the other Mistress' present, Mistress
was now ready to begin administering Cow Cunt's punishment.

Part 4

We wish to announce a new member of our team.  Her name is Siobhan and she will
be assisting us with this continuing tale.  As usual, we wish to thank our
kinsman Conaire for his help.


"Just a moment, if you please", was suddenly heard coming from off on the side,
and behind, those anxiously gathered to observe, and hopefully partake, of the
festivities about to occur.  All heads turned toward the personage of the
commanding female voice that froze all in their tracks. "I wish to speak to the
whore before you begin."

The Mistress stepped back for a moment with a quite surprised look on her face.
She recognized the steel cold quality of the voice, and sensed that all were
being told that She would speak to whomever She chose to regardless of what the
answer might be.  "Of course Mistress Anne, be my guest", she responded with a
polite smile.

A path cleared for the silver haired woman dressed, unlike the others, in a
floor length black silk gown.  Mistress Anne, sometimes referred to as the Lady
Anne, was the most senior member of the circle of people in-vited for the
weekend.  She was a tall, thin, woman of sixty years of age. Her features belied
her age and were it not for her silver gray hair, one could easily take her for
at least fifteen years younger.

It was quite apparent to all that she wore nothing beneath her silken sheath and
though high heels adorned her feet, she wore no stockings. Her features were of
a chiseled nature and people described her as being handsome, rather than
beautiful.  Her steel blue eyes were nearly always devoid of emotion and offset
by a high cheekbone structure.

Her lips were thin, but well arched, and painted the darkest red.  Other than
mascara and a bit of lip color, she was completely devoid of decoration.  She
wore no jewelry, carried no purse, and did not paint her nails.

Yet all present knew, or had heard, of her.  She abject cruelty knew no limits,
and was totally without mercy.  Yet she rarely raised her hand, or her voice.
As she walked forward toward the poor dog whore and Em, with Butter Ball
kneeling at her side, those she past took a step back.  She was not beyond
turning upon a fellow dominant for enter-tainment and her two ever present,
burly, footmen attended her every wish.

She strode up to the dog whore and stared into her terrified eyes.  "The object
of this lesson is to learn not to move.  The more you struggle, the greater your
pain.  If you dance about, you will not only suffer greatly, but you might tear
some muscle tissue and that would be most unfort-unate."  She laughed as she
backed away and returned to her vantage point.

All were somewhat mystified at her statements to the whore because Mistress Anne
was truly a sadist.  Her only pleasure came from the pain of others and her
constant search for "fresh meat" was never ending. Only Mistress Em knew the
true meaning of she statement.  This was a challenge to Em.  "Get the whore to
dance, or I will" was the implied test.

With that, Mistress Em kicked the stool out from under Cow Cunt.  She instantly
dropped about two inches as her skin stretched and, in spite of the feed tube
going down her throat, managed to scream a steady howl that went on for what
seemed like ages.  Her eyes were opened wide as the pain surged through the core
of her being.

She gently swung to and fro as she voiced her pain.  Her eyes bulged wide as she
watched her purple breasts become even deeper in color-ation.  Her areolas and
nipples began to melt into the exposed portion of her teats as the bindings ever
so slightly edged toward the bulging ends of her breasts.

Cow Cunt tried to study herself as she gently swung, remembering, through her
pain clouded mind, what Mistress Anne had said.  She felt as though her teats
were being pulled from her chest, and she couldn't even begin to realize what
they might look like upon completion of this punishment.  They were still
bruised from the strapping, and swollen and on fire from the saline, from the
treatment she was served only a few hours previously.

She finally managed to halt the swinging motion when Mistress Em opened the
valves to the feedbag and the tubing in her mouth.  The animal sperm began to
flow into her.  She moaned as she felt the ice cold mixture hit her stomach and
chill her belly.  Only her toes, and her moaning told of the severe nature of
her portion this evening.  They spread wide and curled and wiggled slightly as
she hung.

Mistress Em then began to distribute the straps she had on the cart.  The Owner,
the dog whore's husband, another male guest, and Mistress Em then positioned
themselves; two at the hanging whore's rear, and the Owner and Mistress Em in
the front.

"Let the games begin", said Mistress Em and they began to swing, arms fully
extended, at the helpless suffering Cow Cunt.  The Owner swung wildly at her
ever filling belly and breasts, Mistress Em swung at her lower belly, thighs,
and legs, the husband swung at her ass and the rear of her legs, and the guest
swung madly at her back.

Instantly poor Cow Cunt began to dance and bob, and swing, from the force of the
blows hitting her already bruised skin.  Her moaning be-came a stifled wailing
and tears flowed freely down her cheeks and onto the floor beneath her feet.
Her body began to quake and tremble and, had her nether holes not been plugged,
she would have shit and peed on the floor.

There were very few patches of pink skin to discolor, but what did remain not
bruised from the first strapping was now bright red.  The dog whore was swinging
in a circular motion at this point giving the four strappers and chance to mark
all sides of her body.  Sweat flew off of the bodies of the four as they beat
her and the wildness, and near out of control exertions of their bodies, created
an almost electrically charged atmosphere in the room.

The strapping continued for ten minutes.  There were rivulets of blood where the
straps had cut the skin and patches of rawness in many areas. Her belly was huge
from the meal she was forced to consume and she appeared to be pregnant from the
great distention.  She stopped her crying about seven minutes into the strapping
and now merely hung moaning softly, and totally motionless.

Only her eyes moved about, trying vainly to discern what would be served up
next.  She had given into the pain and somehow transcended it.  Toward the end
of the strapping, she simply hung loosely and only winched with each heated
kiss.  In spite of the pain and the whipping, She found herself to be turned on.
There was no place else for her mind to go except to concentrate on the straps
hitting her nipples and clit.

"This is quite boring", Mistress Anne stated flatly.  "Can't we move on to the
feast?  I think that enough of an appetizer has been served up." With that,
Mistress Em, sensing a challenge, turned back toward the cart and picked up the
hypodermic syringe.  Upon the dog whore's seeing the cursed implement, she
became quite agitated and began to struggle, in spite of her swinging by her

"Bring down the feedbag and place another two quarts of sperm in it.  Then raise
it to equilibrium", said Mistress Em.  Let's see whether we can get her to take
the rest over time."

Mistress Em was grinning from ear to ear as she filled the one thousand cubic
millimeter syringe with the dreaded saline solution.  She turned to the
terrified Cow Cunt and approached her breasts with the spike of a needle.

Cow Cunt began to try and swing herself away from the pointed tip.  This played
directly into Mistress Em's hand as she placed the point at the half point of
the swing and let the dog whore impale herself as she swung back into it.  Each
time the needle pierced the skin of her breast, Mistress Em depressed the
plunger and delivered some saline into the already swollen and pained flesh.

Within minutes, Cow Cunt's breasts where again on fire with the fury of a
hellish burning damnation.  She cursed the very existence of her teats as they
swelled to even a greater extent.  She cursed her own very existence and she
cursed her beauty body that had provided so well for her since she was fifteen.
She prayed for a surgical amputation of her glorious mounds as the needle
penetrated her flesh again and again.

Finally the syringe was emptied into each breast, and nipple, and all that
remained was the pain.  She had almost gotten to that special place where the
pain no longer mattered, but this new insult to the body had ripped her away
from that place and brought her back to this hell.

To her great horror, Mistress Em refilled the syringe and now bent to re-inject
her labia and clit.  Cow Cunt began to swing her legs in a vain attempt to keep
what was inevitable from occurring.  She couldn't swing very well because of her
knees being bound apart by the spreader bar between them. Mistress Anne again
left her vantage point and walked right up to the swinging whore and said, in a
very low voice, as if she were relating the secret to all life, "Give into it
whore.  This will happen anyway and if you rip a muscle in your teats, you will
suffer for weeks."  She smiled as she saw the resignation in Cow Cunt's eyes.

Cow Cunt stopped her movements and began to feel the pricking of the needle as
it deposited it's burning poison into the most tender of all exposed flesh.  The
nether lips of the dog whore where still quite swollen providing a large and
convenient target for Mistress Em.  She felt twelve pricks in to her labia and
three to her clit and hood.

The initial stinging soon burst into blinding pain, exploding in the dog whore's
head like an atomic bomb.  The swelling of her lips and clit now completely
concealed her pussy and appeared to be a massive, mis-haped, blooming orchid
from hell.  She could no longer control her body for the pain had totally
separated her mind from her body.  She twitch-ed, kicked, twisted, and screamed
(as best she could).  Her tears had long since ceased and even the re-hydration
of her body from the feed-ing could not affect her tear ducts because she now
sweated profusely.

Mistress Em, looking quite self-satisfied, turned her head toward Mis-tress Anne
and said, "How's that for entertainment dear?"  Mistress Anne now settled back
in her armchair, looked at someone's slave standing nearby, and motioned toward
her crotch.  The slave immed-iately got down between Mistress Anne's shapely
legs, fearing what might evolve from a moment's hesitation.

Mistress Anne lifted her dress just enough for the slave to bring her head
toward that sacred pussy, and let the hem go, enveloping the slave's head.
"That is so much better dear", she smiled as she closed her eyes for a moment,
savoring the muted screams from Cow Cunt.

Mistress Em now began to run her fingernails very lightly over the bruised and
discolored skin of poor Cow Cunt.  The dog whore's entire body was a screaming
mass of raw and enflamed flesh and the trailing of Mistress Em's fingernails
felt as though her very flesh was being rip-ped from her, strip by agonizing

Mistress Em was smiling and aglow from the heating up of her own passions.  She
was very close to having an orgasm without even touching, or having someone else
touch, her body.  But close was not enough.  Everyone in the solarium was
engaged in some form of sexual activity with the sight, and sounds, of the dog
whore providing a very strong stimulus.

Mistress Anne used the slave for only a few moments.  Her orgasm was quite
shattering as the slave busily used her tongue to please the woman. It was
rumored that Mistress Anne, not pleased with a particular slave's use of the
tongue, had that slave's tongue cut out right there on the spot and came with
the screams of the mutilation.

Mistress Anne kicked the slave out from beneath her dress and rose to her feet.
She whispered to one of her male slaves and walked over to the ever-present
supply of latex gloves.  She donned a pair of the gloves and then covered her
fingers with a water-based lubricant.

She then walked up to Mistress Em and said; "Dear Em, you have done quite well
with this worthless whore and provided us with a lovely symphony of sight and
sound."  Mistress Em smiled and blushed with the compliment paid her.  "Allow me
to return the favor."

"That would be quite an accomplishment."  Mistress Em said this as she looked at
the totally drained Cow Cunt.  The poor whore was hanging limply.  She was
bathed in her own sweat.  But even the stinging from her sweat failed to elicit
any movement from her.  Her eyes were closed as she once again began to give
into the pain and travel to that special place where she could cross over into
another world:  That of pleasure.

Mistress Anne stepped up to the dog whore and gazed at her as though she were
some nearly finished work of art that only needed a stoke or two from the brush
for completion.  The male slave she had spoken to came to her side and kneeled,
head down, and holding forth a small dish.

Mistress Anne reached out toward the dog whore's greatly swollen pussy, and with
her gloved and lubricated fingers, began to trace a line up the center of the
vastly puffed up lips.  Her eyes never left Cow Cunt's face as she continued to
gently trace that line, over and over again.  Cow Cunt stirred from where ever
her mind had gone.  This felt good.  The lubrication was cool and soothing and
the movement across her misshaped genitalia brought great relief.

"You like this, don't you whore."  Mistress Anne said, more than asked, to Cow
Cunt.  Cow Cunt merely hung there, trying, concentrating, to get every last drop
of soothing and pleasure from this interlude from the never-ending pain.
Mistress Anne grasped the dog whore's clit between her two fingers and gave it a
sound squeeze.  Cow Cunt's eyes bulged open and a scream tried to exit her now
very hoarse throat.

"I asked you a question whore, answer it."  Mistress Anne had very little
patience with untrained whores.  Cow Cunt nodded in the affirmative.  Mistress
Anne once again grasped the greatly swollen nubbin and squeezed even harder this
time.  After a longer stifled scream, Cow Cunt managed to say, "Yes Mistress.  I
do love this." Tears once again began to flow.

Mistress Anne continued to gently stroke the swollen areas and even managed to
raise a moan of pleasure from the tortured whore.  "Let's try to cool off that
burning cunt, shall we?"  She then gently parted the swollen lips with one hand
while reaching into the bowl with the other.

She then found the hidden, and moist entrance to Cow Cunt's vagina and began to
coax it open with two fingers.  Now Cow Cunt was be-ginning to lubricate from
the stimulation she was receiving.  "Yesssss.  You do like what I am doing.  And
you will like what I am about to do even more I assure you."  Mistress Anne
laughed as she spoke.

Now Mistress Anne spread the dog whore's cunt open with three fingers and
swiftly brought a wad of cotton up to the orifice with her other hand.  The
cotton was dripping with a clear fluid.  She swiftly jammed the cotton up into
Cow Cunt's vagina and pushed it up toward her cervix.

Mistress Anne swiftly repeated this procedure several times until the dog
whore's entire vaginal cavity was stuffed with the dripping cotton.  She then,
as a finally to her ministrations, wiped Cow Cunt's swollen labia and clit with
the clear fluid soaked cotton and stood back for a moment. Cow Cunt felt the
cooling effects of the cotton jammed into her vagina. Then suddenly, her entire
being exploded into the worst pain she had felt yet.  The cotton was soaked in
grain alcohol and now the alcohol began to sting and burn her very sensitive
inner tissues.

She screamed and bucked against her bindings yet again.  But this time, her
screams emanated from a new place, the very last place to resort in her being.
She bucked frantically trying to void herself of the cotton as she danced in the

Mistress Anne laughed with glee as she stroked Cow Cunt's vagina with her gloved
hands.  She then had her slave re-lubricate her fingers and she attacked Cow
Cunt's clit.  Mistress Anne then gently, at least as gently as she could with a
bucking body in front of her, began to stroke the dog whore's clit.  Mistress
Anne was not just waiting for Mistress Em to orgasm; in fact this was an excuse
to work her evil magic upon the helpless form hanging before her.

The stroking of her clit, in spite of it's swollen, enflamed, and very ten-der,
condition felt good to Cow Cunt.  Amidst all the pain in her well- racked body,
this stimulation was something to dwell upon, envelope and rush toward for some
minor relief.

And in spite of the fire in her vagina that burned ever inch of tender flesh,
she felt herself actually rushing toward an orgasm.  But this was not just any
orgasm; this would be one that would free her completely from the hell she was
presently in.  She knew that if she could simply realize it...

Than suddenly Mistress Anne stopped the stroking of Cow Cunt's clit. "You must
beg me for it whore!  You must promise me all that you are for this one."  Cow
Cunt was beside herself in agony and sexual need.  Her body was ablaze with both
the fire of pain and that of passion.  And this evil, wicked woman with the
ice-cold smile and the piercing gaze held the key.

Cow Cunt began to beg as best she could.  Her words were unintelli-gable and
garbled because of the tubing in her throat, but there was no doubt that she
indeed was frantically begging, complete with tears.  She would have done
whatever was necessary to end this all. After several minutes of begging and
pleading, now in a hushed, and whispered voice, egged on by an occasional stroke
to her bloated clit, Mistress Anne commenced her attentions.  It did not take
very long at all for the explosion to occur.  Cow Cunt began to curl her legs up
and under herself.  Her neck arched back and her entire body undulated as the
massive orgasm hit her.

This was the strongest orgasm she ever experienced.  Her entire body tensed with
such strong muscle contractions that amidst the silence of this obscene
exhibition the participants could hear her animal scum meal partially force it's
way back into the feedbag in spite of the equal-ibrium reached.

As our dog whore quaked and spasmed in the throws of her orgasm, Mistress Anne
continued to stroke the swollen finger of a clit.  Mistress Em then looked
toward Butter Ball who was still prostrate on the floor. "Go over there and
drain the whore."

With that, the little cow whore crawled over to rest in front of the still
convulsing dog whore and, after placing the shut Foley into her mouth, opened
the valve and sucked the accumulated urine out of Cow Cunt as quickly as she
could, collapsing the bladder.  Cow Cunt screamed her mighty aria one last time
and fainted dead away.

"There...I think we've gotten it all."  Mistress Anne looked at the enthralled
group with a smirk.  "Waste not, want not says I."  She removed her gloves and
tossed them onto Butter Balls back.

The room exploded in a round of applause for Mistress Anne.  Mistress Anne, in
turn, made an open waving motion toward Mistress Em and politely applauded as
though saying, "At least you warmed her up for me."

The Owner stepped forward applauding the excellent entertainment and then held
up his hands to quiet the group.  "Thank you both for a most enjoyable display
of your respective talents."  He then ordered that Cow Cunt, and her feedbag, be
lowered and the restraints removed from the now unconscious whore.

Once on a gurney that a slave brought in, the spreader bar was removed from
between her knees.  Her wrists were detached from her silver col-lar and her
breasts were freed from the ropes that bound them.  The Doctor stepped over to
quickly examine her.  "Hold that bag at equil-ibrium!  We don't want to burst
her stomach...yet."

Cow Cunt was a mess.  Her entire body, save her face, was bruised deep purple
and black.  She was swollen with all the fluids that accumulate when one
receives a bruising.  Her breasts were especially swollen and bruised from not
simply the beating, but also from the saline injected into them and the effects
of being hung by the ropes.  Her nipples appeared as though they were about to

Her nether areas faired no better.  Her vaginal lips were swollen tightly óhut
together.  During her powerful orgasm, her vagina had contracted enough to force
out some of the cotton wadding with a surge of vaginal fluid that sprayed onto
Butter Ball, as well as the floor.  Her clitoris now stood a proud guard over
the swollen lips and was painted a deep blood red.

Topping the entire picture off was her now massively bloated stomach; full of
the animal sperm fed her.  Her belly was tight and multi-stripped with the
effects of the strapping.  It barely moved as she breathed.  "Let's get her
slightly raised", said the Doctor.  "We don't want her to suffocate from her
feeding", he laughed.  The feedbag was hung from the intravenous pole and she
was wheeled off to the kennel area.

"Will she survive?"  The husband asked the Owner, genuinely con-cerned that he
would not get his money's worth.  "Of course she will survive", answered the
Doctor.  "With a few days rest, and some minor first aid attention, she will be
ready for this, and much, much more."

"Now", said the Owner, "it's time to deal with the cow whore."  Butter Ball
shuttered.  She had hoped that the torturous punishment of Cow Cunt had
distracted the group into forgetting about her, but such was not the case.  "How
are we to deal with you, whore?"

Being pregnant had its advantages in that most of the extreme pract-ices of the
group could not be used for fear of ruining her "litter".  Her breasts could not
be tortured because blood in her milk would render that batch worthless, and the
hemorrhaging might continue for several days if the beating was severe.

Saline was out as well.  So was teat hanging the cow whore.  She couldn't be
force fed, or given unusually large enemas at this stage, because she was too
far along.  Eating or drinking waste was no longer unpleasant to her.  "I have a
solution to your problem", Mistress Anne said to the Owner as he discussed
options with his guests.  "But it will cost you dear", she added with a chilling

"And what is your price Anne?"  The Owner was quite aware that agreeing with
Anne without prior knowledge of the cost could be very dangerous.  Mistress Anne
was quite accustomed to play without limits.

"Well, at the moment I have no need for anyone's soul..."  This brought a laugh
from the other guests, most of who were acquainted with how extreme Mistress
Anne could become.  "When the proper time comes, I wish to assist the good
Doctor with enlarging the opening of the whore's urethra.  I could use the

This procedure was quite painful and was normally done with the cow heavily
sedated.  With the urethra enlarged, the amount of sperm getting to the
fallopian tubes was greatly increased, therefore increasing the chance of a
successful impregnation.

The Owner, realizing that this was a relatively small price for Mistress Anne to
be asking, and having a group of guests growing bored, the Owner gave his assent
after a quick look at the Doctor.  "You've got a deal Anne."

Mistress Anne then stepped up to the kneeling Butter Ball and, looking down at
the cow whore, said, "Get on the footstool whore and lay on your back."  Butter
Ball instantly complied with the request.  "Now raise your legs so that the
soles of your feet are facing out."  Again the little bloated cow whore

Mistress Anne then had her ankles tied to a three-foot wide spreader bar and had
the bar secured in position to the same block that they had hung Cow Cunt from.
Now her ass and the soles of her feet were exposed.  Next, the cow whore's
wrists were secured to the collar around her neck.  Mistress Anne then picked up
one of the straps used on Cow Cunt, drew back her arm, and swung the strap to
fall squarely on the sole of one of Butter Balls little feet.

Her shriek pierced the air totally uninhibited by any obstructions in her
throat.  Mistress Anne then struck out at the other foot.  Another shriek from
the very depths of her soul came out.  "I think I've given you the idea.  Why
not spread the wealth so that I am enjoy this", said Mistress Anne to the Owner.

The Owner selected two of his other guests to administer the punishment.  Both
were large strong men quite capable of delivering "good parsons" to the cow
whore's feet.  The shrieking was absolute music to Mistress Anne's ears as she
squatted over Butter Ball's mouth and settled down to feel the screams' effect
on her cunt.  In spite of Mistress Anne resting on her face, Butter Ball managed
to scream loud enough to be heard.

After a short time, the two men began to deliver the blows to the cow whore's
ass.  They continued for several minutes and then returned to her feet.  This
strapping went on for fifteen minutes before the Owner called a halt to the
display.  There was no sense in traumatizing the whore enough to risk her

By the time they were done, poor Butter Balls feet and ass were a mass of anger
red and purple stripes.  Her soles were definitely swollen and several small
rivulets of blood seeped from her battered plump ass.  Mistress Anne, having
achieved her several climaxes at the expense to the cow whore, finally arose
from Butter Ball's now frosted face and said;  "Do not let her stand on her
feet.  Keep her down and the pain will last for several days.  There is little
sense in these lessons if the punishment does not make the proper impression."

The Owner knew that Butter Ball would be on her hands and knees for several days
once the swelling had reached it's maximum.  It would be quite the abject lesson
for disobedience and it would encourage the others cows to remember their place
in this life.

The prone form of Cow Cunt was back in the prep room.  Two young cows were
attending her.  Both were in their second trimester of preg-nancy and had
developed quite nice fat bellies.  That is the lovely thing about multiple
fetuses.  They were quite well padded to begin with and this paid off in the
quality of their fat heavy milk.  Both were just out of their teens and had been
through pregnancy before.

They bathed her beaten body with sponges and warm water.  They applied
antiseptic ointment to the wounds.  As one of the cows, the young blond the
multiple piercings in her ears, nose, lips, and tongue, gently parted Cow Cunt's
labia to retrieve what cotton wadding still remained jammed up her vagina, the
other cow attached a collection bag to the Foley catheter.

Once the tending of Cow Cunt was completed, Rod and Carl entered the prep room
and wheeled the gurney into the kennel.  The dogs were out roaming the grounds
at the moment, which allowed Cow Cunt to sleep as they placed her into her cage.
A bedding mat had been placed into the cage for comfort and the men laid her
onto her back.

Cow Cunt's wrists and ankles were securely bound to the cage bars.  She had
enough slack to modestly change her position, but not enough to detach the
feedbag that still hung from the intravenous stand.  There was still a fair
amount of sperm left in the bag so that her belly would stay full while she

Dawn broke over the expanse of lawn to find all the dogs back in their
respective kennels.  They were more than interested in their new kennel mate.
Her smell was familiar to them and they yapped repeatedly till they managed to
rouse Cow Cunt.  As was to be the case for many days, and weeks, to come, she
woke up screaming.

Cow Cunt began to take stock of her condition.  Everything hurt!  There wasn't a
single part of her that didn't throb, or sting, or ache. She raised her head
slightly to observe her still massively swollen breasts.  She began to wail upon
seeing the vast blotches of discolor-ation that covered both for as much as she
could see.  Her nipples resembled huge red hard candies and appeared as though
they were about to split like overly ripe fruit.

She saw the bruises on her arms and legs and what she couldn't see, she felt.
She saw her still sperm stuffed belly covered with welts and purple strips.  The
dog whore then laid her head back down on the mat and wept bitterly, damning
herself for her stupidity and deception.

Her self-recriminations were interrupted when she heard someone say; "So you're
the new bitch."  Cow Cunt looked up to see a tall, sinewy black man about fifty
years of age.  In a soft, well-articulated manner, he explained who he was.  "My
name is Mr. Jones.  I tend to the animals on the farm:  The horses, dogs,
non-human cattle, and any game on the property.  I will be tending you as well.
I don't want any shit from you.  A white bitch is still just a bitch.  I don't
want to hear you're yapping or jawing at me."

He looked down at her with emotionless eyes as he spoke and she merely nodded
her head, signaling that she understood him.  He removed her feedbag, which was
now empty, and plugged the feeding tube.  He then released her wrists and ankles
from their bonds and opened the gate of the kennel cage.

He instructed her to get out and stand up.  As she did so, she doubled over with
a massive cramp that stuck her lower intestines.  "You gotta shit, don't you
bitch?  Well, come over this way", he said as he handed her the urine collection
bag.  Because her hands were still mitted, she couldn't grasp the bag so she
held it under her arm.

As she did so, the urine within the bag began to drain back into her but there
was nothing to be done for that now.  It felt very uncomfortable, but not
painful.  She held the lower part of her stomach with her other hand and tried
to massage the cramping away.

Mr. Jones walked into the prep room and motioned for her to follow.  "You'd
better listen to every word I say and do exactly what I tell you or the Owner
will hear about it."  Not wanting to incur the wrath of the Owner, or anybody
else at this point, she meekly, and quickly followed him.

He motioned for her to get up on the table and lay on her back.  She swiftly
complied.  He secured her ankles to the stirrups and her wrists to the side
rails of the table.  He then relieved her of the urine bag and removed the bag
from it's tubing.  He threw the bag into the stainless steel sink against the
wall and put the end of the tubing into the floor drain.  Mr. Jones then
prepared the hosing to clean the dog whore out. "They sure did a good job on you
bitch.  I haven't seen such coloration in several months.  You must've fucked
with the wrong dude."

She nodded her head in the affirmative as several tears left the corner of her
eyes.  "That shit don't play here so quit your crying whore."  He then connected
the inlet hose to the faucet of the sink and ran the hose to connect to her butt
plug.  He then ran the outlet hose from the other butt plug connection to the
drain in the floor.  He then turned the levels for the hot and cold water to a
warm gentle flow and opened the valve on her butt plug.

She had totally forgotten about the plug in her ass.  Her preoccupation with her
pain had made that fact disappear from her mind.  At first, she felt nothing
happening at all as she clenched her sphincter around the plug, awaiting the
surge of the water.  The dog whore wondered why she didn't feel anything.

"You must have shit clogging the inlet", said Mr. Jones as he increased the
water pressure slightly.  Suddenly, she felt the spurt of water enter-ing her
ass.  It was pleasantly warm and somehow soothing (though after last evening,
anything would be soothing to her just as long as it didn't hurt terribly).

Mr. Jones watched and waited for the water to build up enough back-pressure to
start flowing out the other hose and into the drain.  Her belly began to rise
from the gentle flow of the water and she did begin to feel some cramping, but
no water flowed out.

"You must've clogged the outlet as well.  That's okay bitch.  Mr. Jones got the
cure for that."  Mr. Jones then waited for the cramping to become unbearable for
Cow Cunt and when he felt her stomach was big enough, he placed his hands on
both sides of her belly and began to press down and slide his hands toward her

Cow Cunt's eyes opened wide from this additional pressure and she moaned as the
cramps increased their force.  Suddenly, Mr. Jones watched a two-inch long plug
of feces shoot out of the hosing and into the drain, quickly followed by a
stream to brownish water. "There we go whore.  Now we'll clean you out really
good."  Mr. Jones smiled for the first time as he watched the water exist from
her distend-ed belly.  Cow Cunt felt a sudden great relief, both from the cramps
dis-sipating and from the flow of water into and out of her belly.  She laid her
head back down and closed her eyes.

"This almost feels good", she thought to herself.  She then shed several more
tears at her situation.  How could she have come to this point so quickly?  This
abuse was beginning to feel good!  She let her mind drift and suddenly found
herself becoming aroused as the water flowed into, and out of, her.

Mr. Jones had gone into the kennel area for a few minutes as Cow Cunt gave into
the sensations.  When he returned, he firstly noticed that the water was finally
draining out totally devoid of feces.  He went to the levels and turned the
water off.  He then went over to Cow Cunt and began to deeply massage her belly
as the remaining water drained from her.

It was then that he noticed the trace of vaginal lubrication that dewed itself
along her still swollen pussy lips.  He smiled and said; "I see you like this,
don't you whore!"  Remembering her lesson from the previous evening, Cow Cunt
didn't even try to pretend she didn't.  She simply closed her eyes and nodded

Mr. Jones laughed as he continued to massage her belly, now letting his hands
work lower as the water drained.  "I bet you'd just love for me to touch that
big throbbing clitty of yours, wouldn't you?"  Again, she nodded; yes.  Mr.
Jones then moved his skilled fingers lower on her belly towards her pubic mound.

He began to concentrate his ministrations on the area over her bladder. His
fingers were beginning to drive her wild with sexual sensations that rivaled any
that she had experienced willingly.  Mr. Jones could now smell her scent as her
dewing moisture began to leak from her badly served labia.

Mr. Jones suddenly stopped his massaging and went over to a small stainless
steel refrigerator.  He opened the door and peered inside.  He retrieved a
sterile saline bladder wash contained in a soft plastic bag and returned of Cow
Cunt.  He then affixed the five hundred c.c. bag to her Foley and, after closing
the valve on her tubing, placed it on the stand next to the table.  He then
placed a clip on the tubing running from the bag to the Foley and re-opened the

Mr. Jones then began to massage Cow Cunt again, this time concent-rating
exclusively on her bladder area.  "You gonna love this bitch", he said as he
opened the clamp, allowing the chilled saline to enter her bladder.  Cow Cunt
nearly broke her wrists as the water entered her bladder.  She was so taken by
surprise that her entire body jerked with a massive spasm.

She was not prepared for this sensation.  Nor was she prepared for the sensation
coupled with Mr. Jones skilled fingers.  The dog whore closed her eyes and
concentrated on all the feelings that were traveling to and from her nerve
centers located in her lower belly and crotch.

The bag rapidly emptied and Mr. Jones removed it from the stand and placed it
onto the floor.  As the saline flowed back into the bag, he pressed down on her
bladder forcing it to rocket back into the bag.  He then picked the bag up with
one hand, while still rubbing her pubic mound with the other, and squeezed the
bag with a good deal of force.  This caused the fluid to race back into Cow

Mr. Jones did this several times, laughing as she became more and more turned
on.  Poor dog whore:  So turned on, but not enough to force her over the edge
into the abyss of orgasm.  She was now rocking her pelvis up and down, trying to
receive her lover that only existed in her imagin-ation.  Her frustration, as
well as her vaginal follow, was building to a peak level.

Suddenly, Mr. Jones pulled the hosing from the bag and let the fluid run out
into the drain.  He also ceased his massaging and watched her wither about in
her bonds, on the edge of climax, but denied any satis-faction.  "Sorry whore.
The Owner left very detailed instructions and giving you a cum was not one of
them", he said with a laugh.  She lay there and cried.

Mr. Jones left her on the table with both outlet hoses, the one from her plug
and the one from her Foley, open to drain.  He noticed that her pleasure had
turned into bitter frustration and at this point he once again massaged her
belly to assure that all the fluid had drained from her.  "You'd best rest while
you can bitch.  The Owner has plans for you today.  And anyway, it's getting on
toward your feeding time."

Cow Cunt groaned at the thought of being stuffed yet again.  Why were they doing
this?  The strappings she could understand, but this feeding thing totally
escape her ability to reason.  She continued to lay on the table and finally
finished draining.  Mr. Jones then released her from her bonds, removed the
hosing, and motioned for her to get back into her kennel cage in the next room.

As she kneeled down, she felt her stomach against the top of her thighs.  She
never noticed that before.  She began to crawl into her cage when Mr. Jones
spoke;  "Aren't you going to thank me for cleaning you out whore?"  She turned
her head toward him to thank him, but he sudden-ly pointed at the tips of his
shoes.  "Kiss them you white whore!"  With tears beginning to fill her eyes, she
bent low to reach his shoe tops and, pursing her lips, kissed the tops of both

"Now lick them bitch!"  She complied without a moment's hesitation.  "Now kiss
my ass whore."  Again she complied amidst his laughter.  She hated him for this
humiliation, but was totally powerless to even voice her disgust.  "That's my
good bitch", he said patting her on the head, "now into your cage whore."  She
crawled in and settled herself onto the pad.  She fell asleep.

The Owner was having his brunch accompanied by Mistress Em.  They talked as they
dined and the topic of discussion was their new dog bitch. "The whore will take
at least two or three days to work all the saline out of her system and the
swelling won't dissipate till then", said Mistress Em.

"Yes.  Well, we can certainly start her on hormones and we can also begin the
sensory deprivation sessions.  I think that doing this, coupled with a few extra
high calorie meals will make the time spent worth while."  The Owner hated to
have a property out of action for more than two days, but the treatment of the
dog whore last evening war-ranted additional rest.

"Your man Mr. Jones has just informed me that she is certainly quite docile and
compliant this morning", laughed Mistress Em.  "I think that we should hold a
demonstration for the others when they do arise."

"I agree with you my dear.  A lesson goes wasted unless there is some sort of
reinforcement, or at least a performance of the act not done." The Owner sipped
his coffee and furled his brow.  At this point in time, the husband walked into
the solarium.  "Coffee? Something to eat my friend", asked the Owner.

"Just some juice and coffee please.  Quite a night's entertainment."  The
husband smiled as he briefly relived the strapping he had administered. "I never
thought that could appeal so much to me."

"I guess venting one's displeasure with another via a strap is somewhat
empowering?"  The husband smiled at Mistress Em's statement.  "Not to mention
the physical benefits of a good aerobic workout", she added. "I think you'll
find today's activities most interesting.  We are going to start the dog whore
on hormones..."

"And steroids", added the Owner.

"And increase the high caloric feedings from one per day to two.  She will also
be spending some time in our sensory deprivation tank so we can implant some
very strong subconscious suggestions.  Any ideas for us?  What are her fears,
her hates, and her loves.  What new buttons can we put into her psyche?"

Mistress Em's face was aglow with the thought of playing with the dog whore's
mental make-up.  She had been using "the tank" for several years with great
success.  She had originally heard about the tank from another Mistress who had
seen it in practice at a university out in California.  In fact, smaller forms
of the tank had been manufactured and sold as a form of relaxation.  Go into the
tank for an hour or two and clear one's mind of all thought and simply relax in
the warm, chest deep water.

The tank on the farm was a much more serious affair that rivaled the one's used
for research at various institutions studying the mind.  Her tank, or shall we
say the Owner's tank, was seven feet cubed.  A computer operated its controlling
system.  The water was kept at a constant temperature of ninety-two degrees.
The saline content was carefully monitored to prevent over, or under, hydration
of the subject. The room was very dimly lighted and completely sound proofed.
Once placed into the tank, and wired up with the appropriate telemetry, the
subject would be totally cut off from any stimuli.

Mistress Em had used it on all of the cows at one time or another.  She was able
to instill the proper degree of docility and the proper attitude toward child
bearing.  She had her cows thinking (?) like real cows might.  Their only
concern was to produce milk, and spawn young.  On occasion, the tank was used to
program slaves in various ways.  And today, it would be used to program Cow

The deprivation process generally takes twenty-four hours to begin.  There are
definitive stages that the subject passes through before any programming can be
attempted.  The first major stage is characterized by total boredom and
restlessness.  The second stage is filled with the terror of being forgotten and
the nightmares created by a mind in short circuit because of the lack of
stimulus.  The third stage is a nearly coma-tose like state in which the mind
finally shuts down.  At this point, one can begin to make the suggestions.

"I wish I had known about this prior to taking the vows", said the husband.  "I
really didn't know her long enough to determine what her likes or dislikes are.
I know she loves money, and the things money provides her with.  She is
extremely vain about her appearance.  She obviously didn't want to deal with
children and perhaps didn't care for them.  And she does hate all ethnic types,
and anyone not physically perfect, or rich.  Is this of any help?"

Mistress Em sat silent of a while as she mulled over what the husband had just
related.  "You've been of some help.  Actually, not knowing too much about the
whore is an advantage to us.  There is an old saying that a blank wall is the
Devil's playground.  We can put in whatever we want now.  We can certainly
change it later."

"Indeed", said the Owner.  "I can assure you that what ever Mistress Em has in
mind will be devilishly delightful."  The Owner then picked up the nearby phone
and called the kennel.  When Mr. Jones picked up the phone, the Owner asked that
Cow Cunt and the big alpha dog be brought over to the solarium in one hour, and
that they both be on lead.  "I think we need to examine the whore's learning
capabilities as soon as possible."

With the exception of Mistress Anne, the other guests gathered in the solarium
over the course of the next hour.  There was some discussion of the prior
night's activities and some suggested planning of the day's final events.  With
the exception of the slaves situated nearby to attend their Owners, the group
might have been mistaken for a typical Sunday, late morning, brunch club
discussing their gardens.

At this juncture, Mr. Jones entered the room with Cow Cunt and the large alpha.
The alpha was to Mr. Jones' left and the dog whore to his right.  Both had leads
attached to their respective collars and upon halting before the gathered group,
the dog sat and Cow Cunt kneeled, eyes downcast, and hands gingerly cupping her
discolored and still swollen breasts.  She was holding them away from her
bruised and battered chest as though offering them to be sampled by the esteemed

"Have the whore stand Mr. Jones", said the Owner.  Mr. Jones gave a sharp tug on
the lead and the dog whore stood, still cupping her breasts and with her eyes
still downcast.  Cow Cunt's body had continued to change hues.  Now yellows and
greens had appeared in various places to augment the blacks, blues, purples,
reds and oranges.

"Walk the whore Mr. Jones.  Let's let our guests review the wok of our Mistress
Em."  Mr. Jones gave the alpha the hand signal to the alpha to remain in place.
He then dropped the animal's lead and began to walk the dog whore around the
table at which the group sat.  He would occasional tug the lead toward himself
to pull her in, or back to keep her a step behind his pace.  He exhibited her as
he would a dog.

Cow Cunt managed to keep his pace and understood in short order what she needed
to do.  She kept her eyes focused on Mr. Jones' feet and tried, with some good
success, to anticipate his movements.  Her mouth was still held open by the "o"
ring and the feeding tube was still in place.  She continued to hold her breasts
out as an offering as she walked.

Mr. Jones made one complete circuit of the table and then halted.  Cow Cunt
started to kneel and Mr. Jones tugged smartly on her lead, signal-ing her to
remain standing.  She arose and awaited the next order from him.  "You seem to
have a way with the dogs Mr. Jones.  Especially the bitch dogs", stated the

"She is a bit stupid, but she seems to learn with the proper incentives." Mr.
Jones then gave the signal to sit by tugging downward on the lead. Cow Cunt
squatted on her haunches and sat as best she could.  Mr. Jones patted her on her
head, as he would do to any dog that had obey-ed a command in a proper fashion.

"I see that I'm just in time for the festivities."  Mistress Anne entered the
room and walked up to the seated group.  "Have the bitch roll over Jones."  Mr.
Jones stared at her for a moment and then turned toward the Owner who nodded his
consent.  But before he could turn his head completely toward the Owner, the dog
whore rolled over.  "You are quite right Jones, as usual.  She is very stupid."

Cow Cunt shuttered at the realization of her error.  She was to play the dog
bitch and had to await the command from Mr. Jones.  She remem-bered the
treatment served by Mistress Anne and the ungodly pain she felt.  She began to
tremble and roll back again when Mistress Anne once again spoke to the group.
"Look at this stupid whore."  Turning to look down at the quaking dog whore, she
said flatly; "No one told you to roll back over."

Cow Cunt ceased her rolling and settled on her back again.  "Spread your cunt
open whore", ordered Mistress Anne.  Cow Cunt carefully traced her finger down
the center of her swollen, abused, lips and started to carefully spread them
apart.  "I DON"T HAVE ALL DAY WHORE", Mistress Anne shouted at poor Cow Cunt.

The dog whore was so startled at her change of voice that she quickly grasped
the lips with her hands and, with a grimace, and a slight groan, opened up the
entrance to her cunt.  "Wider!  I want to see your tonsils through that filthy
hole."  Cow Cunt tried to comply as best she could but her lips were still so
swollen, and her vaginal cavity as well from the alcohol, that she simply
couldn't get more than two fingers of each hand inside. "Really George", she
said to the Owner, "you simply must do something about this whore.  She is
absolutely useless."  The Owner stared at Mist-ress Anne for a moment, thinking
how impossibly arrogant she was.  "Well Anne", said the Owner purposely leaving
off the Mistress title, "she has only been here two days.  We will begin the
intensive training later today, if you would care to remain."

"But let's see how really far she has come."  The Owner looked at Cow Cunt lying
on the floor with her fingers jammed up her cunt.  He could see the
embarrassment written on her face, and in her eyes, which had already begun to
water with the fear of what these monsters held in store for her.  "Mr. Jones,
take charge of your bitch, if you please."

Mr. Jones took hold of her lead again and tugged her collar, signaling her to
return to her former position.  Her eyes returned to his shoes, and her hands to
cup the undersides of her breasts, presenting them again.  He bent over and
grasped her hands, pulling them away from her teats.  He then balled her hands
into fists and planted them on the floor in front of her knees matching her
position to that of the alpha dog as best he could.  "This is the way you will
sit when you are on lead."

Mr. Jones straightened up and took the lead of the alpha.  He then turned toward
the Owner.  "Mr. Jones, let them mate."  Mr. Jones looked down at his dog whore
and said, "Suck him hard whore, and be good and gentle with him.  If you're nice
to him, he just may give you a cum, and a belly full of pups as well."

This time Cow Cunt did not hesitate very long at all.  She crawled around Mr.
Jones' legs and taking hold of the animal's flanks, lowered her head toward his
cock, which was still shielded by his sheath.  "Grab hold of the sheath and
gently massage it till the one eyed monster pokes his head out."

She did as he instructed, nearly vomiting at what she was now doing. The dog
whore could smell the animal and she was nauseated.  Within short order, the
dog's cock began to exit its hiding place.  This was her worst nightmare, and
she knew it would only end with her death.  She also knew that these monsters
would do everything in their power to see that she lived a very long time. Cow
Cunt once again bowed toward the tip of the animals cock and touched her tongue
to its tip.  It felt slimy and had a strong pungent scent.  She nearly gagged as
her tongue swirled about the bulberous head.  As she licked, the cock grew and

"Feel for his knot whore", instructed Mr. Jones.  "When you feel it, grab him
firmly, but gently, behind his knot."  He smiled as she traced her fingers along
the sheath until she felt the protrusion.  She then did as instructed, thinking
that at least they weren't hurting her.

The animal's cock continued to grow and it grew into her mouth.  But his cock
couldn't penetrate further then the ring gag in her mouth.  Noticing that fact
prompted Mr. Jones to request that the gag be re-moved.  "I don't want to
frustrate the dog", he commented.

The Owner nodded toward Mistress Em and she rose to undo the feeding tube from
the gag, and the gag from the dog whore's mouth. Mr. Jones jerked up on the lead
and Cow Cunt brought her head out from beneath the dog.  She resumed the stance
learned from Mr. Jones.

When Mistress Em had finished undoing the device, she raised her gaze to look at
Cow Cunt's eyes.  "Look at me whore."  Cow Cunt looked up at her.  Mistress Em
stared deeply into her eyes for several long mo-ments, searching for the further
debasement of her soul, and, having found it, smiled like a Cheshire cat.  Then
she rose up and returned to her chair.

"Continue bitch."  She was brought back to the present situation by the sound of
Mr. Jones' voice.  She bowed back down and once again took the dog's cock into
her mouth, this time with the ability to take him deeply.  The dog began to stir
and he rolled over onto his back.  This brought several chuckles from the
assembled group.

Tears began once again to fall from her eyes.  She tasted something salty and
slightly noxious in her mouth.  It was the pre-cum fluid seeping from the cock.
The appendage had finally grown to its full length of nine inches long and
several in circumference.  She couldn't take the entire thing in her mouth (blow
jobs were never her forte).

But she did use her lips, hoping to end this nightmare by making the animal
climax.  Cow Cunt worked harder on the dog's cock then on any she ever sucked.
She even began to rub the animal's belly, as she held the knot firmly and
sucked, her head bobbing up and down.  She suddenly swung her hips over the
animal's head, hoping that the scent of her cunt would create the
over-stimulation that would make the dog squirt his seed into her mouth.

Just as the huge alpha dog swiped his tongue across her swollen labia, the Owner
said; "Mr. Jones, please have her service the animal..." Mr. Jones then tugged
firmly on the lead and Cow Cunt raised her head from the dog, letting the cock
slide from her mouth.  She realized what they wanted and she let Mr. Jones again
tug on her lead before getting on her hands and knees.

She sobbed knowing that if they let him mount, and penetrate, her swollen and
dry vaginal, she would probably cry out and move from  her position.  She simply
couldn't let them punish her again.  She suddenly felt something cool and
soothing being rubbed on her nether lips.  It was the mating scent!

The dog literally attacked her with his tongue.  She nearly bolted when that
tongue whipped her lips, sending a shiver up her spine to explode in her brain
with a starburst of sexual sensation.  The next several tongue lashes slapped
she clit with nearly the force of the strap.  She yelped at each one.

The gathered group left the table and settled on the love seats and chairs that
lined the room.  They all had a slightly glazed look in their eyes.  They were
partaking in their particular drug and the high was quite exhilarating.  This
bitch would get turned on in spite of her revulsion to what she was doing.

As the dog continued his attack she raised her rear to give the animal better
access.  She then dropped to her elbows and rested her forehead on her hands.
"Raise your head bitch", said Mr. Jones.  "Let the people see your face.  Keep
your eyes open whore.  And your mouth."

It took a moment for her to conform to Mr. Jones' commands.  She had become lost
in her own sexual arousal as the dog assaulted her cunt.  As the animal hit it's
next mark and parted her now dewy labia, she yelped and gasped as her eyes
rolled up into her lids.  She was breathing hard through her mouth and moaning
as she exhaled.  When the dog shot his tongue up into her pussy, she groaned and
nearly fell forward on her face.

The dog finally felt that he had gotten his bitch wet enough so he raised his
front paws onto her back and, letting his paws slide down around her waist,
scratching her sides as he slid.  He began to pump out at her and she felt him
striking the butt plug.  She tried raising her rear a bit more and within three
thrusts, he sank six inches of his cock's length into her.

She nearly screamed as the dog's cock stretched the sides of her swollen, and
raw, vaginal canal.  He gripped her tightly as he rapidly thrust into her.  Her
mouth was open and her tongue extended as though she was screaming, but no sound
came out.  Her eyes shut tightly as she was overwhelmed with the incredible
sensation on the dog's cock in her.  It was very warm; in fact it felt red hot,
as it rammed its way in and out of her at an eye blurring speed.

Suddenly, she felt the dog's knot slam up against her cunt lips.  It was as
though someone was smacking her lips with a bristled brush.  It actually stung
her raw flesh but this only added to the sensory overload that was rapidly
building up within her.  She was nearly completely lost in her passion when she
heard Mistress Anne say; "He'll never get his knot in that tight cunt with the
butt plug up the whore's ass.  She turned toward the Owner and said; "George, if
you would...".  As she turned her attention back to the dog whore.

"Mr. Jones, please remove the whore's plug."  Cow Cunt was ripped from the
safety of her passion as the dog was pulled from her and his cock slid out of
her cunt.  Mr. Jones got between the dog and the dog whore.  He held his hand in
front of the dog's face and the animal sat anxiously watching his trainer, and
his bitch.

Mr. Jones released the valve and with a hiss on compressed air being released,
the plug deflated.  Mr. Jones had no trouble pulling the device from her for it
was now smaller than her stretched ass hole.  She stayed down in her position
with Mr. Jones' hand pressing into her back bet-ween her shoulder blades.  Her
sphincter remained opened even though the plug was no longer in place.  It would
soon begin to return to its original tightness although the muscle would remain
loose and pliable for a while.

Mr. Jones then raised himself from his knees and as soon as he cleared her rear
end, the alpha swiftly sprang at Cow Cunt and put his paws up onto her back.  He
jabbed twice in rapid secession and buried his cock and knot completely into the
dilated hole.  "That's my boy.  Any port in a storm", said Mr. Jones to the
laughs of those gathered.

Cow Cunt's eyes opened wide as she felt the massive organ ram into her ass.  She
yelped as the dog instantly began to pound into her.  The first several times
the animal entered and rapidly withdrew, his knot did the same, exiting with
almost a plopping sound as it began to enlarge.  Soon, his knot grew too large
to exit easily and, as he withdrew, the pain of it trying to exit elicited yelps
from the dog bitch.

Now the animal was fucking Cow Cunt at a blazing speed.  Although the thrusts
were not long, they were frantic, and impossibly deep.  "Play with her clit",
Mistress Anne said to nobody in particular.  One of her slaves immediately left
his knees and went over to the coupled pair and knelt along side of Cow Cunt.
He began to rub and pinch her still swoll-en clit as the dog jackhammered her

Cow Cunt's eyes rolled upward into her head as the sensation of having her clit
stroked flooded her body like a flash flood rushing through a canyon.  She began
to instinctively rock back against the animal as though she would be able to
force the dog's cock even deeper.  The animal suddenly grasped her waist with
even a greater strength as he started to cum.  Cow Cunt could feel the sperm
start to shoot deeply into her ass as the huge dog emitted spurt after spurt.

She was very close to cumming herself when she heard Mistress Anne tell her
slave to stop.  She groaned with frustration knowing that if she attempted to
touch herself, she would be severely punished.  Tears rolled down her eyes as
she continued to rock her pelvis back against the animal. The dog had finally
finished his ejaculation into the dog whore and now began to step over her back
to rest ass to ass with his bitch.  As he did so, the turning of his organ
within Cow Cunt's dog sperm filled ass hole triggered a mighty orgasm within
her.  She cried out her pleasure as her body fell slightly forward.  This action
caused the dog's knot to bump up against the inside of her sphincter triggering
another orgasm in her.

She now rested with her fore head resting on her fore arms.  She was covered in
sweat and was breathing heavily.  The dog tried to move away nearly dragging the
tied dog bitch with him.  Each time he did this, she had another mini-orgasm.

The guests, including Mistress Anne, applauded her little show.  Mr. Jones took
hold of the dog's collar and kept him in place.  Cow Cunt, still on all fours,
kept feeling the after shocks of her orgasm as her tears dripped down her cheeks
and onto the floor.  Mr. Jones gave her collar a tug indicating that she should
resume her prior position.  She lifted her head and raised herself up onto her
hands.  "Let them see your face bitch."

Finally, the dog's knot shrunk enough for him to break loose, causing Cow Cunt
to squeal.  Immediately, Mr. Jones replaced the dog's cock with the butt plug,
thus preventing the dog cum from leaking out.  He pumped the plug back up to its
original size, and then gave the squeeze bulb two more pumps causing the dog
whore to groan.

The dog was led a few feet away where he proceeded to roll onto his side and
start to lick himself clean of this human bitch.  "Let her do it" said her
husband.  "Now that is getting into the spirit of the thing," count-ered the

Mr. Jones tugged at Cow Cunt's lead and she crawled over to the ani-mal.  She
could smell her scent on the dog.  With tear filled eyes, she bent her head down
and took the dog's cock into her mouth.  She could smell, and taste, her ass
hole on him as she began to lick and suck the beast clean.

The animal, in turn, smelled her scent emanating from her pussy and began to try
and move around to taste her.  Mr. Jones told her to move her body around so
that the dog could get a good taste of her "white trash" cunt.  Cow Cunt now
placed her cunt over the head of the huge dog who began to lash her cunt with
his tongue.  "Isn't this simply adorable.  We should take pictures of these two
lover pleasuring each other", said Mistress Em.

"But we are dear Em", said the Owner.  Cow Cunt began to moan as the dog's
attentions were beginning to turn her on.  In spite of her revoltion at her
actions, and her seemingly never ending tears, the dog whore felt the tingling
of an impending orgasm building as she continued to suck on the dog's huge
dripping penis.

The gathered group observed the perverse show, making comments as to her
technique and her seemingly passionate response to the dog's attentions.
"Look," said the husband, "he's becoming fully erect again! Bless his stamina."

"This animal is quite strong and capable of achieving an erection very quickly
after first mating," said the Owner.  "We do look for the strong-est animals to
train and I do know that this whore will be more that up to the task."

Mr. Jones kept his well trained eye on the mating pair, making sure that the
animal didn't become to frustrated at not being able to couple with his bitch.
He certainly didn't want the dog to began to nip at the dog whore's flowering

Cow Cunt began to taste a healthy discharge of the dog's pre-ejacul-ation fluids
as they leaked into her mouth.  The bitter saltiness of the fluid made her quite
aware of the possibility that the animal cumming in her mouth.

When the animal began to softly whine and growl, he knew that the dog was ready
for the "main event".  He bent his head toward Cow Cunt and softly said in her
ear;  "Grasp his knot from the rear and hold it firmly.  And you'd better not
spill a single drop when he shoots his load into your mouth whore.  Don't'
swallow it either.  They are going to want to see what present your lover has
given you before you swallow it all."

Cow Cunt felt his knot really begin to swell as she gently, but firmly grasped
it and held it.  His cock also began to swell in her mouth as she continued to
assault the organ with her lips and tongue.  She had to concentrate deeply on
what was occurring because she was nearly driven to total distraction by the dog
as he lapped not just the folds of her blossomed lips and clit, but as he strove
to shove his tongue as far up her cunt has he could.

As the dog whore began to moan again, she was stopped in the midst by the animal
suddenly beginning to unload his sperm into her mouth.  Al-though he had cum
just a short while ago, the animal still emptied a volume of sperm into her
mouth.  She began to choke with the volume of the dog's sperm but remembered Mr.
Jones' warning.

Fortunately, the dog didn't quite emit the volume of sperm that his first orgasm
spurted into her.  But none-the-less, it was a goodly amount.  As she coughed
with her mouth closed, sperm began to trickle out her nose.  It took all of her
concentration to keep her mouth closed and the volume of fluid in.

Mr. Jones then tugged on her collar indicating that she should rise off the
animal and stand.  He led her over to where the group sat and then signaled her
to kneel by his side.  "Open your mouth whore," he order-ed.  She did so to
expose the milky viscous fluid in her mouth.  The group applauded and laughed as
she sat there, tears streaming down her cheeks, and mouth full of dog cum.

Mr. Jones looked at the Owner, who then nodded his head.  "Swallow it whore," he
commanded.  And she did.  After swallowing, she gave out a loud burp and a small
bit of sperm came up and trickled down the side of her mouth.  "There is nothing
like the sight of a sperm burping whore," commented the Owner.  "Lick it off
whore."  And she did.

Part 5

After she had swallowed the sperm, and burped up the air that accompanied the
fluid down into her stomach, Mr. Jones was asked to return the pair to their
respective kennel cages.  Cow Cunt crawled into hers and sat with her arm across
her knee.  She began to weep softly and lowered her head onto her forearm.  The
big alpha leaped up and clawed at the cage bars, trying to get at his bitch
again.  He yapped and whined, sensing her sadness.  He wanted to crawl up with
her and sleep.

Cow Cunt cried and bemoaned what she had fallen into becoming.  She was a slave
not simply to this horrible animal, but to the Owner, and anyone the Owner chose
to loan her to.  She could smell the dog's odor on her again.  She could also
smell the dog's sperm, and her own scent of sexual arousal as well.

Thankfully, Mr. Jones had not replaced the o-ring gag in her mouth.  He had also
removed the mitts that had prevented her from using her fingers.  He had
strongly warned her not to tamper with her butt plug, her Foley catheter, or her
feeding tube, which was promptly re-inflated after her "snack" of dog sperm.
His ominous tone of voice indicated that she would be severely punished for
doing so.  She had grown some-what accustomed to the intrusive devices anyway.

Finally, after about ten minutes, she stretched out on the pad and closed her
eyes.  She realized that whatever they had planned for her would probably occur
during her next feeding.  That was only a few hours away and she knew she would
need her strength for whatever lay ahead.

The Owner had given instructions to Carl and Rod to prepare all for Cow Cunt's
first session with the sensory deprivation tank.  They immediately went to the
tank room and began to start up and test the various devices that controlled the
entire system.  They next went and readied the special wet suit that (they
suspected) Cow Cunt would wear.

The neoprene suit would cover her body except for her chest, which left her
breasts fully exposed, and her crotch and ass crack.  A flap of neo-prene hung
down from the rear, ready to be snapped to the front once the pants were put on.
There were two holes in the flap; one was located where the hoses would attach
to her butt plug and the other to where her soon to be installed dildo would be

There was specialized facemask that would fit entirely over her face.  The
various tubes (breathing and feeding) would run through the front of the mask.
The breathing tubes would run down her nose and into her lungs and the feeding
tube would be attached to the one running down her throat.  The glass of the
mask was painted black and no light would penetrate at all.

Mr. Jones roused cow Cunt from her slumber.  It took but a moment for her to
recognize her situation and she instantly got on all fours in her cage.  Mr.
Jones opened the cage door and motioned, with his hands, for her to get up on
the ever-present gyn table.  She got onto the table and placed her feet into the
stirrups.  Mr. Jones secured her feet, and her wrists, to the table and awaited
the arrival of the Owner and guests.

The forty-eight hours Cow Cunt had thus far spent at the farm seemed to be an
eternity.  There was a never-ending regimen established for her and in was
constantly being executed.  She wept softly with the know-ledge that she no
longer had any control over her life.  She was merely a toy, some one else's
toy, to be played with and then put away till the next play session.

Rod and Carl soon joined Mr. Jones in the prep room.  They wheeled in a cart the
teemed with the apparatus that she would be wearing while in the tank.  Mr.
Jones readied the various devices that would be her only life support while
submerged.  Cow Cunt viewed the items, not really knowing their purpose, but
guessing that all this was expressly gathered for her.

The Owner soon walked into the prep room with the husband and Mist-ress' Em and
Anne.  They gathered around the splayed whore with hun-ger in their eyes.  The
dog whore stared back at them knowing that whatever their hunger was for; she
certainly would represent the main course.

"I think it is time to remove all of her hair Mr. Jones," said Mistress Em.
Start with her head please."  Cow Cunt groaned as she heard these words.  Her
hair had been one of her more beautiful physical aspects and now they were
taking it from her.  Mr. Jones brought over his grooming clippers and began to
remove her hair.  He ran the clippers from the back of her hair to the front,
letting the hair drop off in front of her eyes.  Each lock of hair was exhibited
to her after it's cutting.

After shearing her hair down to stubble, Mr. Jones then took and elect-ric razor
and completed the job of total hair removal.  He finished the job by lathering
up her scalp and shaving what little remained.  He then repeated to operation on
her pubic hair.  Cow Cunt felt the coolness of the air passing over her bald
head and mourned the loss her last person-al possession.

Mr. Jones then wiped her scalp with alcohol to close the pores on her head.  He
was about to wipe her crotch down with a soothing cream to prevent any razor
burn from arising when Mistress Anne intervened. "Please allow me," she said in
a tone that was more a command than a request.

Mr. Jones stepped back from the prone whore to allow Mistress Anne access.
Mistress Anne, in true to form fashion, grabbed for some cotton and the alcohol.
She wet the cotton and swiftly wiped the newly shaved area with the alcohol.
Within a second or two, Cow Cunt screamed and arched her back.  Her entire
crotch area exploded into a burning, sear-ing pain, as the alcohol attacked the
opened pores and the soft sensitive skin of her crotch.  Mistress Anne simply
closed her eyes and smiled the smile of a woman on the verge of great pleasure.

After wiping the dog whore down several times with the alcohol, Mist-ress Anne
was satisfied that Cow Cunt's pores were closed and would no longer provide her
with the music she so longed to hear.  The Owner than had the three men proceed
to put the wet suit on Cow Cunt.  They loosened her ankles and slipped the long
legged pants up the whore's body.  The pants were large in the waist to allow
ample room for her belly to expand during the feedings she would receive.

Once the pants were on, Cow Cunt felt the coolness of her exposed, and now
hairless, pussy.  Her ankles were refastened to the table and now her wrists
were freed to allow the jacket to be placed on her.  This was done and the
zipper was pulled up to the top of her collar.  Neoprene mitts were placed on
her hands and booties on her feet.

The last piece of the suit to be put on was the hood.  This slipped on quite
easily with-out having to deal with her hair.  The hood collar overlapped the
collar of her jacket forming a fairly good seal.  There were earphones inside
the hood that were placed over the whore's ears.  Now she would only be able to
hear what her captors wanted her to hear.  Her wrists were re-secured to the

The Owner now let Mistress Em, with the help of Mr. Jones, complete the
installation of the devices that would complete Cow Cunt's attire for at least
the next twenty-four hours.  Mistress Em put on a pair of latex gloves and then
deflated the butt plug in the dog whore's ass, removing it with an unceremonious
plopping sound.  She tossed it across the room and into the sink.  Mr. Jones
handed her a new plug, one that was cap-able of expanding to a far greater
diameter.  She inserted the plug, but did not inflate it.

Next came the inflatable dildo.  This device was capable of expanding to nearly
six inches in diameter.  Mistress Em lubricated the eight-inch long device and
inserted in into the whore, making sure that the clitoris stimulator was
properly placed atop of her clit and clit hood.  Cow Cunt groaned as she felt
the huge dildo slide into her cunt, which was already cramped by the butt plug
being in place.

Mistress Em now asked for the glass vacuum tube for the whore's clit.  She
placed the tube over the dog whore's clit and attached the vacuum pump's hose to
the glass.  She turned on the pump and watched through delighted eyes as the
nubbin of flesh was sucked up into the glass tube.

Cow Cunt moaned as the stimulation of her clit being sucked hit her like a high
voltage electrical current.  Mistress Em then closed the outlet valve when the
dog whore's clit and hood was full sucked up into the tube.  She then placed the
tube under the dildo's clit stimulator and attached the electrical wire to the
tube, which had a silver band around the base.

She could feel the butt plug rubbing against the dildo through her perineum.
She hadn't felt this stuffed since she fucked two roommates at a local college
and they decided to sandwich her between them.  She remembered that the
sensations of her orgasm, with the two strong cocks in her, was unbelievable.
Both her ass hole and her cunt spasmed so greatly that she didn't even need to
move to bring them both to a screaming orgasm at the same time.

The dog whore knew that today this was certainly not being done for her
pleasure, but for that of these monsters.  The one-half inch in flow and out
flow hoses were run through the flap on the back of her suit and attached to the
butt plug.  Also attached to the plug were the electrical connections for the
built in vibrator and the silver shock strip around the neck of the plug.  These
connections were sealed with rubber ce-ment.  The inflator hose was also
attached to the plug and bound together with the other hoses and wirings with
duct tape.

The same was done for the dildo.  The inflation hose, the current wiring, and
the vibrator wiring were passed through the flap hole and attached to the huge
rubber device in her cunt.  The last device to be put on her was the electrode
harness.  Mistress Em unzipped the jacket and rolled down the top portion of the
pants that the dog whore now had on to reveal her entire abdomen.

The electrodes were placed on, and around, her belly and pubic mound after
having adhesive put onto the cups.  The wiring was harnessed using duct tape and
run through the hole in the flap alongside the dildo attachments, and the Foley
catheter.  Now the jacket was re-zipped and the flap pulled up and snapped into
place to retain the butt plug and dildo.

The suit was heavy and our poor Cow Cunt began to sweat.  She felt herself being
constricted by the apparel and had no idea of what was yet to come.  Mistress Em
wasted no time in readying the next set of devices to be placed into the dog
whore.  The facemask, and it's various tubing was next to be put on.

The feed tubing that ran through the mask was first.  The gag ring was replaced
and the feed tube connected through it.  Next cam the air hoses.  These were fed
up the dog whore's sinuses and back down her throat alongside the feed tube.  In
the event that her crying swelled her sinuses closed, she could still breath
through her nose.  She could also still take air down her throat.  The mask
would be placed on the whore's face just before being put into the tank.

The last items to be attached to the dog whore were now brought out and placed
on the cart next to the table.  These were the vacuum devices for Cow Cunt's
nipples and breasts.  Once again the nipple tubes were attached and set tightly
by the vacuum pump.  The electrical wires ran up through the top of the breast
cups.  Her nipples were sucked up an inch and one-half into the tubes before the
valves were closed.

Next the breast cups were placed on her chest and they too were attach-ed to the
vacuum pump.  Mistress Anne smiled as the flesh of each breast suddenly began to
fill out to the sides of the cups, and began to creep up the sides to completely
stretch out her fleshy orbs.  Once her teats were fully stretched, the valves
were closed off, the tubing det-ached, and the wiring lay out to her sides.

Mistress Em then looked at the Owner and said; "I think we should first test the
various systems before we place her."  The Owner nodded his approval.  He
realized that his wisdom in retaining Mistress Em for a year would handsomely
pay off for she could show the others how to properly ready a slave for the

Carl and Rod began to attach the various wires and hoses to their pro-per
connections on the transformer and air pump.  Once all the conn-ections were
made, the testing began.  Mistress Em would turn a dial and flip a switch and
watch to see whether the dog whore would react. She certainly reacted as sharply
as she could within her bondage as the butt plug and the dildo were inflated.
She quaked again when the various electrodes were activated. And she nearly came
when the dildo's built in vibrator was set off.  The clit stimulator vibrated
against the glass tube containing her clit nearly causing her to shit out her
plug. "I do believe that all systems are a go", she pronounced upon testing
everything.  "Time for the tank."

"I assume you will give the whore her hormone injections prior to being placed
in the tank", asked Mistress Anne.  "Absolutely", responded Mistress Em.  "Then
I do believe that a special cocktail might be in order", Mistress Anne said with
her characteristic evil smile.

"Whatever do you have in mind", the Owner asked.

"I do believe that if she is placed in the tank in a sleeping state, her arousal
into nothingness will be a great deal of fun to observe.  It will take some time
before panic sets in if she goes in conscious."

"Indeed Mistress Anne.  It can take up to twelve hours for that to occur."  The
Owner had a gleam in his eye.  He knew how this evil woman's mind worked.

"Why not have the good Doctor give her a sodium penthanol and morphine cocktail.
Put the bitch to sleep for a few hours, even more than a few hours.  Let her
awaken totally disoriented.  I also think that in lieu of her scheduled hourly
feedings, we should make this one cont-inuous feeding.  With her asleep, it
should all go to her body."

"Mistress Anne, you are a genius", laughed the Owner.  "We can also see if any
of the stimulation we apply to her produces a reaction while she is in
never-never land."

"The thing of it is, George, that we shouldn't put her to sleep.  Simply give
her enough to get her to a semi-conscious state.  After all, we wouldn't want
her to miss too much of the fun."

The Doctor was called for.  He entered the prep room rubbing his hands together
as though he were about to sit down for a fine meal.  "I see our little whore is
nearly ready for her trip", he said.

"Mistress Anne suggested giving her a special cocktail of sodium penth-anol and
morphine along with the hormones", whispered the Owner to the Doctor.

"That should be quite a bit of fun.  She'll wake up not knowing that she's even
awake.  Consider it done." The Doctor went to his cabinet and removed the
appropriate syringes.  He then went to his refrigerator and, after unlocking it,
removed vials of prolactin, estrogen, sodium penthanol, and morphine.  The
Doctor, out of the line of sight of Cow Cunt, mixed both injections and placed
the hypodermics on a tray.  He then covered the tray with a cloth and brought it
over to the cart by the dog whore's side.

"Hello again dear.  Doctor Feelgood is here with your vitamins."  Cow Cunt
learned one thing for sure; if the Doctor was around, she was in trouble.  She
began to quake as fear filled her heart and mind.  "Don't worry baby.  Here's a
little something that will help you on to your new life."

The Doctor raised up the hypodermic full of the hormone concoction and, after
expelling the air inside, injected her in the base of each breast just where the
glass vacuum jar ended and her flesh began.  "There, that wasn't so bad now, was
it?"  He then dabbed the spot with an alcohol swab.  The Doctor then raised up
the second hypodermic and, with a broad smile, said; "Enjoy your trip Dorothy
cause Kansas is going bye bye."

He walked toward her feet and unsnapped the crotch flap of her suit. The Doctor
then pierced a vein in the dog whore's leg and slowly, so very slowly, depressed
the plunger of the hypodermic.  Almost immed-iately Cow Cunt felt a warm glowing
throughout her body.  She felt a slight nausea begin to rise from the pit of her
stomach.  And then she began to float as if she were a boat at sea.  She closed
her eyes and gave herself over to the drugs.

Now the last piece of Cow Cunt's garb could be affixed to her person.  The mask
was raised up and slowly the tubing was pulled through the watertight washers.
Once the mask was tight against her face, the re-taining strap was slipped back
over her head.  The mask covered all of her exposed face and overlapped the wet
suit hood by one-half an inch. The rubber cement was used to create a final
barrier against any water entering the mask and drowning the dog whore.

Now poor Cow Cunt was completely sealed off from the world, and any stimulation
not provided by her tormenters.  Her crotch flap was snapped back into place and
her ankles and wrists were released from their bondage.  Carl and Rod then began
to wheel the cart to the tank room.  The dog whore made quite a sight as she was
pushed through the doors leading out of the prep room and kennel area.  She was
comp-letely covered in black neoprene except for the two glass vacuum jars
affixed to her chest.

As she was wheeled through the area where the cows resided, followed by the
Doctor, the two Mistresses, and the Owner, the cows stared with the knowledge of
what was about to happen to the dog whore.  Some of them smiled and others had
tears in their eyes.  Still others looked the other way and tried to disappear
from the view of the party lest they be selected next.

Each of the resident cows had been subjected to the tank.  And each had
experienced a different programming depending upon what their Own-ers had
requested.  Some had been turned into the most depraved of sex slaves and others
felt they would die if they weren't perpetually preg-nant.  Some had even had
their former personalities completely destroy-ed and replaced by a new one.  All
of them had nightmares for some time after being subjected to the tank.

The procession moved on through the cow stall area and again through a set of
double doors.  Once inside the double doors, the lock was set.  They would not
be disturbed by anything until the whore was placed in the tank.  One last door
was opened and they all now stood in the dimly lighted tank room.

The tank itself occupied most of the area in the room.  Along one side of the
tank was a table upon which rested the electronic monitoring, and device
activating, equipment.  Two people were required to operate the tank and its
equipment.  One would monitor the systems and the other would activate the
devices as needed.  Two people present also cut down on the possibility of an
"accident" occurring.

Cow Cunt was wheeled to the side of the tank opposite the table.  There was a
winch and pulley system affixed to the wall and ceiling to hoist the subject
into the tank.  Along the base of the tank lay the various harness connections
to mate with the ones that were already in place on Cow Cunt.

Two one-gallon, closable top, plastic feed cans were brought into the room by
Carl.  Each contained the high caloric mixture and their hoses were hooked up to
the feeding tube in Cow Cunt's mouth, and the one in her butt plug.  The valves
remained, for the moment, closed.

The hooking up took several minutes and once it was accomplished, the semi
conscious, dreaming pleasantly, Cow Cunt was hoisted up, turned over to face the
bottom of the tank, and suspended.  Carl and Rod went up on the walkway
surrounding the tank and secured the dog whore's wrists and ankles to rubber
lines that were secured to plastic rings on poles that ran inside the tank to
the bottom.

The rubber would have very limited stretch so that her arms and legs could move,
but not very much at all.  And should she try to move, her arms and legs would
return to their original position once her strength waned.

Now she was lowered into the tank.  As she began to sink below the level of the
water, the plastic rings submerged as well.  She would remain splayed out for
her duration in the tank.  She sank down to the halfway mark.  In this position,
no matter how hard she might try, she would not be able to feel the sides, the
bottom, or the water's surface.

Mistress Em and the Doctor, overseen by the Owner and Mistress Anne, began the
hook-up and telemetry tests on the splayed out dog whore.  Once they were
assured that all the systems were working properly, they placed the final piece
of their performance art piece into place.  The urine collection bag, a
collapsed one-gallon container, was weighted and dropped into the tank after the
valve was opened.  Instantly, urine began to color the clear plastic tubing as
it flowed into the bag.

The feeding cans were next on the list of to-dos.  Their valves were opened and
two quarts were allowed to freely flow into the dog whore.  As her belly began
to fill out the wet suit, she again started to sink down into the water.  Once
the two quarts were in her, the bags were lowered in their position so that
equilibrium was reached where only a slow trickle of fluid would continuously
flow.  The height of the bag and the external water pressure would assure that
the flow would be very slow.

Cow Cunt was to be continuous feed for her duration in the tank.  As each can
would empty, more of either the calorie mixture or the animal sperm mixture
would be added.  Along with the initiation of the feeding, the electrical
current was turned onto a level that would not only stimu-late her sexually, but
also ease any cramping and assist in the digestion process.

They assembled group watched Cow Cunt's performance as she flowed and bloated.
Her belly would be stretched for the next full day as she was fed.  Anabolic
steroids would also be added to the mix every twelve hours.  The steroids,
combined with the inactivity of the dog whore, would assure a solid weight gain.

Whenever the flow of "food" halted, the bags could be raised just enough to
restart the flow.  The electricity's flow would also be altered to increase and
cause spasming of the muscles affected, or to cause even greater sexual
stimulation to all of the wired points.  Or the current could be decreased to
where it would simply cause a "tickle".

After observing Cow Cunt for some time, and reaping pleasure from watching
various parts of her body twitch as current was applied, the group dispersed.
Only Carl and Rod, the first watch, remained to monitor and attend the dog

Cow Cunt had been floating in the tank for six hours.  There had been very
little movement from her.  Only an occasional spasm indicating a probable
orgasm, and the slight breathing movements in between her orgasms, indicated
that she was alive at all.

The urine collection bag had been retrieved and emptied once.  This would be
added to the food given to the other cows.  Her feed cans had been refilled
several times each and her rectum and intestines "cleaned" out once.

Her insides had been stretched to the point where she could now easily handle
six quarts of food.  She appeared to be in her middle to late tri-semester of
pregnancy as she continued to float submerged.  Although there had been some
movement to stretch her arms and legs several times, she spent most of her time
thus far almost totally physically inactive.

On occasion, and usually due to a change in electrical stimulation, she would
rock her pelvis as though desperately trying to orgasm atop the cock of some
invisible lover.  But essentially, the drugs were still having their effect, and
she floated motionless in the tank. All remained quiet until the ninth hour of
Cow Cunt's submersion.  Suddenly, the two assistants watching the dog whore
noted a rise in the pulse rate, blood pressure ad breathing.  "Looks like
sleeping beauty has woken up", said Rod.  "Time to get the boss."

By the time that Mistress Em and the Owner walked into the room, Cow Cunt was
visibly agitated.  Her arms and legs were struggling against their bindings as
she tried to move.  Her agitation was so great that the surface of the water in
the tank was actually rippling to her movements.

Cow Cunt awoke with a scream that nobody could hear.  She opened her eyes and
saw nothing but the darkness.  She couldn't feel anything at all.  No floor, no
walls, nothing at all.  She could not even touch her-self to feel her body.  She
felt full though, very full.  She shouted again and tried to move her arms and
legs.  "Am I asleep?  Where am I?  What is going on?"  She shouted various
things, all of which went unheard.

She began to panic and thinking herself still asleep, and in the midst of some
horrible nightmare, call out for her mother, her (former) husband, and anyone
else she could think of.  She felt as though she was being crushed on all sides
(from the water pressure) and could do nothing to relieve the sensation.

"Look dearest", Mistress Em said to the Owner, "our little darling has arisen
from her sleep.  I think it is time we took over."  From past experience,
Mistress Em knew that this stage would not last more than an hour or two.  "And
look how big her belly has gotten!  I believe that she has significantly
stretched out during her slumber."

Rod and Carl exited the tank room leaving the two dominants in charge of their
latest project.  "Let's start with the dog whore tape.  I think that if we can
show an almost instant success at the re-programming of this whore, we can
certainly opened up a new avenue of revenue."  Mistress Em always was watching
for new ways to turn a dollar.

The Owner and Mistress Anne then took their respective seats and waited.  They
waited for the deprivation overload to shut down the dog whore's mind and leave
it ready for the tape.  Poor Cow Cunt continued her struggle for some time.  She
began to have 'nightmares'.  She was being blown up with food until she
exploded.  Then the various parts strewn about would come back together and the
process would start again.

Then she dreamed that she was being beaten people with straps.  As they beat
her, pieces of her flesh would fall away until there was nothing left of her
body.  As soon as her body parts fell completely apart, the people would then
beat the parts until they were reunited.  This dream repeated over and over

Other horrors besieged Cow Cunt as she suffered from the lack of mental
stimulation.  This went on and on for almost three hours.  Then, as suddenly as
they began, the dreams stopped.  All of her gyrations and attempts at movement
stopped as well.  Her mind had shut down.  She could no longer tolerate the
absence of stimulation and the onslaught of the horrid dreams.  She had been in
the tank a total of eleven and one-half hours.

Mistress Em got up and went to a stainless steel cabinet against the wall behind
their chairs.  She removed her set of keys from her white lab jacket and opened
the cabinet.  She sought out the dog whore tape and relocked the cabinet after
removing the tape.  She then went back to her seat and input the tape into the
cassette player.

The dog whore tape was actually a one and one-half minute tape loop.  The loop
would play and repeat itself as long as the play button re-mained depressed.
Mistress Em had used her most seductive and sooth-ing bedroom voice to record
the tape.

"When I begin the tape, we must up the electrical current to all of her
stimulators.  I also want the vibrators turned on, not fully, but about half
way, to stimulate her while the message plays.  She must associate the actions
described with having an orgasm", she said to the Owner.

Mistress Em then picked up the microphone and turned on its switch.  In her
sternest voice, she said, "Listen and repeat!"  She then turned on the tape.

"My name is dog whore.  I am a dog whore.  I am not complete without a dog cock
in my mouth.  I am not complete without a dog cock in my ass.  I am not complete
without a dog cock in my cunt.  I love the taste and feel of dog cum.  I cannot
live without the taste and feel of dog cum. My whole life is to service all
dogs, any dogs.  I hate myself and detest what I do with them.  But I cannot
resist their cocks.  I want to bear their litters of pups.  I am a dog whore."

This was said slowly and distinctly and repeatedly.  And as it was being said,
the two dominants began to adjust all the settings to the various parts of her
body, and the various devices within.  In short order, Cow Cunt was beginning to
feel the effects of the physical stimulation.  As the message played, slowly and
inexorably, she began to chant the mantra.

"A few hours of this and she will have the message ingrained in her psyche
forever, or at least until we remove it or change it."  Mistress Em smiled at
the thought.  She has seen this technique work time and time again.

Mistress Em could see from the telemetry that her latest project was becoming
very stimulated indeed.  All of Cow Cunt's vital signs were up.  "Let's increase
the vacuum pressure", she said to the Owner.  They both started up the pumps
and, after opening the valves to her nipples, breasts, clit, and labia, watched
as even more flesh was sucked up the various glass jars.

Once a maximum of flesh in the jars was reached, the valves were closed and the
pumps shut off.  In the interim, a slave came in to refill the feeding cans to a
new equilibrium and to empty the once again filled urine collection bag.

"I think we're finished for the moment.  Let's get the next monitoring team in
here.  When she reaches her limits and passes out from the stimulation, we can
stop the tape and think about what comes next", said Mistress Em.

The husband and another visiting Master entered the room to observe and monitor
the festivities.  Mistress Em gave them a full briefing of what was happening
and advised them at what point she should be summons again.  The husband, with a
wicked smile on his face, had a difficult time listening for the sight of his
wife, and her condition, fascinated him.

He watched her food-bloated form twitch and undulate as the tape play-ed on and
on.  He could see her try and rock her pelvis toward some unseen cock as the
various stimuli attacked her senses, which had been under utilized for so many

Mistress Em, noticing his total absorption with the sight of his wife, offered
to let him give the dildo and the butt plug several more pumps to expand them to
even a greater size.  He did so rapidly and happily as a child given permission
to play with another's toy might.

Cow Cunt heard the familiar voice of Mistress Em.  But this time it was pleasing
and not at all ominous.  Thank god somebody finally was speaking to her.  She
may be asleep and dreaming, but at least she finally heard something other than
the sounds of her own moans and screams in the silence.

She also felt the tingling in her body begin.  It was most pleasant.  At least
she could concentrate of the very pleasant tingling that she had come to
associate with sexual release.  Dogs...she liked dogs.  She began to repeat the
message without even thinking about it.  Why did she want to taste the dog
cocks?  She remembered doing that before.  Was it last week?  She really didn't

Cow Cunt remembered that their sperm did taste good to her.  She thought she
might want to taste it again.  "Oh my god!  I'm having an orgasm", she thought
to herself.  They were very satisfying animals as she recalled.  The tape played
on and on and she began to have orgasm after orgasm.

After another three hours in the tank, she finally passed out from exhaustion
brought about by the many orgasms she sustained.  She floated limply in the tank
as her vital signs once again dropped off to a normal rest pattern.  The husband
notified Mistress Em of the current state of the dog whore and awaited her entry
into the tank room.

While the two waited, a slave entered the tank room and once again flushed out
Cow Cunt's ass with salted water.  What little waste did exist and build up
quickly flowed out of the outlet tube in her butt plug. Once this flushing was
completed, the slave then washed out her blad-der, which had been filling and
emptying non-stop since she entered the tank.

Butter Ball knelt on her hands and knees at her milking station.  Tears flowed
freely from her eyes in spite of the vigorous fucking she was receiving as she
gave forth her milk.  Not only were her feet still swollen from the beating they
had received, but her lips and tongue were in pain as well.  She had just
received five piercings in her upper and lower lips.  The holes now bore gold
locking rings.  Her tongue now had a gold barbell stud in place.

Mistress Em had decided that Butter Ball's ego had become too big to befit a cow
slave and new duties were in order.  Now Butter Ball would become a service cow
to be used by all of the others.  Although the tongue piercing would preclude
her from eating the feces of others without a thorough cleansing afterward, it
surely would provide amusement as now, rings locked to the piercings of a huge
old cow called Elsie.

Elsie belonged to another Owner but was being boarded and worked at the farm.
She was the second oldest cow on the farm at forty-two years. She had come to
the farm late in her life (for a cow) and so far has only given birth four
times.  She was, however, the heaviest cow on the farm weighing in at nearly
five hundred and fifty pounds.

Elsie was also on her hands and knees, but she knelt on four blocks.  Her belly
and breasts were so huge that if she were only on the pad, her entire weight
would crush those parts into the ground making milking an impossibly.  As it was
now, her breasts hung so low, even whilst on the blocks, that her nipples were a
merely three inches from the floor.

Fortunately for Butter Ball, having Elsie up on the blocks was a god- send.  Her
face was tightly affixed to Elsie's cunt lips by her new rings. Her tongue was
linked to the huge cow's ring in her clit hood.  One could barely see the little
cow whore's head for it was nearly crushed, and mostly hidden in between the
huge cow's ass cheeks.  At least with the huge fat cow up on the blocks, Butter
Ball's head was not in too un-comfortable a position.

However, the huge fat cow did not have her butt plug in and a steady stream of
liquefied feces dribbled, and sometimes flooded, out of her ass.  Within only
several minutes of the commencement of the milking, Butter Balls blond haired
head was covered in the putrid fluid.  To make matters even worst, the huge cow
whore's Foley had been re-moved so that a steady trickle of urine flowed into
Butter Ball's mouth.

Elsie had also not been washed in several days and one could smell her cunt from
quite some distance.  She was constantly been fucked, or at the least, fucking
herself.  The accumulation of sperm and other bodily fluids built up around the
folds of the fat layers and stank as it aerated.

Elsie had not been continent in many years, for longer than she had been at the
farm, and the only way she could evacuate her bowels and bladder was from the
pressure build up of being fed.  A huge two-gallon feedbag hung at her head and
flowed freely into her now quite cavern-ous stomach.  The pressure of the
expanding stomach continuously forced the stream of shit onto Butter Ball's
head, and the urine into her mouth.

Poor Butter Ball cried almost continuously as she was giving her milk. She was
so deeply imbedded into Elsie's ass cheeks that the flesh cover-ed her ears.
She actually vomited twice but had to immediately swallow what came up.  Her
mouth was so close to the huge cow's cunt, and her nose spent a good deal of
time in the maw of Elsie's ass hole leaving her with a severe breathing problem.

And every time that Elsie shifted or moved, poor Butter Balls lips and tongue
were pulled along.  When Elsie would near orgasm from the stimulation, she would
try to back up further on Butter Ball, as if she was going to envelope the
little cow whore's head with her cavernous, putrid cunt.

To make matters even worst for poor Butter Ball, this cow whore was known as a
'flooder'.  Upon achieving an orgasm, she would forcefully squirt a stream of
vaginal fluid as far as two feet!  At the moment, Elsie was completely lost in
her favorite past times.  She was being feed via her nasal-gastric tubes and she
did love the feeling of her belly filling with whatever Mistress Em had decided
upon.  She was being milked, a process that could take up to one half-hour,
which provided her with immense sexual stimulation and relief from the pressure
in her massive breasts.

And she could definitely feel the forced ministrations of Butter Ball.  Every
time she jiggles her body, even slightly, she could feel Butter Ball's tongue
ring tug at her clit hood.  Elsie simply could not get enough of that tugging so
she jiggled and rocked as much as she could.

With her very distended cunt lips being locked to Butter Ball's mouth by their
respective rings, she certainly didn't have to worry about hurting herself.  And
with her clit and hood so distended as well, a good tugging is just what was
needed to get her off.

Every once in a while she would rear up and off of her hands.  Elsie loved to
run her hands over her belly as it slowly filled to capacity.  And if she
pleased her Owner, sometimes she would be filled to beyond capacity.  She loved
this the most of all.  She loved to be able to feel through all of her fat to
her massively bloated belly and massage it.

This did not do Butter Ball any good because each time Elsie reared upward her
head would be forced down and into an odd and painful position.  But there was
absolutely nothing that Butter Ball could do, and certainly nothing she could
say to waylay the movement from occurring.

When the huge cow whore finally did achieve her anxiously sought orgasm, she
flooded poor Butter Ball's mouth with her discharges. The force of the flow was
so great that the first initial squirt powered it's way down the little cow
whore's throat causing her to begin to choke.  She coughed several times which
forced several mini orgasms from Elsie.  The little cow whore also coughed some
of the fluid up and out of her nose, clearing some of the liquefied shit out of
her nostrils.

Elsie squirted several more times and managed to wash some of the putrid feces
off of Butter Ball's face and hair.  It was not enough to fully clean her off,
but it certainly helped change the horrible aroma that permeated Butter Ball's
senses, as well as the senses of the others being milked along side them in the
adjoining stalls.

Also not helping the poor little cow whore was one of Mistress Anne's slaves.
He was happily pounding his enormous cock into her cunt at lightening speed.
Mistress Anne had one quarter-inch silver beads imbedded beneath the surface of
the skin on his cock. As he banged his cock in and out of her cunt, bashing her
cervix with each plunge, the imbedded beads, although normally stimulating, did
nothing to really distract her from this current hell.

In fact, these beads caused her more pain because they did bump against the butt
plug in her ass hole through which she was being fed.  His great length also
pushed her face further into the canyon of Elsie's rear end.  He pounded her so
vibrantly that she thought her face from her nose to her fore head would be
pushed completely up Elsie's ass hole (which could probably accommodate the

The slave was having a good time.  Between the friction created by the butt
plug, the sloshing of the little cow whore's food in her bowels, and the
shortening of her vagina because of the plug and her rapidly filling bowel, he
was having the ride of his week.  Of course he was wearing his cock ring and
ball spreader that helped prolonged his ability to put off his climax.

As he rode her ass, he slapped the fleshy cheeks and squeezed her thighs with
all of his considerable hand strength.  He did massage her belly and breasts
though.  After all, Mistress Anne had told him not to dam-age the product in any
way.  He also gave her clit a thorough working out with his pulling and pinching
of the elongated organ.

Mistress Anne had left him explicit instructions not to come before the milking
was finished.  She had also left instruction for the slave to notify the
attending assistant when the milking of both cows was completed, and before he
was permitted to spew his sperm up into the womb of the little cow whore.

What the slave didn't know was that Mistress Anne also left instruct-ions with
the attendant to shove a cattle prod up the male slave's ass and to jolt him as
he came.  After all, why miss an opportunity to inflict pain in absentia.

Finally, after twenty-five minutes and numerous orgasms later, Elsie had given
all of her milk.  When the swelling of her teats was relieved, they hung limply
and deflated, almost like a long balloon with only a little bit of air inside.
And, as ordered, the slave called the attendant to the stall.

As he concentrated on his long awaited and earned orgasm, the attendant
unsnapped the cock ring the slave wore.  As he started to cum, the attendant
shoved the pre-lubricated cattle prod up the slave's ass with one swift powerful
motion and hit the button.  The intrusion of the prod triggered the orgasm when
the slave's prostate was nudged.

The electrical charge sent out caused the slave to bang heavily into the little
cow whore.  This in turn sent her nose, eyes, and forehead up into Elsie's
gaping maw of an ass hole.  The slave screamed in pain as he came, which, in
turn, caused Butter Ball to scream into the huge cow's cunt.  This in turn
caused Elsie to experience one final orgasm and fall forward off of the blocks
nearly breaking Butter Ball's neck in the process.

The slave was pulled off of the prostrate Butter Ball and she and Elsie were
rounded onto their sides to release the silver chains linking their rings
together.  The huge old cow arose and went to the cleaning station in an
adjoining room to be washed down, re-plugged and cathetered, and sent on her way
back to her stall.

Butter Ball remained on her side huddled into a fetal position (as much as she
could with her huge belly in the way) and wept bitterly.  She had never been
treated in such a vile and humiliating manner by her Mistress (Em).  Her entire
face and breasts were coated in the various fluids given out by Elsie and she
was sure that she would never get the smells off of her body.

Mistress Anne walked into the milking room, just having left the tank room where
Cow Cunt was now engrossed in listening to the breeding tape.  She walked up to
Butter Ball and, looking down at the unrecog-nizable figure covered in drying
shit, piss, and vaginal secretions, laughed quite heartily.  "It would seem that
we now have found another use for you in this life whore.  I must made the
suggestion to your new Owner and Em that this be your job every day, all day,
for the rest of your miserable life."

Butter Ball barely noticed her appearance.  She had to keep her eyes closed
because they stung from the vicious assault of the fluids.  But she did hear the
words Mistress Anne uttered and let out a wail of despair at what was said.

"You are property whore.  You are here to produce product and pay for all the
trouble your Owner goes through to keep you in working order.  I will recommend
to Em that she forget you, get a new whore, and start from scratch.  Maybe I
will buy you.  Then you will learn how easy you have had it so far.  Then you
will learn how ungrateful a whore you really are."

With those chilling words, Mistress Anne turned on her heel and walked out of
the room laughing a cruel, evil, chilling laugh.  Poor Butter Ball gave up all
hope of ever having her life be what it once was, and of ever being owned solely
by Mistress Em.

The attendant left Butter Ball where she was, laying in a puddle of the filth
that had come out of the huge old cow.  Every time he passed her prone body, he
snickered at the sight she made.  After some time, he relented and brought over
a hose.  He first washed the pad and the area around Butter Ball and, almost as
an after thought, washed her as well.
In spite of the wash down, she still stank.  He then prodded her with the toe of
his shoe and told her to return to her stall.

Cow Cunt had spent the last three hours listening to the virtues of breeding, an
act, and state of being, that she would accustomed to over the years to come.
She learned that her only true purpose in life was to breed and produce litter
after litter of young.  She learned that if her belly wasn't full of developing
embryos, she wouldn't feel complete as a female.

She had once again falling into unconsciousness from the exertion of having
another number of orgasms ripped from her body.  During this rest period, she
once again had her breasts, clit, and labia sucked even further into the glass
enclosures.  Her dildo and butt plug were now pumped up to their maximum
thickness causing her ass hole and vaginal openings to be expanded to three
inches in diameter.

After eighteen hours in the tank, the Owner and Mistress Em decided that the dog
whore should be given another sodium penthanol and mor-phine cocktail.  Once the
drug had worn off, and she was again cons-cious, she would have no real
knowledge of what had happened and assume that whatever happened was indeed a
dream, a very bad dream. "What am I to do with you?  You embarrassed me in front
of all the other Masters, and especially the Owner.  How am I to trust you and
rely upon you to do what I ask?"  Mistress Em was looking down at Butter Ball,
who was prostrated at her feet, kissing her toes.

"And now, because of Mistress Anne, who I let deal with you out of curtsey, you
are to be trained as a toilet slave.  If you though drinking piss was no big
deal, just you wait till you have to do your turn at the toilet this evening in
the cow shed.  I have been too lenient with you and now you must pay."

Mistress Em raised her toe lifting the little cow whore's face upward so that
their eyes met.  "I am considering an offer from Mistress Anne to purchase you
once my year here is finished.  If the Owner consents, I just might agree to
sell you to her before then."

Tears filled Butter Balls eyes as she began to realize the implications of
belonging to Mistress Anne.  Mistress Anne derived her pleasure strictly from
the pain and screaming of her slaves.  She has been known to orgasm from only
that kind of stimulation.  It was known that most of Mistress Anne's slaves
eventually wound up in either hospitals or mental institutions by the time she
had her fill of their bodies and minds.

"Your ONLY chance of redemption is to become the most obedient whore the world
has ever seen.  And you must be everyone's whore, at any time, any place, and
whenever you are ordered.  Do you understand me whore?"

Butter Ball answered yes and once again began to kiss Mistress Em's shoe.  "Now
get away from my foot.  You stink."  Mistress Em then turned and left Butter
Ball to ponder what she was just told, and to pray that she not be left in the
hands of Mistress Anne.

Cow Cunt had just finished listening to the feeding tape.  Imbedded deep within
her psyche, along with the other poisonous messages, was the dictum that she
would forever need to be full of food.  The dog whore would forever be hungry
and need to feel her belly hard from being stuffed.

When she once again passed out from the continuous sexual stimulation, she was
once again injected with the drug 'cocktail' and left along for the final two
hours of her twenty-six hour stay in the tank.  When the attending viewers were
sure that she was in her drug induced dream-state, she was hauled out of the
tank and the job of detaching the many wires and tubes began.

Once the suit was removed, and all the electrode patches, all present were
greatly surprised at what they saw.  Cow Cunt had put on weight at an
unprecedented rate.  She had the beginnings of a potbelly as well as additional
flesh on her thighs.  But the biggest surprise was her teats.  They had
undoubtedly grown at least one and one half cup sizes and, between the early
effects of the prolactin/estrogen and the vacuum treatments, were quite
stretched out of shape.

Her clit and labia were also greatly enlarged from the vacuum treat-ments.  Now
all that needed to be done was to continue with the injections over the next few
days and the repeated vacuum attacks on the organs.  After giving her another
injection of anabolic steroids, she was once again connected to two feedbags and
placed in her cage alongside that of the alpha dog.

She would continue to dream for at least another six hours or so but her hands
were none the less left in the fingerless mitts.  As her belly once again began
to bloat with the high caloric concoction at one end and the sperm concoction at
the other.  She moaned as her body once again be-gan to swell, but this time her
moan was one of pleasure.

Mistress Anne sat in the armchair with her long dress pulled up over her knees,
and her legs draped over the arms.  Her hairy cunt was exposed and glistening as
she gently ran her fingertips over her labia and clit.  Her eyes were tightly
shut and her expression was grim.  If she were not so exposed, one might think
that she was concentrating on some important decision.

But such was not the case.  Her male slave, the one that had serviced Butter
Ball earlier, was bent over a chair.  His arms were tied to the front legs on
the chair and his legs were tied to the rear legs.  His scrotum, sporting its
usual ball spreader and stretcher, had a fifteen- pound weight hanging from it.

His ringed nipples had five-pound weights hanging from them as well.  And the
stretched out nipple flesh was bound tightly with Dacron.  A line of blood
trickled from his exposed ass hole and ran down the inside of his thigh onto the
floor.  His ass hole was stretched wide by a rectal speculum and capped shut
with a massive cork.

Mistress Anne had felt a bit randy after viewing Cow Cunt several times over the
course of her submersion.  And after her brief visit with Butter Ball, she knew
she needed to get off.  So she had the other slaves present tie her slave to the

After being tied, and the weights being attached to the appropriate appendages,
she had her other male slave insert the speculum and begin to ratchet the device
open.  While all of her slaves were quite accustom-ed to having a fist up their
orifices, they still all had their limits and this slave was no exception.

Once the slave began to scream in earnest, she told the attending slave to
ratchet the device three more times, causing tears to begin to flow. At this
point Mistress Anne threw her legs over the arms of the chair exposing herself
to those present.  As any Mistress or Domme knows, their cunt truly is the seat
of all power and a slave will do anything to be able to simply see or smell the
sacred organ, let alone touch it in any way.

As she began to touch herself, she asked that a steel brush, a box of salt, and
a wide cork or plug to be brought to the room.  The slaves present swiftly went
in search of the object re-quested.  One slave returned quickly with a steel
scrub brush used in the dairy to clean the collection jars.  The bristles
encompassed a steel rod in the center and extended out three inches making a
most formidable weapon.

Mistress Anne smiled at the enterprising slave and told him to insert the brush
up the bound slave's ass hole a scrub until the brush was coated with blood,
which he promptly did.  The screams were absolute music to her ears as they
echoed off of the wood paneled walls.  The others pre-sent, and kneeling,
watched the horrible torture of one of their fellow slaves and thanked an unseen
god for it not being one of them bound to the chair.

Once the brush was dripping with the bright red blood of the poor wretch,
Mistress Anne then commanded that the slave's ass be packed with the salt until
no more could be forced in and plugged with the speculum still in place.

As the slave's ass was being packed with the salt, his screams resumed with a
new found vigor.  Handful after handful or course salt was shov-ed between the
speculum's jaws and up into the slave's rectum.  His eyes bulged and the weights
attached to his nipples and balls swung wildly as the substance continued to be

"Make sure that his nipples remain tightly coiled.  Use more Dacron if there are
any gapes where you can see flesh.  I want those fuckers to stretch out at least
two inches today", she said to the one female slave present.  She promptly went
to the poor slave and upon seeing that indeed his nipples had stretched from the
wildly swinging weights, bound more Dacron around them where the flesh showed

"You!"  Mistress Anne was now looking at another male slave on loan from another
Mistress.  "Get over there and start sucking his cock.  I want to see him cum,
and not to quickly either."  Knowing this slave to be basically heterosexual,
Mistress Anne knew that upon seeing the treatment of her personal property, he
better do what was requested. "Just remember that you can take his place if you
do not perform to my satisfaction whore."

The slave jumped up off of his knees and ran to the chair bound slave. He got to
his knees and squeezed his head between the bent over body of the bound slave
and the seat of the chair.  The poor bound slave could not get an erection on
his own in his present state of extreme pain if he wanted to.  The slave took
the other's flaccid cock into his mouth and gently sucked the organ while
running his tongue around its head.

Once the salt had been shoved into the slaves ass hole till only white shone out
between the speculum's jaws, Mistress Anne commanded that one more additional
handful of salt be placed upon the jaws and that the slave punch it up into the
other's ass.  The slave complied and with one strong punch, forced this one last
handful up into the distended ass.

The slave howled again and again as the salt burned into his tender raw flesh.
The tightly packed in salt had stemmed the blood flow from his rectum.
Thankfully, the salt also acted to sanitize the wounds.  How-ever, the pain was
absolutely over whelming.  The slave howled and screamed and cried as he twisted
and shook.  This, of course, only caused the weights to swing even more wildly.

The only way out of this woman made hell was to lose consciousness and that was
not likely to happen until Mistress Anne had achieved her own sexual release.
The slave sucking the cock of the poor devil tied to the chair was having his
problems as well.  No matter how hard he tried, the tied slave just wouldn't
become aroused.  The slave thought of every mouth motion used on him, as well as
what he knew felt good.  But nothing would work.  He knew that Mistress Anne
could, and would, make them switch places if he failed to perform his duty to
her liking.

The tied slave was certainly leaking pre-cum into the sucking slave's mouth and
after ten minutes or so, began to become turgid.  But the pain was still to
overwhelming for the tied slave to break through.  He simply couldn't get past
it and into that special place where pain dis-solved into pleasure and pleasure
exploded into release.

Mistress Anne now looked at the other female slave and pointed toward her chair.
The female immediately raced the few paces to the chair and fell to her knees,
assuming the position.  Mistress Anne then pointed toward her cunt and the
female dove between Mistress Anne's outstretched thighs and began to gently run
her tongue over the swollen lips before her.

Mistress Anne handed her leather strap to the last remaining un-utilized slave
and ordered him to beat the ass and thighs of the tied up slave.  With the
knowledge that Mistress Anne could have him take the tied up slave's place, the
huge male began to whip the salt packed slave's ass with all of his strength.

The poor slave, already nearly hoarse from the terrible punishment being dealt
him (for no other reason then to provide Mistress Anne with pleasure), screamed
and cried with renewed vigor.  He even was so bold as to begin to beg for mercy.
Mistress Anne merely smiled and pulled her dress over the head of the female
licking her cunt, completely tenting the whore.

The salt began to dissolve in the slave's ass from the seepage of blood, and
from drawing the water out of the slave's body.  He soon went completely hoarse
and whispered his mantra of pain.  He was now begging for death as the big male
behind him began to flail away at the thighs.

This pleading brought Mistress Anne closer to her climax.  She grasp the female
under her dress by the back of her head and pulled her closer to her cunt.  She
could feel the sweat on the female's head from the heat building up under the
dress.  Mistress Anne's eyes were closed as she carefully listened to the
repeated begging and pleading of the tied slave.

Suddenly the mantra halted and the slave merely moaned.  He was get-ting past
the pain and becoming aroused by the actions of the male sucking on his cock.
He actually became hard.  Now the sucking male slave could feel the beads
implanted under the tied slave's penis skin on the roof of his mouth and on his
tongue.  The cock was expanding till it completely filled his mouth.  He began
to gag.

This was all that Mistress Anne needed.  She now removed her legs from the arm
of the chair and wrapped them around the female under her dress, pulling her as
tightly as possible into her cunt.  Mistress Anne rocked her pelvis and hips as
she came.  She cried out her pleasure while trying to force the female's entire
face up into her juicing cunt.

The tied male was deeply seeking his own release as the strapping began to draw
blood from his thighs and ass cheeks.  The slave sucking his cock managed to
withdraw most of the length from his mouth and be-gan to manipulate the long
bumpy shaft with his hands.  He wanted this slave to cum so that he might avoid
a later session with the she-devil that orchestrated this terrible situation.

Mistress Anne was suffocating the whore between her thighs as she rub herself to
several additional orgasms.  Finally, just as the whore was going limp from the
lack of air, Mistress Anne released the death grip of her thighs and kicked the
female back onto her ass.

"What?  You haven't made him cum yet?  Release my whore from the chair and take
him up your ass!"  Mistress Anne was in mock anger.  She laughed as she spoke to
the slave.  The poor slave was released from his position and he tried to stand
but couldn't.  He was in too much pain and when his cock came out of the other
slave's mouth, he was ripped from his place in that other world.

As he continued to try and straighten enough to push is cock up the ass of the
other, the weights, still linked to his balls and nipples, once again danced and
further pulled the already terribly stretched flesh.  Tears once again began to
flow from his eyes as he found that he had not the strength to force himself
into the slave.

"Well?  Back up onto him.  Hurry up", said Mistress Anne, now begin-ning to
display impatience.  The slave to be impaled immediately grasped the huge bumped
cock and, knowing that he was not in the least prepared for what was about to
occur, guided the member toward his ass.

Not being one of Mistress Anne's possessions, he was unaccustomed to having such
a large object thrust up his ass, even when it was lubri-cated.  But he realized
that whatever pain he encountered from the enormous cock, it was a mere tickle
compared to what Mistress Anne was capable of inflicting.

Fortunately, the slave had done a good job in wetting the other's huge cock with
saliva because as soon as the tortured slave felt the other's  anus at his cock
head, he lunged into it with a vengeance.  The impaled slave screamed with all
of his might and tears quickly came to his eyes as a white-hot bolt of pain shot
completely through his body.

As Mistress Anne's slave began to withdraw his awesome, bumpy, weapon from the
ass hole of the other slave, the female behind him began to beat his ass cheeks
with the strap.  She could hold nothing back for fear of punishment from
Mistress Anne and she struck his ass cheeks with total abandon.

As the slave's cock withdrew from the torn and battered ass hole of the other,
one could see, amidst the liberal covering of blood, bits of feces.  As soon as
the very tip of his cock reached the ruptured sphincter, he suddenly, and with
greater force than his first lunge, rocketed his cock back into the poor soul in
front of him.

The poor slave was not only in tears, but was wailing quite loudly as thrust
after thrust was inflicted upon him.  He was completely unpre-pared for the
assault he now was subject to.  None-the-less, each time the mammoth cock hit,
and then passed, his prostate, his limp cock would leak some pre-cum fluid.

And so the trio began to develop a rhythm as their unholy act continued
unabated.  After several minutes Mistress Anne motioned toward the female slave.
She told the slave to begin to suck on the leaking limp cock of the poor devil
whose ass hole would never be the same again. "Suck his cock whore.  I want him
to cum for me, and you'd better do it properly."

Again, after several minutes, a rhythm was established as the trio per-formed
their "dance" for Mistress Anne.  Calling to her slave, Mistress Anne said; "I
want you to cum now slut.  And I want the other slut to cum as well".  Under the
best of circumstances, this would have been possible, but as her slave began to
cum, he reinforced the strength of his plunging and the poor slave being sucked
by the female simply could not achieve his orgasm.

Mistress Anne smiled at his failure, and that of the female to help him along.
"I see more training is in order for you both.  Obviously, you need to have that
ass hole of yours stretched so that you can accommo-date any cock, or object,
put in it.  And you, you filthy whore, need to learn how to properly get an
orgasm out of a male."

Mistress Anne's slave finally withdrew his cock from the ass of the other, and
the female slave removed her mouth from the slave's cock. The torn slave feel to
his knees, and then onto his side.  He curled up into a fetal position and wept
silently.  "You had better make sure none of my slave's cum reaches these lovely
wooden floors whore or your punishment will be most fearsome!"

The female dove toward the slave's ruptured ass hole and began to lick and clean
the wounded tissue.  "And when you're done with him, make sure my slave's cock
is clean as well.  And help him wash all the salt out of his ass."  Mistress
Anne arose from her chair and on her way out of the room; she stopped for a
moment alongside of her slave, and with one swift motion, tore the anal speculum
out of his ass eliciting merely a closed mouthed moan.  "Good slut", she said as
she left the room.

Cow Cunt awoke with her usual scream.  She looked about and realized that she
was still in her dog cage.  Then it truly was all a bad nightmare. Her head
hurt, her mouth was dry, and the light hurt her eyes.  She began to inspect
herself and noticed that her breasts and belly were hugely inflated as though
someone had pumped her full of air.  Much of the bruising and inflammation had
disappeared.  "Nothing like a bad night's sleep", she thought.

She began to move about a bit, testing to see how she was bound.  To her
surprise, her bindings had been loosened during the night.  She rolled onto her
side and felt the butt plug in its place.  She also ob-served the Foley still in
its place.  She felt the inflated dildo in her cunt and noticed that her hands
were still gloved in the mitts.  Still, thank-fully, she was relatively free to
move about in the limited space of her cage.

She looked at her body again and noticed that her belly actually flowed away
from her body and onto the mat in her cage.  They must have just fed her she
thought.  Then he caught her eye.  The big alpha dog was in his cage alongside
of hers.  He was wide-awake and gazing at her intently.  And then she saw his
long cock sheath and thought about the huge cock it contained.  She smiled and
thought about how wicked it would be to taste it.

Assistant to House Governess, MzTania Vella


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vicci9 vicci9
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

This sound like the lifestyle I would like to experience
Dennis Dennis
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Incredible story! Would love to meet dog whore and 449 in person. Any farms in Virginia? Would love to meet a hucow!
just an online sub just an online sub
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
I read and read. I can imagine every word as happening around me, even the sounds and distinct odors feel very real to me. I can only imagine, because I'm only an online sub.

I would love to have large, lactating breasts. I take Motillium, have tried fenugreek and blessed thistle and have a nice electric pump, but would love to have a real suckler, the progesterone that would help increase my milk and work up to a goat pump, then a cow pump.

Thank you for the glimpse into the life of hucow 182.
peein69 peein69
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
is there gonna be more?I hope so I read the whole thing!
funtime919169 funtime919169
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
loved your story.  I cant wait to hear more about the breeding part.
totis totis
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Will there ever be another part to this story?
Ruinedslut Ruinedslut
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Please write more! I lost count of the number of times a came while reading this X
whitegardenia whitegardenia
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Thank you so much for this story line.  I loved it and so looking forward to more of this story line as you continue with cunt cow's journey being used as a Dog whore.  This was without a doubt amazing !  And I look forward to getting taken into the story.  I found I was her at times and wondering where I was going and what I would be used for.  PLEASE continue from where you left off I don't know other then my imagination as to what happens to her now.  Not to crazy about certain parts but, that is okay it was part of the story line.  Thank you !
sick sick
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Sick, sick, sick. Hucows are supposed to be breed so the owner can have a steady supply of mother's milk. They are supposed to be pampered and treated like  queen. Why would you abuse and mistreat the one you breed and depend upon for milk? A dairy owner would not beat and mistreat his cows, why would an owner abuse or mistreat or abuse their hucomw? Who ever wrote this sick trash has a warped mind.
Totally turned off Totally turned off
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
I surf the web looking for pornography. I found some hucow web site and became interested. I found The Life of Hucow 182. read a couple of pages and couldn't believe what I was reading. I skipped over most of the story to the end. I then saw a request for comments. I couldn't believe there were favorable comments. I then saw sick's comments. Sick is an understatement. Who ever put the story together has a warped mind. It killed my interest in hucow. What is described is inhumane and is about as sexually arousing as digging a grave. Absolutely vile.  
bator2 bator2
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
I love masturbation, pornography, big tits, lactation, pregnant bellies but what I just read is totally sick. Who ever wrote hucow 182 has a very warped mind and need some mental care. I can't believe there are favorable comments on something that would treat anyone so cruelly. I can't even consider it pornography, it is a horror story. Rather than being sexually exciting it is dehumanizing.  
Hucow karen Hucow karen
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Great piece.I myself is a hucow.l am unable to breed but i am training my udders to lactate  my master doesnt have sex with me any more as i am actually a waste of sperm not been able to have a calf. He got a new young cow who got pregnant two weeks after joining the farm. I use to get fucked by outside bulls but my master says my cunt is useless so until i start producing milk i will not get anything in my useless hole. So i am working on producing milk so i can get filled again. I have small udders and long teeds hoping i will be able to produce some milk. I am an old hucow 45 dont know if the training will work or maybe my udders are useless as my barren womb. One of the bulls told me that if i dont produce by next month master will reduce me to a dog bitch for his pitbulls.
Master k Master k
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

Respond back to me cow i may accept u as my cow send me nudes of u
Randonmech7666 Randonmech7666
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Lol are you a master or a herder. Putting a herd together. 18 plus disease drug free. Small teats welcome to reply. We can increase udder size.
Daddy66691 KIK Daddy66691 KIK
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Re: The Life of hucow 182

In reply to this post by Enteme
Hi i look for a young hucow to own can a non lactating teen too for to own (property) long term relation ship if possible in a M/S with BDSM.
Pay the relocation but must own a passport.
Any country including south America.